Client floats into majestic scenery of a full moon. Over pine trees and snow capped mountains. A man in his 30’s. Drinking from an icy river, walking up the mountain:

“I’ve come to get the information.”  He is a member of the Druids.  I’ve been walking a long time.  I was sent. 

Q:  Who sent you?

A:  My leader.

He didn’t know what information except to say it was “important.”

“I took some food with me in a sack, dried berries, meat, cheese…drinking water from streams, eating greens on the way…I’ve been on many of these journeys.  I collect herbs.  Druid herbs for medicine.  Alchemy.  I take it back.  I used to watch other Druids make the medicine but now I make it myself.”

“I live in a very small community of Druids.  About 200.  I have no family.  No responsibility…We live in round huts …made from a little bit of leather, mud and some stone.  There are other communities nearby.  They’re not Druids…they’re like farmers.”

We have goats, sheep.  We plant wheat, vegetables.  We steal the meat in the forest.”

Q: What meat and why do you have to steal it?

A: We are not supposed to get it.  They are the King’s animals…wild deer reserved for the King (King John).

Q:  How do you and your people feel about the King?

A: Neutral, but the King doesn’t like the Druids.

Q:  Why?

A:  He is fearful.  He fears our alchemy.  The Magic.

Q:  What do you know about these things?

A:  I was taught that all things can be done and manifested by magic.

Q:  What things ….you know magic?

A.  Yes, some of the other Druids and I can make magic.  We make things come and go.

Q:  Give me some examples.

A:  We can make an animal come and go. In a puff of smoke its gone and in another puff of smoke, it comes back.

Q:  How do you do this?

A:  I use words.

I ask him to speak the words. He chants monotonously – “aiyoo- weohh – ufgrrh..”

Q: What other magic do you make?

A:  We can “poof,” make people better.  Using words and “poof” it’s done.

Q: Why would they need your medicine if you can use words to make people better?

A: Because it supports the body system and keeps people in good health.

Q:  Anything else?

A:  We can change things with the magic. We can bring the rain.  We can stop the rain. We can change the weather.  We can make plants grow bigger, taller, faster.  We make things happen.  Our water is energised under the full moon. We speak the words to the water and it’s used for healing.  To grow food

Q:  Do you have any beliefs?

A:  We worship the 4 elements. Nature.  The sun and moon cycles.  The times when day and night are equal (reference to the Equinoxes).  We have festivals and ceremony..

He elaborated on stone circles, rites of passage for the dead and more.

Back to gathering information: Out of breath, making his ascent up the treacherous slippery mountain path, “I’m out of breath.  I feel terror, a foreboding…pretty close now” only to find “there’s nothing here…just a beautiful view!”

Jumps into another past life.  It ends and although I rarely direct anyone to go anywhere, I felt compelled to bring him back to his Druidan life.

Yet another adventure.In a boat. Ends up at a village with a big castle.”I’m there to get the information.  I’ve been told to find the boy.  He has the information.” People tell him the boy has gone and no one knows where to find him.  Keeps moving on, travelling from one place to the next, for many years.  Lots more adventures. (I too am getting impatient with all the heightened expectations each time we come close to finding the information only leading to dead ends)

Many years on:

“I’m at another castle.  Another Druid tells me that I already have the information. IT’S WITHIN ME!!! What a quest.  I’m about 49.  I’ve been on the road a long…gg time.”

Q:  How do you feel?

A:  (Laughing) it makes sense.  I spent almost 20 years on the road.  I could have stayed in my village but I was sent on this quest and I got to see the world, meets lots of people, learn about many cultures, get new ideas, different ways of doing things. Not just one way is the right way.  You can take different paths to achieve the same outcome.  I got to spread my message along the way about the herbs, the medicine, healing my people and made some magic.  Mostly it was about the hope. Life. Hope.  The way to live your life is with hope.  It’s not all doom and gloom.  That there is always Light if you keep the hope, and there will always be a good outcome.  I learned to enjoy the moment. I’m going home now and I’m gonna stay there for now.  There is no forever.”

“The head Druid was very interested to hear all my adventures.” 

Q:  Did you ever ask him why he sent you on that quest?

A: Yes. That it’s important to have the adventures.  Mostly it was to teach me that all the knowledge is within and we don’t need to look outside.  Because I was alone on my quest, I spent a lot of time going within.

He takes a wife and happily lives out the rest of his life there working with stone, medicine, herbs and magic and passed the knowledge on to his children. He is at peace when he passes with a strong sense of fulfillment of purpose. “I also shared the secret knowledge.”

“The alchemy.  It’s our ways.  It was about being one with he Earth.  One with the elements.  Living our life with the elements.  Using the forces of the elements daily.  Not going against the forces.  Living in balance and harmony with the Earth. Respecting the Earth, the water, the sky.  Thanking all the elements with joy.  The plants bring and give us our life force.  The rock elements sustain our people.  We learn to take only what we need from the land.  Not in greed.  There’s enough for everyone.  Everything is shared and abundant.  Preserving in the preserving season.  Everyone coming together to plant the fields, planting berries.  Making the wine.  It was a life of balance, co-operation, harmony.  People came together in love. Lots of support.”

All of this was pertinent to her current life.  She’s spent most of her 48 years, on the edge, in Rhodesia, South Africa where terror, looting, rioting, rape, murder, abuse, brutality, torture, imprisonment, apartheid, were the order of the day.  

A nomadic life as a gay woman filled with adventures across North and South America, Europe, UK, Asia.  Always on the go.  Fight or flight mode. Traumatised. Unsettled.  Broken relationships. Gender issues. Searching for meaning in life.  Her passion is teaching people how to live in harmony with Nature.  Has a PhD in soil microbiology, permaculture etc

The Subconscious (SC) showed her that past life, as a parallel to her current one. She is finished with the 1st phase of adventure.  Now she is moving into the 2nd phase of settling down, with the love of her life whom she’s just met, finding peace, happiness and abundance in living her purpose.  

She is about to launch a business to do with bio-dynamic soil solutions (given to her in her meditations), that the SC said will put her on the world stage.  Her Druidan gifts of manifesting, magic and making things happen were activated.  She can draw on what she learned in the past life about hope, life, positive outcomes and going within, to find all the answers and is to write books, share and teach this.

She had emotional issues with fear, rage, panic attacks, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, personal safety issues, night terrors, nightmares, self-worth, guilt, PTSD. 


Just about everything was wrong with her physically (yep, I get a lot of these). The cause of each one is explained by her SC in brackets;

pain in the brain/head manifesting as migraines & brain fog (“overthinking”);

occlusion leading to total loss of vision in the Left eye (linked to rage over her brothers stealing her inheritance) affecting her other eye;

severe hearing loss (“not wanting to listen”);

skin issues (“lumps and bumps all over her face & body – self worth, self loathing”),

thyroid issues (“not speaking her truth”)

frozen shoulders (“carrying the burdens of the world – yes, another empath”)

carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis (“inflexibility and rigidness”)

heart palpitations (“from all the fear and trauma, blocked heart chakra due to heartbreak”)

uterus, fibroids, ovaries (“the wounded feminine”)

stomach (bloating, indigestion, constipation, reflux –“to do with holding in”)

hips, knees, ankles, feet (spurs) (“not moving forward”)

scoliosis of the spine

other dimensional attachments

implants (2 in solar plexus and throat)

The SC’s massive healing on her was a sight to behold. They worked her entire mind-body, with burning sensations of intense heat, jerky movements, contortions, arching of the back, thumping, shaking, convulsing, being rolled over on each side with hands working on her legs, hips, re-wiring her entire brain, lifting her legs straight up, squatting on her heels.  At times she was writhing and screaming (releasing pent up trauma).  The session took a marathon 8 and half hours – she had 87 pages of stories, and loads of questions.

Her life purpose is to change lives, by example.

The SC’s final message to her was: “You are going to be fine.  You will have your health back. Step into your new world.  The world that you desire, you know how to create it.  Create it.  You can do it.  We love you.  Know you are very supported.”

Two weeks later she said she was feeling very “grounded” (1st time she felt this way in her life), “together” (mind-body-heart-soul all integrated in sync), the pain in her head was gone, her mind was crystal clear and she was able to walk with her spine straight and pain free, some vision in the L eye and improved vision in the right.  Everything else is work in progress.

Sian Chua

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