Club Foot Healing session (No. 2)

Club Foot Healing session (No. 2)

31 yr old aware male, walks in with an “entourage” of tall Light beings.  Born in the Seychelles.  Came out to Australia aged 2.  Raised Catholic but has embraced his ancient roots. A loner. Comfortable in his own skin.  Never had a girlfriend. 

He was mostly interested in discovering his Star origins and his life purpose.  Interested in helping raise awareness thro’ health education, fitness, eating right, healing using herbs, ancient plant medicine from the rain forests of his island home. Also loves and composes music.  No emotional issues. He only had one healing request “thick throat mucus” since puberty.

Towards the end of his interview, he said, “By the way, I forgot to mention, I have club feet.”   I have posted 2 sessions (in the old archives) years ago of the SC healing 2 other clients both with one club foot. Those were rare enough so I was very surprised to meet a 3rd with this condition…both feet.  He has pain and limitation of movement. His legs, calves, hips get fatigued and he has back pain.  His spine is also mis-aligned.


An unusual interweaving, in and out from past lives, into his current life.  Confusing?  Perhaps. However, when we realise that time doesn’t really exist, and it’s all happening simultaneously, it makes perfect sense.


!.  Coming off the cloud, he was an energy Being. Floating in space. Finding tranquility among the stars.  Eventually, he is in an “astronaut, suit” and lands on a dry Red Planet – Mars.

He meets a beautiful female humanoid with “the deepest blue eyes, no whites…pointy ears…her energy is familiar…unique..I feel very positive about her.  She is studying me.”  After a while, “I lift off and leave the planet.”


2. Back in space, he observes a green light in the distance.  Moving closer ,it becomes a “purple dab.  Like when you dab with a paintbrush, on paper.”  After a while. “I feel I become it…. I am the purple dab…I feel very calm.”

    He stays in the void, among the stars and the Milky Way.  “I need to stay here and observe for a little bit.”

“Oh..hh, I see the connectedness of all the stars.  There’s a star system with a pale yellow Sun with lots of stars around it. It feels familiar.”

Coming back to Earth:  “I’m looking at me.  Dressed in jeans.  Hiking shoes…I’m 25.”  The next moment: “The purple and green dab has come back.  2 forms swirling together.  Like a portal moving slowly from right to left.  I am moving with it…I become them…feels like an acceptance.  I feel so free.”


3.  Alpine forest scene ….pine trees, rivers.  “I’m the hiker.” Joins a gathering of Native American Indians. “I’m just passing by.”  Ends up in a teepee.

    He is the leader of a “tribe.”  He’s 40 yrs old. Small community of 35.  ” I feel I am a shaman.  I provide people with the knowledge or our ancestors…that’s why I have to separate my teepee from them ….because in the solace, I find my power…by becoming one with Nature.”

    “I am the purple dab again.  I am following the dab but I’m also the dab.”


4.  Goes into a life “400 years ago” as a woman.  “Everyone’s unhappy.  Poor.  Very hard times.”  It’s the time of the “Depression.”  Despite that; she’s able to keep smiling.  “She’s waving goodbye. I think she’s me.”



“I see a little boy with a man on a horse.  I am a “warlord/General.” in mideaval times – England.    Victorious in battle.  ” I feel joyful.  I’ve defeated all my enemies – the Scottish.  I like to see my people succeed. I feel like I was the only one who could have done it.  I may have stood on some people’s toes and some didn’t like me but mostly the people loved me.”

     ‘I  am the purple dab again. I’m going through the mist and coming through it.  I’m following the purple dab but I also feel I am ahead of it and it is me.”  


6.  “There’s that little blonde haired boy again…. He’s just sitting there ‘cos he can’t stand.  There’s something wrong with his feet.  He’s not strong enough to stand..they make  like a special brace for him so he is able to walk to an extent bu tit’s not free flowing.  It’s like polio.  He’s Irish and he’s looking at me like he knows me.”

     “I am the purple dab again and then the General all rolled up in one.”

     Q:  Who’s the little boy?

     A:  Another experience

     At the end of this life: “He doesn’t make it.  He still has the braces and dies at 50.”

     He becomes the purple dab again and returns to the Light.


Mars life to show him  his soul mate – the blue eyed female. “That not all soul mates are on the same planet at the same time.” “She’s looking for him”  in this life.  “She’s coming back…when he’s 33.  that’s the deal.  She’s part of his journey.”

The purple dab was to show him he’s a Light Being, from the Stars – Pleaides.  Also to show him that is always more out there.  And when he looks at the stars he will draw his power from them because he has a strong connection to the stars. We will show him how to do this, in time.

Indian and General past lives – he’s a natural leader who has enjoyed great success in everything he’s undertaken.  He will be successful and abundant in this one. 

Female life to show him how to stay positive in adversity. 


He knows.  He’s already been told.

He has a mundane day job which he needs to give up (“because the energy there is very bad. This environment affects his health and blocks change”) in 6 months for “a big sea change.” He will be able to realise his dream and passion, which is his life purpose, of setting up a health-fitness club, with workshops, a vegan-raw food cafe, restaurant, in another State.  

How?  The resources will come from someone he is yet to meet, online, from Sweden, who shares the same vision.  They will go into partnership. While he’s setting it all up, this man will provide for him, until income flows from the business.  After that happens, he has to create and play his music, whilst working on the setting up of the vegan cafe/restaurant project.  He is to take the ancient plant medicine from his homeland into the world.


Weight issue (10 Kg overweight):  “He is on the right diet.  It has to do with trauma from a violent death in a past life, as a man in 12th century France.  He was decapitated for speaking his truth.

Blonde boy had issues with his feet 19th century Ireland and that has bled through to this life.

Q:  Was there any other reason why this soul chose to incarnate with the same debilitation?

SC; So he didn’t go off track.  The pain has grounded him and made him stay connected to his body.

Q:  Well, now that you’ve confirmed what his purpose is, he’ll be on track now, won’t he?  And so, he doesn’t need to have to suffer any more does he?

SC:  No he doesn’t.

The SC agreed to heal him completely and said it would take about 6 months.

Throat mucus had to do with a past life where he died of dehydration in prison.  The healing would be completed in a week.

His procrastination had to do with disenchantment with the whole schooling process and how irrelevant it was to him.

A month after his session he had lost 18 Kgs!