In  a session  the client was taken to the Temple of Healing:

“They have taken her whole vessel.  Her physical vessel.  She has a surrogate here….”

As I watched, her entire body went limp & lifeless and her face pale.  She looked as if she was “dead” .  Expressed my concern and was told not to worry, “Her surrogate vessel is here… She wishes to be aged backwards so she may stay here longer to do more work…”  “and she will be like a 20 year old…she just won’t have her periods, people already see her younger than she is..” 

Then, “She knows ultimately when you are a soul.  All is seen to.  All is well.  All is as it should be…They took her whole vessel because as well as the healing she will be having vibrational adjustments and it is time for more information or her to come forward.   It is time for her use and her purpose with humanity to be broadened – to have a wider impact …now time for her to come forward .  She has much to do and so her vessel has returned and so it is.  “ 

Later on I requested healing for her kidneys and the S-C said, “When her vessel was taken ..it was all done because We require her body to be in a state ready for her next purpose.” 

Asked for more information about the Healing Temple (HT) and the Guardians:  “It’s gold.  The Beings are energy form not necessarily seen by normal eyes.  There are grades of Beings like what you have in your hospitals here…u have a nurse, an assistant, a doctor, a surgeon, a specialist.  It’s the same there.  There is specialization there.  She’s been there many times.  She has right of way.” 

Asked if it was appropriate for  everyone to be taken to the HT :  “There are different vibrational levels that are appropriate to be taken there.  Some clients may not be of those vibrational levels.  You will know.  You will sense it.  It will be automatic…More and more over time, more will be requested because it’s a faster process for shifting humanity in general and the difference of going to the HT ; often before they come, We have already done vibrational shifts with their body here so that when We take their vessel there their body is already ok adjusted up there and ready to be brought back in.  You  can cause much trauma to the body by being out astrally – having any vibrational shift astrally that doesn’t match the physical body,  In many ways her vessel has been to the HT many times.” 

Q; “Is that  why she needed to have a surrogate vessel?”

A: “The surrogate vessel is partly for protection.  Partly a signal to others that you can have walk-ins and all sorts of things.  So partly in a way there are many purposes,. Many definitions of what’s going on in flashes of time. In a way it’s like a pseudo body and is also for the human to detach so the human doesn’t feel so un-human..It’s like while We have the other, even with the pseudo, you can have a connective change going on, ready for the body We bring back and what was to be done here…..a week ago she had these head shifts.  It was Us assisting her to be ready for here.”

 At some stage after the healing was complete, she returned to her physical body and came back to life! It was quite extraordinary. 

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