The Past Life Regression session I did with Sian was wonderful. The benefits I experienced from the session next to getting answers to questions and receiving healing, are a greater sense of alignment with Spirit and the understanding of how my life’s purpose, personal history and my specific personal energy ‘configuration’ fit together like a puzzle, and is very much purposeful. 

What I resonated the most with is Sian’s kind, gentle and non-judgmental guidance, humor, and her strong intuition. She seemed to sense what was going on with me during the session and her guidance and gentle suggestions helped me to open up doors into different realms of my consciousness.

My session took place remotely using Skype since we live on different continents and I was delighted by how easy this was and of Sian’s ability to tune in to me. I can highly recommend Sian’s Spiritual Regression sessions. She seems to be very connected to her spiritual guidance and her lack of ego during the session allowed this guidance to come through powerfully.

Jeroen de Wit

QHHT Practitioner, USA

Back in early 2014 when I just started out to becoming a dedicated QHHT practitioner, I found Sian through a wonderful YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVyeILaHi6w) where she was interviewed for her views and experience in this modality as a practitioner since 2007. I immediately became a fan and have been looking up to her since. 

Through my observations and interactions with Sian over the last few years at our practitioner online community, I found her a very knowledgeable, loving, kind, humble yet immensely powerful healer with the purest of heart and intention and the highest integrity. When she told me that she would be traveling to Hong Kong in November 2016 and could have a QHHT session with me, I felt like winning a lottery and did my happy dance for days!

Needless to say, I felt completely at ease under the care of Sian during the session. She was always respectful, caring and went along with my particular pacing superbly. One big highlight was her guiding me to the Council before I came to this life as Jovy on Earth. I’ll never forget how much love, encouragement and kindness “They” have for me. The energy and light codes that were downloaded to me was off the chart too. While I’ll treasure this amazing experience forever, I recently received more information about who “They” are through different means and how I may work with them going forward. What I got in the session makes even more sense now. 

Words fall short on me when I want to express how much I love and appreciate Sian. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat! 

Jovy Wan

QHHT practitioner, Hong Kong

Hi Sian,

Sorry that it’s taken me a month to send this. I wanted a week or so to assimilate, and the weeks just kept passing.

I hope all is well with you and that life continues to give you back what you give out tenfold!

From the moment you enter into the beautiful energy of Sian’s company, you are aware that you are going to be nurtured in body, mind and spirit. Her boundless enthusiasm and passion for her gift together with her gentle expertise allows a bond of trust to be established very quickly. The results are, I’m sure, as many and varied as the individuals themselves, but the experience leaves you, at the very least, with a feeling of how precious and unique you truly are. Under Sian’s guidance, your subconscious mind reveals its knowledge in the most appropriate way to help you continue with this earthly journey with a greater strength of purpose and clarity, giving answers to questions that encourage your spiritual growth and well-being.   

Whatever modality you consult her for, Sian goes even more than the extra mile to assist you, and I would actively encourage you to undertake the healing journey in her care. 




Dear Sian

I will never be able to thank you enough for my session with you.

I have researched Peter and yes He was known as Simon especially to Christ, and he was there. He was also crucified, only wait for it, does this sound like someone you know. Asked to be upside down on the cross as not to offend or take away from his Lord’s crucifixion. Wow, yes and who am I sharing a house with the man responsible for the main event, is that not incredible to say the least. 

I would love to have a day where we can spend time together, and talk about the AMETHYST PROJECT. I  really meant, what i said about helping and being your assistant if you would like or need one, I am there. 

Love you.  You are truly a gift from God xxxxx  

Jude (Judith Mitton) 


I would recommend Sian to anyone.  Her generosity of spirit, her non-judgement of the human condition, her dedication to helping people and her professionalism are wonderful to experience firsthand.  But more than that, Sian gets results.  What she does works.  Thank you Sian, for my Quantum Healing Hypnosis session.  The journey was eye-opening and the healing was palpable.  As I said at the time, it was a ‘download of love’ and just what I needed.

Debbie Boon 

QHHT Practitioner

Denmark, Western Australia

My session with you was sacred.  You truly understood my pain and supported me in true heart space; with deep love and compassion.  Listening with sensitivity.  Without judgment.  The depth of your wisdom knows no bounds.  Unlike no other.  You left no stone unturned.  Ever patient.  You said you would never forget me (2 hours fighting my conscious mind refusing to go under LOL!) as I will never forget your determination, dedication,  commitment and love.  Never giving up.  Working with me through many challenges. Yep, I sure am a tough nut to crack!  

I was in such a dark place, ready to check out. You gave me hope, strength and the courage to believe in myself. My life is forever changed because of you.  Words are not enough to express my gratitude for everything you’ve done. 

You are a shining Beacon of pure love and light.  A gift to the world. 

I love you heaps xxoooooo 




I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the absolutely amazing Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) session you conducted for me.

You were so generous with your time both prior to and during my appointment and your beautiful caring Soul guaranteed I had a most profound experience.  You ensured all of my many questions were addressed and as a result of your diligence I received answers I had sought for many, many years.

I was particularly in awe of the past life presented to me and your ability to take me to other realms.  I believe you are a Master of your craft and feel humbled and honoured to have had you as my facilitator.  

Your care and kindness will always be remembered.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sharon R

QHHT practitioner


Hello Sian

I have been very busy collating in writing my “post” experiences since the regression session, whenever a quiet opportunity at work presents itself so I could feed back to you what I feel is important for you to know. I haven’t as yet completed this, and hope too sometime over the next day or two. This I will send via email. I haven’t listened to the recording of the session, as I’m trusting my “higher faculties” when they are telling me to allow several days to pass and wait patiently for the appropriate time to sit back, relax, play the recording back, and just simply try to absorb and digest the material. I have a feeling, this may well take place on Saturday, once the busy working week has finished. In the mean time, I hope to complete the feedback and queries I wish to send to you for your response.

I’m definitely noticing changes on so many levels since the regression, and to mention just one aspect so far….each time I light a cigarette, about half way through I start to feel dizzy and know instinctively I cannot finish it. How absolutely cool is that? Oh and there’s so much more. Like for instance, I’ve opened a little bit to my partner , and then for some strange reason I just started blurting out stuff of a spiritual nature…something along the lines of us sharing a spiritual contract together that we must pay specific attention too. Where did that come from? 

As I said earlier, I haven’t listened to the recording so I’m curious about what went down. In all honestly, I’m also a little scared to listen back to it, which I’m sure is a common reaction you’ve no doubt witnessed with many other clients.  Anyway, I’m desperate to finish compiling what I’ve mentioned earlier and can’t wait to get this to you.

You are an absolute diamond in the heavens, and I cannot express my love and gratitude enough for sharing your beautiful light with me and I will definitely take you and Richard up on the offer of catching up on occasion, when ever time permits

All the best for now Sian.

Love and light 



I’m doing well after last week’s experience trying really hard to maintain that calm feeling within myself. I definitely confirm that I have no pain in my left hip, its incredible! I feel like I can move forward in my life, I feel more assertive.

Sian, meeting you has definitely been a pivotal point in my life, I am deeply grateful for this experience and I know only good things can come out of it.

Lots of love


Melbourne, Australia

My past life regression with Sian was a life changing experience. Everything that had been unclear or troubling in my past was explained using this gentle very thorough process of unfolding with Sian gently guiding in each moment to  achieve the deepest resolution possible throughout the session.  

Mind, emotions and body were healed to enable the soul’s journey to proceed unencumbered. My back and knees were healed so I was able to work in the garden for over one and a half  hours with no pain. Previously this would have been a true labour of love carried out in severe pain after about 10 minutes. 

Sian is a very caring and loving person who has taken the technique pioneered by Dolores Cannon and made it her own just as I am sure Dolores has dreamed of as she trains the people who will carry her work forward.

Lots of love 


Northam, W.A.

Hi there Richard and sian, I’ve been meaning to contact you guys for a while. I’m currently in Adelaide and have been here for over 2 months having a break from Perth. I can’t thank  you guys enough. I feel like I’m another person. I’ve been getting on with my mother really well and she wants to thank you two as well. She feels like she has her daughter back. I’ve been off all drugs for over two months and am definitely not going back to it. I got into xfactor but have turned it down as I am following my angels and they would prefer me to travel around the world first. So I’m currently saving to backpack. I have gotten rid of a lot of my material possessions and feel more comfortable about living more simply. I am also more deeply happy as I feel I have met my twin flame. He is a beautiful man and is also teaching me to follow the light. We are currently separated now though because he had to go back to Switzerland and I also have certain goals that I need to accomplish before we reunite. It’s not yet time for us to be together yet. I know  there is a lot more healing to go but you two have to showed me that path and at least I am completely aware of where I am now . I  am coming back to Perth in about a month and I would love to come visit you too. 🙂 I hope all is beautiful where you guys are. Bless you both 🙂 🙂 :).

Love, Holly.

Hi Sian,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful and mind blowing session you have done with me in January. This is now 7 months in the past, I have followed all the instructions given from the subconscious and my life has changed completely. I am so happy and grateful for that. This is what I can report: my back pain which I had for more than 12 years has disappeared completely. My kidneys are fine. I had no more problems since. I have quit my job which was not good for me and my partner has got the job with the company he wanted to work for as the subconscious said. This has given me the opportunity (also as the subconscious said) to relax into my life and start my own business as I always wanted. My fear has returned to normal levels, but this is something which happened straight after the session. My thumbs are looking much better now, they are still a little crooked but not as much anymore. The lumps in my breasts which I had my entire life have almost disappeared. Sometimes I don’t have any at all. If I feel any lumps I know immediately that I was over nursing my dog again. This is the same with my neck pain. When I have neck pain I know straight away that I have worried again. These are beautiful indicators. When I watch myself I don’t have any problems and this is as well exactly what the subconscious said.

After all I can really say meeting you was one of the best things ever happened to me.  LOL


Nadja  Cjock

QHHT Practitioner

Western Australia

Hi Sian, I need to tell you just how moved and in awe I am of the work you did for me last night. I know it would have taken a lot out of you so I hope you take the time to recover and recuperate. let me know if you ever need a healing and I would love to offer you one 🙂

It is still taking me a bit of time to process all the information. A few friends and my mum who knew I was coming to you have already asked me for a description but at this stage I don’t feel like sharing with anyone.

I have woken up feeling very calm and happy and given my husband and sons very big, long hugs and kisses and thanked them for being in my life. I always knew they were beautiful and special people to me and now I know they are so and much more xx

Words can not describe the appreciation and respect I have for you to do what you did for me last night. I’ve always known something BIG was up and my run in with armies of ETs was never ending. I even at one stage told my mum that I thought they were specifically targeting me but couldn’t understand why. I understand now but it still needs time to sink in.

Also I have had visitations from Jesus so many times in my life and he has told me many times I am ‘like him’ but I just thought he meant I was a healer like him. My head NEVER went to that I may have been created like him, infused with light. It is a little beyond my limiting human understanding but Ill get there.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou you are a gift from God (and the whole entire universe and beyond). It is not often I find a healer as such is yourself that CAN work on me.

All my love and gratefulness to you. Thank you.

Kind regards

Melanie R.


Western Australia

Morning Sian

It has been 2 days since my regression and this has been the best 2 days of my life.  I cannot remember ever feeling this good and this positive.  I’m looking forward to each day and what is to come.  I now understand so much about my life and why things are the way they are and why I’m the person I am and why I do the things I do.  I really thank you for what you have done for me. You saved me and I’m forever grateful,  I now know my purpose and my reason for being here and I feel good about myself..  I feel like I have been re- born and my life has just begun.  Thank you.

Justin Azemia

Perth 6 April, 2016

It’s a week now since my regression and I have now lost 10Kg (without doing anything) just as I was told in my session.

Justin Azemia  

As I continue to listen to the regression, it’s been a month and I’ve lost 18Kg!!!  Thanking you.

Justin Azemia

In August 2014 a few weeks after my father died I had the honour of having a QHHT session given to me by Sian.  As luck/synchronicity would have it she was visiting the area near to where I live (Somerset, UK) and gave up her precious time for me.  We thought it would be a quick session as I was on my way on holiday and Sian was in the area doing other important work the dame day, after my session, so her time was very booked up.  

However, it didn’t happen like that.  During the interview Sian realised that there were a lot of things that I needed to talk to her about and it wasn’t as simple as just helping me with my intense grief of the moment.  Patiently, with complete consideration only for me and what was in my best interests, she went about finding out things about me and my life that she knew would help her to know when conducting the hypnosis.  She decided selflessly, to devote the entire day to doing my session and gave up the time she had allocated to doing important work and going out that day to a sacred site with Richard and Kaye.

And so hour after hour went by.  When we were both ready we had a short break and some food and then she proceeded to put me under.  This also wasn’t simple.  At first it seemed that I had gone straight to the white light and was able to get my questions answered, but then things took a turn and in the way that the SC always takes you and shows you what you need, I was shown/experienced many other things before my questions were answered. 

At all times Sian showed consideration and care to me the client, whilst at the same time ensuring that everything that was possible to be understood/uncovered/healed was done so. 

My grief was intense compounded by various circumstances – Sian through her clever inquiring mind was able to get to the answers that were bothering me.  It was a crucial moment for me in understanding the death of my father and healing me from the overwhelming grief that at that time I was experiencing.  

I have had many QHHT sessions, all with wonderful practitioners and all with great results, so I feel very lucky.  But I want to say that Sian is one of the beacons of our QHHT community.  She is totally selfless, loving, thoughtful and always and only working for the highest good of all in the interests of love and truth.  I feel blessed to be able to call her a friend and I hope she doesn’t mind – a mentor!

Charlotte Daniel

QHHT practitioner


When I first came to Sian I was barely able to walk and confined to my bed for most of the day. I had spent the greater part of 4 years having spinal surgeries, learning to walk again and in some of the greatest pain both physically and emotionally I have ever experienced. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t heal. It felt like Groundhog Day for me. Someone had recommended that I find someone to figure out what was holding me back emotionally and after a long Google search I found Sian and instantly felt like I knew she was the one who could help me.

What I appreciated about her approach was that she spent a lot of time giving detailed information about exactly what her process is like, what to expect and testimonials of others experiences.  She had me complete homework that gave additional information about the characters in my life and what I was seeking to gain from the experience. We had a Skype interview that was very extensive. She made me feel at ease with a very gentle way of communicating that makes you feel like you have known her your whole life.

I felt very prepared for our first session and what came up during our series of sessions (which included quantum collapse of deep rooted emotions issues and   Holographic healing) took me a while to process. It was very emotional but there was finally clarity and reasons to understand why I was experiencing this level of pain and suffering. By the end of our last session I had the information I needed to decide how to move forward and heal from the patterns of my current and previous lives. 

I felt that I had some answers along with control over how my life continued after that. I listened to all the suggestions she gave me one of which was to meditate every day. I would meditate to bring someone in my life to help me get to the next level with my healing. I feel my work with Sian manifested this healing completely. Within a month I was walking. Within 2 months I was no longer getting sick. Within 5 months I was driving, practicing yoga and even started to regenerate the nerves in my leg again.  I did everything that Sian told me to do, listened to my regression and made the changes even though it was really challenging and my health has soared.  Throughout this time, Sian has been monitoring my progress and keeping my spirits up when I am down or feeling unmotivated.

I am now walking and living a life with little to no sign of my previous ailments. Yes I feel pain sometimes and yes my body is still healing but now I know why and how to change the pattern.

I will make a note though that when I don’t follow what I was told to do by Sian and my guides and listen to my regression consistently I feel the repercussions. It’s a daily effort that you need to put into your healing (mentally and/or physically) that can’t be taken for granted. This isn’t magic that requires no effort. My time with Sian opened my eyes to the areas of my life that I was stuck in and she showed me how to get out of it, but she did not do it for me. I feel her guidance in my life every day and I feel so blessed so have had the opportunity to be able to learn about where my soul has been and where my journey will go. 

I wanted to add that Sian has the BIGGEST heart of anyone I ever know. Although I was prepared to pay for my regression, my plight moved her to do not only the regression but all other sessions for me at no charge. Not to mention countless hours over Skype with me. She has become a dear friend and my spiritual mentor. She is a true angel among us and I can’t express enough how much everyone needs to feel her energy of love, healing and light.

With eternal gratitude,

Caitlin Cooper 

New York

I remember when I attended her Level 1 class in 2009, Dolores called you her “Shining Star” and told us how you had taken her work to another level, beyond her expectations.  She shared some of the jaw-dropping healings and outcomes from your amazing sessions.

Sian, is one of the early founder members, and for many years, a Moderator, of the Dolores Cannon QHHT practitioner forum.  My guess is she would be one of the most, if not the most experienced, QHHT facilitator around. She has always been very generous.  Volunteering her time, tirelessly, answering posts, helping newbies and many of us get off the ground.  Sharing many extraordinary sessions and giving advice on how to deal with “curly” situations.  A pioneer and way shower who has broken new ground, giving us insights on how magic and miracles are possible with QHHT.  She has helped lay strong foundations for practitioners around the world and is an inspiration to us all.  A wonderful teacher and communicator. 

I have learned so much from you, dear Sian. I was fortunate to meet this amazing lady in 2013.  Sweet, gentle, kind, all heart, wise with a wicked sense of humour to boot.  In a class of her own. Pure Light presence. Dolores would be mighty proud of you!

Keep shining.


New Zealand

I remember when I attended her Level 1 class in 2009, Dolores called you her “Shining Star” and told us how you had taken her work to another level, beyond her expectations.  She shared some of the jaw-dropping healings and outcomes from your amazing sessions.

Sian, is one of the early founder members, and for many years, a Moderator, of the Dolores Cannon QHHT practitioner forum.  My guess is she would be one of the most, if not the most experienced, QHHT facilitator around. She has always been very generous.  Volunteering her time, tirelessly, answering posts, helping newbies and many of us get off the ground.  Sharing many extraordinary sessions and giving advice on how to deal with “curly” situations.  A pioneer and way shower who has broken new ground, giving us insights on how magic and miracles are possible with QHHT.  She has helped lay strong foundations for practitioners around the world and is an inspiration to us all.  A wonderful teacher and communicator. 

I have learned so much from you, dear Sian. I was fortunate to meet this amazing lady in 2013.  Sweet, gentle, kind, all heart, wise with a wicked sense of humour to boot.  In a class of her own. Pure Light presence. Dolores would be mighty proud of you!

Keep shining.


New Zealand

“Richard and Sian are amazing and powerful emissaries of the light, and are here to help you!

I met Richard and Sian at the Byron Uplift Festival in 2014 when I had my first Lucia Light experience. I had the most profound experience of my life in leaving my body and experiencing oneness with all that is. I felt a deep connection that day with Richard and Sian, and since we have honoured that connection. Early in 2015 we had a fortuitous meeting at the sacred site Castle Hill in New Zealand whilst on holidays where my wife, daughter and I assisted them in an energetic activation ceremony. It was also a profound experience and I saw there for the first time their commitment to service as light workers they hold along with their clear connection to spirit.

At Easter in 2015 I attended a Sacred Light Journey retreat at Margaret River facilitated by Richard and Sian. Over the 4 days there I underwent deep transformation that has further continued since the journey. Through a combination of the phenomenal Lucia Light along with Richard and Sian performing Holographic Healing sessions and Quantum Mind Mapping, I have reached a whole new plane of existence in my personal journey. I feel relaxed in my body which has been a challenge for me previousl and symptoms I had experienced for many years despite extensive clearing with my Gastrointestinal system, have improved markedly. My relationship with my wife is more harmonious than ever and I have also experienced unforeseen financial opportunity and windfall since the Journey. This has all happened with ease and grace. I am not new to healing and exploring consciousness, but I will say categorically that this has been the most helpful and profound personal work I have ever done in this lifetime. 

I have deep gratitude for Richard and Sian. They worked tirelessly on the retreat in total service for the good of all from before sunrise and would often be the last to bed. I am inspired by their cause and their commitment to the Light. I am looking forward with joy to my next opportunity to attend another Light Journey.  If you take the leap and jump into the light you will never look back and soon you will be writing a testimonial like me because this is awesome stuff!”

With deep love and gratitude,

Dr Adam Williams

B.Sc M.Chiro (Chiropractor)


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