Continuing on the recent theme, this session illustrates how “death””

timelines  can be changed.

Female, late 20’s, idyllic scene at home in her log cabin, shattered by thesound of horses.  Gang raped by 5 bandits.   Shot in the chest.  Stillconscious.  Hangs on. “My will is for my spirit to stay”‘  waiting for herhusband James to return home.  She eventually leaves her body v distressed.In shock and doesn’t cross over.

James is her husband (H) in this life.

“The past life was shown for her to realise the gift of deep love they

had”…. To also show her why H is so shut down and withdrawn.  Not showingher any overt love or affection. “When he lost her in that life, he shutdown.  He has a fear of loving too much.  He’s still carrying the fear….ifhe loves her too much, he will lose her and he cannot bear to be hurtagain”.

Otherwise he’s a good husband, father and provider & very supportive.  Hergrouse was there’s no love and he’s not spiritual and was wanting to leavethe marriage.

The Sub-Conscious(SC) advised her to stay in the marriage as “change was coming”. As hervibrations are raised, this will in turn raise his awareness. “The changeswill come but they will only be gradual and he will not be long on thisplane”.  This was a feeling she had for the last 2 years & it was nowconfirmed, unsolicited, by the SC.  I’ve had 4 cases like this.

I asked if there was any possibility for that timeline to be changed.

SC:  “There is still choice and this certainly can be changed but if not

enough. Change comes from his conscious decisions the timeline will be 18 to24 months”.

She received guidance on how to help him.  Healing was also given to H toclear a lot of his blocks and fears.  While this was going on, she feltshackles & black patches being removed from his heart and his energy bodylightened, “like seeds have been planted for them to grow so he’scomfortable with the change.  She’ll know the healing is complete when shesees the sparkle in his eyes”. And if he does change, she can hope for adeeper and purer love than the one she had with James “but to enjoy itbecause it will only be short”.

26 September, 2011