A beautiful lady in her 30’s turned up on a hot Summer day. Dressed in black from top to toe. Wearing socks, slacks and a long sleeved turtle neck jumper.  I wondered if she was cold, or had poor circulation.

She explained she had Vitiligo, Michael Jackson’s condition – loss of pigmentation.  It started after she got married at the age of 25 and became progressively worse. Beginning with white patches on her toes feet, legs and spreading upwards over her entire body. It was now on her arms and neck and beginning to go to her face.

Specialists said her condition was very acute as it was spreading rapidly.  They told her that even Michael Jackson, with his millions, was unable to find a cure. They had given her different medications, creams and steroids and told her to avoid the sun.

She went into a past life in the year 200 B.C. as a leper.  Living in a leper colony.

Her Subconscious explained:

“She was ashamed, ridiculed, rejected.  Once she was put there (leper colony), that was the end of her life. The rejection was so painful…She does understand in this life (current) she’s felt rejected by her mum and people around her that don’t understand her.  She’s always felt on the outside of the community.  This reminds her of a statement she made in the leper colony.  She said to herself that she would always be rejected.  The other lepers were so cruel to her there even though they suffered from the same condition.  There is also the lack of love that’s triggered in that lifetime.”

“Remember…she is always loved. It has been triggered in this lifetime as a child & adult.  She holds a lot of anger & stress in her body.  She must learn forgiveness in her heart, letting go of stress and stop eating meat.  Don’t be afraid to go in the sun.  Just enjoy the sun in moderation without getting burned.”

We worked on forgiveness with everyone in her life and asked for the SC to help her release the trauma and memories from that past life and the belief that she would always be rejected.

Her SC advised her what she had to do to love herself more and how to deal with various people in her life that were causing her angst and grief.

Healing was given for the Vitiligo.

After her session, she went to the bathroom and did not come out for a long time. I knocked on the door to see if she was okay.  She came out looking rather sheepish with a big grin on her face. She had She had taken off her socks, slacks and climbed on my vanity to look at her back in the bathroom mirror.

She was shocked to find her Vitiligo had disappeared.  I explained to her that she still needed to address and work on all the things mentioned by her SC for complete and permanent healing to take place.

Sian Chua

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