This client (lady) was born in1961.  She’s not read a single Dolores’ book and has only started taking an

interest in UFO’s and metaphysics.

Came off the cloud as Peter, an astronaut, in 1961 outside a space shuttle,observing Mars!!!  This mission is one of the classified  secret projects.He was describing a parallel life.  As an astronaut he visited many otherplanets and galaxies.  Most were secret missions.

On another mission to Uranus he met 5 ET’s and a human who turned out to beone of his fellow astronauts “Colin”.  Colin had arrived on Uranus on aprior mission and stayed behind, for a year,  to gather and collate

information about  Mars and the advanced technologies they wanted to sharewith us on healing, space/time travel,  way of life.  He was taken on a tour of Mars.  Observed a very peaceful, loving advanced civilisation. The livedin “cavern” like structures that were all interconnected by “tunnels”.Tasted some very “delicious food” in the form of a tablet  It had all the

nutrients& superfoods including water (there was no need to drink water).Colin returned to Earth with them.

Peter said he had been involved in lots of other classified missions toother planets and had met lots of different groups of ET’s.

In another mission to planet “X” – it didn’t have a name – only an energysignature, hasn’t yet been discovered…. he went in a  contraption that hedescribed as a “Bubble” named Spacestar.  It used ET technology.  They were

inside a mountain in the Arizona desert – a secret facility.  The bubble wasinside the mountain at the base and fired out.  It went thro an opening atthe top of the mountain, travelling faster than the speed of light.   Time

travelling thro a portal. She and 2 other astronauts had spent months intraining for this, learning how to use the power of their minds to navigate.

No fuel was needed. It self-fueled using advanced technology “not known toman”. While he was there it felt like a few hours but their logs laterindicated they had been out there for a few months. He also went to another

star galaxy Obelisk.

When Peter retired he wrote a book purportedly fictitious, under apseudonym.  That was the legacy he left his children and humanity.Everything in the book is true.   We are in the process of verifying factsand the book, too. The client  brought through dates, times, names, information

very easily without hesitation.

The SC said they showed her that lifetime to let her know she is anexplorer/galactic traveller and she must honour her feelings in this life tofind her own space, travel, explore on her own.  Self imposed limitations -her belief that it’s “selfish” to want to be alone.  Away from hubby & kids and self-worth issues (how can I spend all this $ on me etc).  We didn’t havetime to explore all her other adventures in her 4 hrsession .She’ll be returning next year for more sessions so we candocument her other missions.

Interesting thing was I had this compelling urge to read about the Marssecret projects  a few weeks ago and got thro Richard Hoagland’sfascinating talk on the face on Mars and the sacred geometry there.  Perhaps

it was to prepare me for this session?

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