Overseas client. Struggling with chronic depression, epilepsy .On Zoloft and other medication. Been in therapy for 18 years in the US.  Not making any progress. Long list of issues (8 pages) self worth, repressed sexual abuse memories, contact experiences, rejection, alienation, repeated suicidal attempts, self mutilation, strange skin growths, thyroid, lymph glands, heart palpitations, adrenal failure, chronic fatigue, brain fog, very stuck etc

A very long session.  Just sharing a short snippet:


SC:  Her soul has been beaten down.  It’s very tired.  Time to go.  It’s leaving now.

Q: Her soul’s going?

SC:  Yes

Q:  Where is it going?

SC:  Back to the Light.  It’s worn out.

Q: She won’t have a soul then, what’s going to happen to her?

At this point, client convulses briefly on the bed.  Her body heaves up once and then motionless. I am concerned. Long silence then…..

SC: A new soul. Is walking in now and joining the body.  Wait….

Client:  Ohhh,  I feel so..oo BIG. I’m expanding…expanding, getting bigger and bigger.  Like a balloon, getting blown up.  Ohhh. I am so HUGE.  I feel like a giant! 

SC: It’s integrating now. She should stay in Perth another 3 days and she can, she has time off work, to allow for her new soul to completely integrate with her body.  Rest, sleep.  Be quiet.  We will continue to work on her….

Have met other clients who are walk-ins but this was my 1st experience having a new soul walk in to the body during a session.

Have received many emails and photos from her the past 7 weeks.  She continues to improve exponentially.  She’s so happy now.  No longer on any medication.  Her thyroid was tested yesterday and other blood tests came out all clear.  Didn’t even recognise her in the photos – she looks 20 years younger.

QHHT is truly a life transforming gift!

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