Centaur, Immaculate Conception, Lost Soul and Entities session

Elaine (not her real name) is an aware 24 year old, mother of a Star child, married to a spiritual Natural Health practitioner.  She’s an empath, has some psychic abilities – able to see auras and tune in to energies around people and writing a book on Conscious Parenting. 
I did a session on her husband earlier this year. He was shown unusual healing abilities from another planetary life, which he is to incorporate in his healing practice.  She finally decided to have a session.  Here are excerpts.


She finds herself as a “grey, old woman, drifting, lost, out in space, among the stars and planets. In the void.  I’m old and bitter.” She didn’t have a human form.

She couldn’t tell me why she was bitter, so I asked her to go back, to a time, before she ended up in the cosmos:


She sees a younger version of herself, in a long robe, barefoot, standing in front of a stone wall. “I’m placing my hands on the wall, trying to feel something.”

Q:  What are you feeling?

A:  Sadness and joy.  I’m scared.

She doesn’t know why she’s feeling this way.

“I come here often. Oneside, is the forest with big trees.  On the other, there’s a city or town.”

Q:  Have you been to the city?

A:  A long time ago. I’m feeling very sad (crying).  Alone.  I feel this longing for connection.  I think part of my family is in the city, behind the wall.

She didn’t want to go into the city and couldn’t tell me anything about her family.  I decided to ask her to go to a time when she was last with her family.  She sees herself –  a cute 5 year old, carrying a basket, in the woods, with her father, whom she loves very much. A fight ensues between her father and a stranger.  The latter ends up dead.  Her father is in shock.  The girl is confused and scared.

In the next scene, she’s about 7 years old, in a market, happily playing with a llama:


“I’m watching someone read cards.  He’s scary.  Not human.  He has animal feet.  Like a Centaur. You know – half animal, half human. Not everyone can see this.  I can.  I’ve always been able to do this.  He’s looking at me.  I feel very scared and withdrawn. I feel he can read my mind.”

“I feel like he’s taking me with him in the woods.  I  felt I was ok at first and wanted to go with him. Now I feel different.  I don’t want to go with him.”

Q:  Can you leave?

A:  No I can’t. He’s carrying me, piggyback.

“I’m cooking inside a hut.  He’s there. It’s his hut.  I feel I have to serve him.”

Q; How do you feel about that?

A:  It feels ok.  I’ve accepted the situation but I’m not happy….because I’m so isolated…because he’s not human. I want to escape but I’m too scared.

Q:  How does he treat you?

A:  He’s neither kind, nor unkind.


She’s 22 years old. “I’m back in the city.  My hands are tied behind my back.  They (people from the town) found Us. The Centaur and me. I’m naked.  They’ve taken my robes.  They’re calling us horrible names.  They’ve tied up the Centaur.  We are paraded in the streets.”

Q:  How are the people responding, reacting?

A:  There’s an uproar.

Q:  Do you know why?


A:  It’s a strange life.  There were no words between us.  Only silence.  He didn’t speak.  We communicated telepathically.

Q;  What was communicated?

A:  Other worldly images.  Colours.  Like a projection.  He wasn’t bad.  He was actually holding space for people of the town.  Holding green energy.

Q:  Did he ever explain what he was doing and why he was doing that?

A:  He showed me images but I didn’t understand.

Q:  Did you learn anything from him?

A:  I did, but didn’t know what to do with it.

Q:  What did you learn?

A:  He’d show me how to project images of energy.  Move it around.  I’d play with the energies.  I’d make things disappear. I’d see through trees and the wall. I place my hands on them, pulled them apart and created a window to look through.

Q:  What were the energies like?

A:  The energies had different colours and shapes.  Green, black, grey, white.  Some were spinning.  They could take any form.  There was more that he could do with them.

Q:  Could you communicate with the energies?

A:  No, but I could feel their intelligence.  He was communicating with them a lot.  He’s standing  in the room and connecting.  Making strange sounds.  Not words.

Q:  What happened to the energies after that?

A:  Sometimes he’d feel more powerful.  Other times the energies would make him angry, like he was being told what to do, and he would leave for days and leave me alone. I’d walk through the forest and forage for food.  There was always enough to eat – mushrooms, berries, grasses, herbs.  I was very connected to the Earth.

Q:  Did you ever want to run away and  go back to your family?

A:  I was too scared in case they did not want me back.

Q:  What else did you learn?

A:  He was showing me more about the windows.  He would use his hooves, open windows and go into other dimensions, just in the middle of the room.

Q:  Did he take you with him?

A:  No.

Q:  How did you know he went into other dimensions?

A:  ‘Cos he’d disappear instantly.

Q:  How long did he go for?

A:  It depends.  Sometimes a short time.  Sometimes very long and then he’d come back.

Q:  Did he ever tell you what he did, or where he went, after he came back?

A:  No. He just demonstrated an advanced application of opening windows.

Q:  Could you do that too?

A:  I couldn’t do that myself.  I learned to use the windows to manipulate minds.

Q:  Tell me about that?

A:  When people would come into the forest, it feels like sending a beam from my Crown into someone’s head.  To do whatever we wanted.  I was just starting to work with them. He’d make them come to the hut.  Like a ritual.  Like a strange opening of the body (not a physical opening).  He would change things – the mechanics of, not their physical body, but a different body, and work on them.  He’d work on them and put them back again.  He changed something within them and sent them back.

Q:  Were people happy after the ritual?

A:  They looked peaceful and removed.

Q:  Did lots of people wander in?

A:  Not voluntarily.

That was all she learned so I moved her back to the last day of her life. (I was intuitively feeling that the old lady out in the cosmos was this young girl, that had become a lost soul and wanted to find out what trauma she went through, that may be keeping her stuck):


Q:  What happens at the end of the parade scene?

A:  They put us up in the market place and tie us to posts.  They poke us and throw things at us.  I die.

Q:  Do you know what happened to the Centaur?

A:  Yes.  Before I die, he disappears.  Before he dies, he disappears.

Q:  What do you mean?

A:  I feel him leaving (energetically) even though his physical form is still tied.  It was like he energetically deflated and left.  He didn’t want to help me.  I felt abandoned.

Q:  What makes you say that?

A:  I saw him leave.  He saw me.  He didn’t do anything.  He was powerful.  I know he could have done something to help me, but he didn’t.  He could have stopped all of that.

She said he could have even stopped  people from the town from surprise capturing them or tying them up, if he wanted to, but he didn’t.  She was angry he didn’t.

After she dies, she remains hovering above the scene for a long time.  Feeling very disappointed he didn’t help and watching people enjoying the scenario.  “I am in shock about their viciousness and wonder how they can do that to me.”  I try to move her on as a soul:

“It’s hard for me to go.”

Q:  Why?


A: I feel that even though it wasn’t a relationship it feels like I was carrying his energy. I feel like I was carrying a child that didn’t come from relationship but from energy.  Ohh, I feel a heat on the left side of the body.  The left cheek.Left shoulder, down the left leg.

Q:  Are you experiencing this now as the soul that died, or as Elaine (the client)?

A:  Elaine.

Q:  Sub-Conscious, is this in any way connected to the discomfort in the left side of her body in the Quadriceps femoris muscle, and pelvis, that she has been suffering from, in her 1st pregnancy and now her 2nd pregnancy?

SC:  Yes.  it has to do with that past life.  The 2 pregnancies triggered it.  She was with child in the Centaur life and the pregnancies caused a bleeding through of those memories.

We get the SC to clear the trauma, release the energetic child and release the pain.


I asked if the old, bitter lady in the cosmos was the 22 yr old that died in the Centaur life:

“I stayed.  I didn’t go back to the Light.  I tried to get back.  All different shapes – back to a life on Earth.A lot of desperation.  I became an old lady because I never ever wanted to leave this life and hung around.”

She was ready now to go back to the Light.  We brought in her loved ones who had passed in that life (grandmother and father) to take her Home. “I’m back in the Light now.  I feel peaceful.  Relieved.”


The SC explained it showed her the past life because, “It was her final initiation and she didn’t take her power.  He was teaching her and she had all the power.”

Q:   What was she supposed to have done to take her power?

SC:  She could have left her body, as the Centaur did, before her physical death. She didn’t have to go through all of that.

Q:   She could?  She thought she couldn’t and was disappointed the Centaur left his body, and didn’t help her.

SC:  She could have done the same. If she wasn’t in so much fear, she could have taken her power.  This is the life where the power and fear stems from.  She needs to believe in herself.  She needs to practice.  She needs to re-connect with the symbols.  The runes – because these will take her back to that life where she learned inter-dimensional connections.  

She will be able to fold space time, and bring through the healing, that he taught her.  Not only for herself, but for others.  She has the information.  She only didn’t know how to access it, but she still gets it in her dreams.  There’s a bleeding through of energy for her, but she chooses not to access it in her dreams, because she’s too scared, because of the physical death and persecution she’s experienced in that life, and other lives.  She’s afraid of her power.  She doesn’t trust herself fully.  She needs to practice active dreaming.

She needs a ritual before her bedtime.  She needs to be away from electronics, at least an hour before her bedtime. She needs to sit upright.  She’ll have a series of hand movements, to open the gateways up.  Use the runes and use her imagination, where to travel and places to go.  This is not for fun.  She is to go on healing missions. She knows this.  She wonders why her dreams are so intense, because her Spirit is pulling her there.  In active dreaming, she will be in control, and in active service.

Other past lives mirror the fear.  She already knows about them – lives as a witch, lives where she was persecuted and burned.

Healing was requested.

SC:  We are clearing the  greyness and the cobwebs.  Taking all the tentacles out of her field which have extended to the meridians.  We are pulling it out through the back of her nervous system.  Through the nadis.  She is resisting the process because of fear.  We are giving her a spirit animal – the grey headed hawk with the yellow beak.  She also works with them. They also stem from the past life and this is also where her connection to Nature and animals began, the telepathy and all her other psychic abilities.

It was necessary for her to leave her family in that life so that she could learn from the Centaur.  It was important for her to be silent and not speak.  To go within, and develop her other senses – telepathy, seeing energies, feeling. That is why she still doesn’t like to talk much, to this day.  She prefers to be alone in her own space.  She will find balance, so she can do her work with people.

Q:  Some people would pooh pooh this session as many feel Centaurs, like unicorns, are mythical and never existed. I had a client that was a unicorn.

SC: They are real.  They have been on this Earth for a long time. They have come to help the humans.  They are evolved beings from another dimension and work with magick.  Many beings on this Earth are not human. Some are aware of them.  She is.  Even fewer can see others in their true form, as she can.


The SC scanned her field and found:


SC: An energy in her hand.  In her face.  Like a vice limiting her thought processes.  She doesn’t know it’s there.  She called it in through the fear, as a young girl in this life, aged 7, when her parents separated.

Q:  What’s this energy like?  How does it affect her?

SC: Like a helmet that shuts down feelings.  She’s an empath.  When her threshold gets crossed after a certain amount of fear and discomfort, this is her default expression or defence mechanism, which has served her well, in a way, because it is not internalised.

Q: Where does this energy come from?  Who or what put it there?

SC:  From a very dark place.  Not from the Light.  We will pull it off and send it back to the void.

Client:  I’ve got a big headache.

SC:  It is removed. (headache subsides)


SC: There is a darkness around the heart.  She absorbed it from her mother in this life.  It is the shadow of her past from her lineage.  Much pain, the wars, much famine and fear and atrocities.  Many women in her line have gone through this for 5 generations. This is a thought form that has become a life form.

Q:  How does it affect her?

SC: Her heart is closed.

Q:  She has done mother line clearing, going 7 generations up the line.

SC:  It’s just the shadow of the energy residues that are left.  The mother line work has cleared a lot.  We are pulling out the Life Form and are replacing the shadows with flowers.  We will send this healing through her lineage too.

Client: I feel softness and joy.


SC:  There is an energy around her pelvic area. Of fear and trauma.  It’s a kick on from other past lives.  I can see a lot of yellow.  We are changing the vibration. Lifting the vibration.  It is done.


SC:  There is an entity in her field behind her left shoulder.

Q:   Has she been aware of its presence?

SC:  Every now and again.

Q:   How did it get in to her?

SC:  From the drug abuse.  Not the marijuana but the other drugs in her 20’s.

Q:   How has it affected her?

SC:  It has been sucking her energetically.  Feeding off her energy.  Fatigue.

Q:   What sort of entity is it?

SC:  A Reptilian.

The SC starts to remove it.

SC:  We are containing it and returning it back to the Light.

Q:   Why does it need to be contained?

SC:  It doesn’t want to go, that is why We are containing it.  The first layer.  There is a scarring in the field.  We will accelerate healing.  The Reptilian is removed but her field has a space that needs to be re-calibrated and healed.  We will use liquid Light to fill the space, and We place the Spirit animal in that space – the hawk.  It is done.


SC:  There are tentacles at the base of her field.  Connections to other lives.  The energies are leaking out.  She’s been attracting different experiences.  Playing out similar patterns from the past.  So her energies are not contained in this life.  They are connected with her ability to time travel.  She has the ability to go back into past lives.  She’s trying to rectify.  We can seal this off now.  It will not affect her ability to time travel.  We are sealing off all the tentacles and tunnels.  They will naturally die off.  Like a space glue.

Client:  I can see a Crown and sword appear now at the base of my field.