The Truth about the Vietnam War

It isn’t often that I get young subjects.  And so, it was most delightful connecting with this very aware 17 yr old young lady.  An enlightened soul.Wise beyond her years.

Apart from J F Kennedy, she has no knowledge of U.S. presidential history.  The information she brought through was intriguing to say the least:

She saw herself as a powerful, strong and somewhat overbearing male figure in a black suit in 1962. Working in the White House with a promising career. Rising quickly up the ranks. Later, watched Kennedy making his historic speech.  

Moving a few years ahead in time he saw himself as “head of the War office, something like that…. I have tens of thousands of men under me. I have so much power. Everyone listens to me.  I just tell them what to do and they do it.  I’m barking orders left right and centre and people are afraid.  In awe of me and my power…I’m accountable to no one.  Only the President. I report directly to him. 

Q: Who is President?

A : “It sounds like Lincoln…no… that can’t be right” … “but I keep getting the name Lincoln…Lincoln.. I think it’s Lincoln Johnson” (she meant Lyndon Johnson).  The year was 1967 and she was in charge of the military war machine.

 “We are at war..things are real bad.. Vietnam..oh my God.. I’m in charge’s a top secret project… I see the word ‘CLASSIFIED” on my reports – on all the documents.  The public don’t know about this secret war…The project name?  “Grassfields!”

Q:  What’s this secret war about?

A: It’s top secret I can’t talk about it…

After some coaxing, she started to get very emotional. A lot of visuals, snippets of scenes, documents and information were pouring into her head.  Both she & I had difficulty keeping track of the content, to the point where she was literally incoherent.  Everything was “downloading” so fast.  She was not making sense and wasn’t answering my questions.  It made a lot of sense to her though, so I allowed her to  continue this way, for a while, just to see where it would lead. Just speaking very rapidly & disjointedly about everything that popped into her mind. She was incredulous at what was unfolding from her memory banks. A part of her was accepting  she was that man.  Another part of her, had difficulty integrating what was unravelling.  Particularly, her role in the whole operation.  The enormity of it was just too much.  I was concerned she would be overwhelmed and the session would end.

After some breathing exercises & calming suggestions (I felt she was almost somnambulistic – later turned out she was) she was able to describe in great detail, her “work” and what the project entailed.  Without going into specifics, the plan was to create a ‘”cover” and “false front.” He would order his men to rig up incendiaries, explosives – they’d be based in underground tunnels in strategic parts of the country, where US troops were based and blow up facilities, camps and equipment – helicopters etci.e a secret war going on in tandem with the real Vietnam war. US troops deployed in the secret war were firing on their own troops and blowing up US bases.  The whole purpose of this was for the media back in the US to report these as enemy attacks by Vietcong, to justify a full scale and ongoing war in Vietnam.

Grassfields was a front for drug running and money laundering on a HUGE scale.  She described “poppies in the crop field… my men are plundering seizing the crops. I’ve ordered them to kill everyone in sight and they do it.  There’s money in it for them too..”

Q: What do you mean?

A: “Everyone…  e v e r y o n e  is involved in this. Everyone knows about it.   The guys at the bottom…the middlemen..all the way to the top.  Even the President is involved!!!.  We are talking megabucks,  billions trillions of dollars.  I see our planes deployed..when they fly back to the States they’re full of drugs… the whole plane… I see the buildings where they are housed. Then they give it to their drug operatives to sell.  Oh my God, this is a HUGE,HUGE distribution network.  I know everything about it.  I am in charge of all the operations.  I run his day and night.  The President trusts me.  I am his right hand man…I know this like the back of my hand. Thousands of documents with CLASSIFIED – TOP SECRET on them.  I collect so much money.  I have all the money I want.  It’s just pouring in. Money has no value for me.  Everyone, but everyone makes money.  There’s more than enough for everybody… 

Q:  How do you feel about what you’re doing?

A:  Not good.  I feel guilty.  I feel bad.  I know I’m doing the wrong thing but I can’t stop.

Q: Why not?

A:  It’s my job.  I set it up.  I run it. I’m in in too deep….the President is counting on me… He’s patting my back… on stage…giving me an award…a speech about me. Walking down a long corridor like a Hall of Fame.  My photo is up there…

Moving forward in that life, he finds himself still in the job.  Even after a new President is sworn in.

Q:  What’s his name?

A:  Sounds like Nix, Nix…Nixon.

The responsibility, stress and guilt eventually get to him.  “I can’t do this anymore.  It’s making me sick.”  He has a wife whom he adores. She’s very loving and supportive.  “No, she doesn’t really know what I do. I can’t tell her.”  Alas, the long hours, time away from her and heavy drinking, take a toll on their marriage.  She leaves him.  He is gutted and isolated. Drowns his sorrow and conscience with more and more alcohol. Dies from alcohol poisoning, a broken man, alone, in a place for the homeless.

The session lasted 4 hours as there were 2 other past lives.  There was a lot of specific detail – from a description of the White house study where he worked to the Oval Office etc She also “saw” clearly where the Secret project documents were stored, in a vault, in an area below the White House.  She also said that the money laundering and drug running has continued to this day. It’s grown even bigger and is happening internationally.

The Subconscious showed her this past life, as the guilt from it, was causing her to be stuck in this life.  She was charismatic, strong, powerful and had leadership qualities in that past life. However those talents, were tempered by extreme guilt and anxiety.  In this life she has musical gifts eg singing.  She has a great voice and knows she can sing but has a “frog in her throat” when she has to perform.  She has a block when it comes to reading music.  She hums and sings all day and has  “hummed” and has about 600 tunes that were downloaded into her head in her voice recorder but hasn’t done anything with it.  She can write lyrics for a song in 2 mins.  The SC said she had to sing, compose and bring forth the music they were bringing to her to raise the vibrations of the planet. They healed her guilt and said she’d now be able to speak her truth, sing, compose and play music, perform, act and fulfill her life purpose.

Sian Chua