Zen Alkemi is a NEW, revolutionary healing modality. A simple, fast, effective and proven way of guiding you, using hypnosis, into very deep trance.

  • Into very deep relaxation

  • Deeper than anything you’ve ever experienced before

  • Many, many, levels deeper than has ever been thought possible

  • Beyond somnambulism

  • Way beyond Esdaile, and even deeper

  • Where profound healing takes place, emotionally and physically

  • Automatically

Sian Chua

Sian introduces the amazing Zen Alkemi healing process, which takes people into the ‘God zone’ where profound healing and perplexing life questions are answered.

You go into the void of nothingness.
To the beginning….the Alpha and the Omega.
To Source. To All That Is.
To Zero Point Zen.

Imagine being in a level of trance, SO DEEP….
Of total Zen stillness
Of.. no mind and no body
Of…. no time and no space;
Where you fully remember Who You Are.

This is Zero point – Infinity – The “God Zone
And in this place of All Wisdom, All Knowing,
Of Isness, of Be-ing.
Of Pure Consciousness.
You ARE All That Is,
And KNOW you ARE God.

And because you ARE God;
ALKEMI takes place…..

In this place, you have the answers to everything.
To every question, issue, problem, and challenge.

You understand Who You Are and why you are here.
Your mission, your purpose.
You understand every event in your life.
And the reason why people have come on your path.
The roles they played, the reasons, the soul lessons.

You will understand you are a Master Creator,
How and why you created everything in your life.
In Divine perfection.
And… as Master Creator
You will know how to create a new life for yourself.

And because you are God, 
You understand everything. With total clarity.
You will know exactly what you need to do, or not do, to change your life.
And how to do it. 
To release everyone and everything that no longer serves you.
To forgive. To find peace. To be happy. To be abundant.
To feel strong, confident, worthy and empowered
To move to Grace and freedom. In all areas of your life.



You will know how, and you will be able to heal yourself.
Emotionally and physically
And be in perfect health, balance and harmony.

Living your purpose.
Loving yourself.  Fully empowered.  Owning your Light.
Returning to a place of peace, well being, Love and Joy.
And have a tool to return to the God Zone instantly, whenever required, in future.

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Healing Modalities

  • QHHT
  • Spiritual Past Life Regression
  • After Life (In-Between Lives) Regression
  • Holographic Healing
  • Releasing Entities
  • Akashic Record Readings
  • Akashic Record Workshops
  • Hypnogogic Light Sessions


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