Holographic Healing

What is Holographic Healing?

This is an amazing composite healing modality that loops timelines and dimensions. It identifies the emotional root of spiritual and emotional trauma, clearing it at cellular level.  It is also a Spirit Releasement technique used to remove entities and attachments (lost souls, disincarnates, Reptilians, implants, animal spirits, E.T. and other dimensional life forms), that are trapped in our energy field.



 People who are, or have:

  • anxiety, depression; attempted suicide, self-harm;
  • bi-polar, obsessive-compulsive disorders;
  • PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
  • voices in the head;
  • insomnia or interrupted sleep;
  • waking up feeling tired or exhausted, low energy levels;
  • self-worth issues – unable to speak the truth;
  • brain fog, confusion, self-sabotage
  • anger, rage, violence, grief, sadness;
  • fear, shame, guilt;
  • deep seated emotional trauma;
  • drug or alcohol issues;
  • had emotional or physical abuse;
  • in repeating cycles or patterns of being “stuck;”
  • E.T. or other dimensional interference; etc…


We are Spirit sparks from Source, in a physical body.   We come from Love, and return to love.  Our souls chose to incarnate on Earth to have a human experience, in order to learn, grow and evolve.

Earth is the only planet of free will and choice.  The only planet of emotions, pain and suffering.  What better place than Earth to learn our soul lessons?

Therefore, the human experience is about polarity.  Raw Love. (Uwe, please provide a link here to QHHT Session Stories – Raw Love session – to be provided) Understanding duality and contrast, from the myriad of human experiences across the continuum. 

Of love and light, at one end of the spectrum, and experiences that are considered “dark” or “negative,” at the other end.  “Darkness” is simply the absence of Light. It is an aspect of Light.  Not separate from Light.

The love and light experiences are great.  They take us into bliss and joy.  However, the “negative” ones can affect us emotionally and physically.  Causing us to be stuck in repeating patterns of fear, anger, guilt, sadness, grief, not feeling good about ourselves, and traumatised in spirit.

If these emotions are not processed and cleared, it will eventually lead to symptoms, ill health and disease in the body.  There is a strong holistic connection between mind and body. When the mind is not at peace, the body is not at peace and gets sick.

Long after our conscious minds have forgotten the “negative” event, our subconscious mind remembers.  Why?

Because our cells are alive and conscious, and have memory.  They are stored in our cellular memory.  Unless and until the root of emotional trauma is cleared and removed, at cellular level, the individual does not heal.

This is why many people, despite paying thousands of dollars for therapy, going from one healer to another, trying different healing modalities, are still stuck. They get to a point, beyond which they cannot go.  Unable to break through that elusive glass ceiling, to freedom.                        

Holographic healing is able to do this.  It clears the overlay of negativity, ingrained programs, and belief paradigms, that no longer serve you, which have been holding you back. The entities that are attached to you, linked to emotional trauma, keeping you in “lock down,” are also removed.

After 16 years of working with thousands of people, using different modalities, I can confidently say, this is the quickest, most effective and non-invasive way of helping people clear emotional trauma and break repeating patterns.


You are fully conscious with your eyes closed.  I intuitively connect with your Higher Self.  The part of you that is Spirit.  The All-Knowing, that has the answers to everything. Throughout the session I am communicating and speaking to your Spirit.  Not to you. 

I ask your Spirit/Higher Self to identify what we need to deal with first.  It may be an event from your current life, a past life, ancestry or even in-utero (in the womb).  Or some or all of them. A foetus takes on all the fears, emotions and belief paradigms of the mother.

To clear the emotional root of the trauma, linked to the event  all that is required is your intention to release it with a single breath.

We then re-frame or re-script the event story.  Replacing the old negative event timeline and programs, with new, positive ones.  They are sealed and activated with your intention.

If there are locks on your chakras, implants or entities are linked to the event timeline, I will remove them. 


It depends on what you need help with. Some people experience nothing, a subtle or even a significant shift after 1 session, which removes some of the overlay. Like peeling off the outer layer of an onion. 3 sessions is recommended, to get “to the core.”

With depression, OCD, PTSD, mental health issues there’s usually a heavy overlay of entities (in the 100’s) and this may take multiple sessions before there is a breakthrough.

Healing Modalities

  • QHHT
  • Spiritual Past Life Regression
  • After Life (In-Between Lives) Regression
  • Holographic Healing
  • Releasing Entities
  • Akashic Record Readings
  • Akashic Record Workshops
  • Hypnogogic Light Sessions


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