This client was a Left brained male Accountant who presented in 2009, with a large brain tumour.  A renowned interstate Neurosurgeon operated on him in 2008and removed the tunmour but it grew back with a vengeance. He and several others, declined surgery, as it was deemed medically too risky to operate.  The tumour was located close to his spinal column.

He suffered from blinding headaches, loss of hearing, tinnitus, loss of vision, dizziness which affected his balance and neck stiffness.  He was no longer able to work.

He also had irritable bowel syndrome and chronic stomach pain.  After a battery of tests and scans and seeing various Gastroenterologists, the doctors were unable to find any organic basis for the pain.

The prognosis was bleak. He was given 1-3 months to live.


In his session he was shown four (4) past lives

1st past life:

 As Tanaka, a proud Japanese samurai on a horse with foot soldiers, about to attack a castle.  As they charge forward, he is hit in the left chest by a ”burning rock”.  Felled off his horse.  Screaming, cursing in pain, with his chest burning.  His

“Sen- Seh” (Master) appears & stomps the fire out with his foot. He survives.

In the next scene, he, several generals and geishas drink sake, toasting their victory & plan an attack on another castle.  He moves forward in the past life thro’ a few important scenes and finally finds himself:

“in the woods… I smell the dampness…. in my full samurai suit… fighting” a group of black hooded ninjas.  He’s with 5 other high ranking officers.    They are in the forest looking for the ninjas who had murdered his SenSeh. More ninjas appear and a fierce fight ensues.  “We are at a disadvantage in our heavy suits and it slows us down”.  He engages with one of the ninjas but alas, is sliced across the stomach with a sword. 

Floating above his body, after death, his soul observes the bloody scene to the end. “My men are all dead…there were only a few of us…we didn’t have a chance.  We were outnumbered”. He watches his funeral – his men paying their respects to him and sees himself lowered into a grave…”I don’t feel anything.  I’m not angry.  I was killed in battle”.

Note** At this point, he jumps into a

 2nd past life :

In a village in China….in rice fields. “There’s a little girl with red rosy cheeks running towards me”.  Looking down at the feet….”Oh! I have bound feet…(gasps) I’m a woman!!!   I’m very, very old, in my 80’s”.  Wearing traditional clothing and tribal head gear.  The little girl is her grand daughter. There is much love and joy.

“We are very poor…it’s a hard life….not enough to eat…the house is very simple, no rooms just  a large enclosed area”.  Dies in the next scene with the roof caving in, falling onto her head, severing her neck.

Floats above her body and observes the scene for a while.  Note ** As I try to cross her over, she says:

3rd past life:

“It’s very misty…foggy morning…I’m on a boat dressed like a Viking warrior…we’re sailing out to sea to attack …” Alone on deck by himself with his sword and shield.  “It’s very early…everyone else is sleeping”.  He turns his back to shore & is shot by an arrow, in the Right side of the head, going into the centre of the brain and dies.

Crosses over momentarily, back in the Light, experiencing the peace and freedom of his Spirit being.

As I’m about to integrate him, he jumps into a

4th past life:

In a floating market in Thailand…”on a boat rowing…to sell bananas”.

Next scene is his wedding.  An arranged marriage.  “I’m not happy I had to get married.  It’s just something I had to do.  I see a fair skinned girl…..I like her.  She’s very pretty not like the girl I’m going to marry – she has dark skin. I prefer the fair skinned one.

At the end of that scene he finds himself “in a toilet… I have a bad tummy ache…I ate something dirty…couldn’t stop the diarrhoea…I see myself curled up in bed all dried and dehydrated.  I died of dehydration”.

Subconscious (S-C):

“We showed him the 1stJapanese life to let him know why he has a scar on his left chest”.  He was born with a huge scar. The S-C healed it.

“The 2nd life was to let him know why he has a pain in his 2nd right toe because she had bound feet (the old woman in that life).  Also when the roof fell on him.  That’s why he always has to crack his neck and that is what causes the neck tension and neck stiffness in this life”.  Healing was given.

“The 3rd life as a Viking has to do with the scar from his 2008 operation to remove the brain tumour. That’s where the arrow entered his head and pierced the centre of his brain.  That’s why he had the brain tumour and even though it was removed, it had to grow back”.

Q:  Why did it have to grow back?

“If you look at his life closely, as a warrior, he has injured a few people in the head”.

Q:  You mean the Viking warrior life or..?

A: “ That and the totality of all his past lives.  To let him know that he injured other people in the head in previous lives.  To understand what that feels like.  To balance out the karma.  We made the tumour grow back so he has to stop working.  To put him on a different path.  To make him a more spiritual person and for him to contribute to humanity by being spiritual and giving back to the community by way of helping others or teaching others exercises like qi gong.  The dreams he has of setting up a fund to help the needy & desperate are very good. It’s also the reason why he was bullied as a child.  He was born to be weak and small in body size. Also to learn to defend himself (client is now proficient in 8 types of martial arts) and to let him know that he used to bully a lot of people in past lives. He has to work out the karma”.

Q: How can he be more spiritual?

A: “To be more spiritual by looking after his health more.  He’s not sleeping enough.  Not getting enough rest.  Meditate a lot more.  He is not breathing properly.  He has to remember how to breathe properly (the qi gong breathing). He forgets to practice it when he goes home.   He has a lot to do to help others by guiding them on their spiritual path.  He has to expand his knowledge by reading more metaphysical books.  He’s been wanting to learn from his pagan/wiccan friends.  He should go ahead and also do the online course at the University of Metaphysical Sciences, something he’s always wanted to do before his operation.  He also needs to be more pro-active with the Theosophical Society and Rosicrucians.  Not the Free Masons – not for his highest good”.

I asked if the karma had been worked out & if it was appropriate for him to have the brain tumour removed and They replied, “Yes”.  The SC  proceeds with the healing.

Client: “ It’s burning up. I see it … I feel it being burned away….no, it’s not hurting.  There’s a bright light inside my head burning away the cancer.  I see the cancer reducing…shrinking in size…more and more…it’s all dispersing.  Oh’’s like there’s something missing in my head, a big space there that’s empty, where the tumour was before”.

SC:  “It’s done”.

Q: In the light of the healing you’ve given him today, should he go ahead with his MRI next Wednesday ?

A: “Yes, have the MRI It may still show some traces of the tumour but most of it will not be there. The traces will be gone in about 2 to 3 weeks”.  I enquired if he should have another scan thereafter and the SC said to go ahead.

I asked the SC to heal the optic and facial nerves and sense of balance that were damaged by the 2008 operation (face was not symmetrical,  lop-sided on the right, had difficulty moving his facial muscles,his mouth, his sight  and balance were affected).

A:  “It is done. They will heal slowly and he will make a full recovery.  It will take time”.

As for the total loss of hearing in his R ear (his auditory nerves were damaged in the 2008 operation)  and had constant tinnitus:

Q:  SC are you able to heal this?

A: “No it can’t be done.  He has to live with it.  He has to learn to ignore the tinnitus…most of the time he can do this”.  Reason given was the damage was too far gone& it was irreparable.

Q:  What’s caused his astigmatism and myopia?

A: “The back of his eyeballs are not even.  He was not born that way.  They started to become uneven at the age of 18. Too much reading”.  Healing proceeds.

Client: “I feel something pressing the eyeballs…all around”.

SC: “ We are re-adjusting his eyes, the surface of his eyeballs.  It’s done”.       

“The astigmatism “will only be improved 25%” and the myopia will improve “at least 50%” but will not be fully corrected”.  

Q: Why?

A: “He has to have another healing session in 3–6 months because the Right eye nerve is still affected by  the operation and therefore We can’t operate on it yet.  It has to heal first”.

Q:  What’s caused the irritable bowel syndrome and stomach issues?

A: “It’s a karmic theme from when he died as a Thai national in the 4th life.  He’s always had tummy aches even as a young child, sensitive to a lot of foods. As a samurai, he has killed and sliced a lot of people in the stomach just as he was killed by the ninja who sliced open his stomach.  He needed to work out the karma”.  

Q:  Has the karma been worked out now?

A:  Yes.

It had been worked out and so healing was given.

Q:  What is his lesson from the 2008 botched surgery?

A: “Not to believe in the media about how great someone is because their real persona could be different from their media persona. The client first met this famous Neurosurgeon Dr X, in 1998.  Dr X was very nice to him.  That was before Dr X became very famous. Before fame & fortune got to his head. He shouldn’t have gone and had the surgery with Dr X because the doctor was very rude to him when he flew to see him in 2008.  After Dr X was rude to him, he was undecided but his brother persuaded him to go ahead with the surgery.  His lesson is to trust his own feelings and perceptions. The botched surgery was a combination of factors: Dr X’s mother was admitted to hospital that day so he was not totally focused on what he was doing.  Dr X also did not invite an ENT Specialist to the surgery.  This may have saved his auditory nerve from being severed in the operation”.

Multiple questions were answered and other healing requests attended to.

Immediately after the session, he regained his sense of balance, his brain/head felt “very light” and he was able to move his mouth & eat easily – he had dinner with me.   He has recovered well and returned to work part time and is focusing on his spiritual path.

Sian Chua

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