A strange session.  Please read it with an open mind.  Certain parts have been edited.  My partner, Richard worked on this client using our own Holographic healing modality to clear an “overlay” of entities before I was able to do a QHHT session.

One of the healing requests in this session was to do with a lump in the back of my client’s skull.  It felt spongy when depressed but didn’t cause any other problem.  She presented as someone very nervous, with poor self-esteem.  Her main issue was “an overwhelming sense of fear about anything and everything.” The fear seemed irrational and disproportionate to any of her life experiences.  Nothing could explain the fear.

When the SC came through, I asked about the lump:

SC:  “It is there to monitor her.”

Q: What is it precisely?”

A: An implant.

Q:  Who put it there?

A:  We put it there.

Q:  Who are you?  Who is “We?”

A:  We’re from another planet.  The pink one.  It has no name.

Q:  How far is it from Earth and where is it in relation to Earth?

A:  A different galaxy.  25 million Light years away.

Q:  Is she from the pink planet?

A:  No.  She is from Source.  She is not from the pink planet.

Q:  What is the purpose of the implant?

A:  We just have an interest in her because of her singing  (client used to love to sing).  We have no music on our planet.

Q:  So, what is the reason you put the implant in her head?

A:  We are not comfortable to tell her the reason for the implant – the deeper reason.

Q:  Why are you not comfortable?

I did not get an answer to this and was going to probe further when the client chimed in:

“I have just connected with the entity from 9 lives ago which jumped on me when I was singing in the church which gave me this overwhelming fear.  This planet is full of fear.  They wanted to see how they could change their planet with singing…change the fear and their planet with singing.”

She described what she was seeing as some kind of strange life form.  Part human with a pink trunk like a baby elephant.  It was bald with large eyes. Ears like “Spock,” Holes for nostrils and no mouth.  With arms and legs.  Softer joints.  They’re too scared to have joints.  They could break.  It’s elastic all over.  A toe and thumb with no other digits. The rest is one piece. Pink smooth skin all over.”

Q: Can you confirm if this is correct?

A:  We invited her.  We took control of her.  We went in her and gave her the fear and experimented with her.

Q:  What was the experiment about and what was the outcome?

A:  We were trying to see if by raising her vibrations through singing, it would override the fear in her.  It didn’t.  She was so frightened, she stopped singing.

Q:  So your experiment failed?

A:  The experiment didn’t fail.  It just didn’t work on her. (duh???)

Q:  Is she the only one you experimented with?

A:  We tried on other people.

Q:  What was the outcome?

A: The outcome was not as good as we expected.  

Q: What happened?

A: We thought the singing could transcend fear but it was not going to work either.  They stopped singing.  In other cases, their voice doesn’t get as good anymore.

Q:  So if your experiment on her didn’t work, will you remove the implant now?

A:  The entity is gone.

Q:  Which one?

A:  That which had raised its hands to go into her is gone.  He cleared it.

Q:  Who?

A: Richard cleared it earlier.

Q:  I see.  So it’s gone but isn’t the implant still there?

A:  The entity in her is gone so the implant is not working anymore.  The entity was a part of our pink planet and it was full of fear like everybody in our pink planet and she was fed with fear to feel like somebody on our planet because we can’t sing.  The implant monitors her and the entity was providing the fear  – most of it.

Q:  You say, “most of it.”  What about the rest of the fear?  Where does that come from?

A:  Not from us.  Her life.

Q: Now that’s not a nice thing to do is it – to put so much fear in her?  She is overwhelmed with fear.

A:  She agreed.  She raised her hand to help us.

Q:  Remove it now please.

Client starts breathing heavily and grimacing.

Q:  What’s happening?  What are you feeling or experiencing?

A: I’m worried.

Pink planet beings :  We can’t remove it now.

Q:  Why not?

A:  We will take her up to the pink planet when she is sleeping and remove it there.  We can’t do it now.

(Client was afraid and made a request that if they did this, when she returned they would delete from her conscious memory everything that happened)

If she sings we won’t monitor her again.  We like your way of dealing with fear more than the singing way.

Q:  What do you mean “your” way?  What way are you referring to?

A:  The way you (Sian) deal with it.  QHHT.  Watching the thoughts.  Controlling the mind – this is a better way.

Q:  Have you or the pink planet beings been observing me?

A:  We have observed your work before.  We have seen you work before.

Q:  Have you watched Dolores work?  Do you know who she is?

A:  Yes we know who she is.  We have not watched her or anyone else work before.

Q:  Why don’t you watch Dolores work?  She is my teacher.  Much better than me and she does a lot of sessions.

A:  We are afraid she won’t like us watching.  We can try and see what happens.  Dolores – we don’t know if we like her because of our fear.  We’re afraid that she won’t accept us or let us watch her work.

Here, I make an offer for them to observe me working in future sessions (subject to what my guides, the SC say and the clients giving permission) just to test the reaction.  Client: ” I just saw then clapping and cheering.  A very big group here.  You gave them hope.”

Q:  Tell me more about your pink planet.

A:  It’s a pink planet of fear.  It’s about polarity.  There are so many different planets.  There’s a love planet and  a hate planet too.  It’s all about experiencing different things.

Q:  How do people end up on your planet?

A:  People with a certain energy end up there.  They have a certain energy that attracts them to this planet when they get born.  No, not a soul choice. More an energetic force that draws them there like a magnet. Until they deal with the fear, they don’t go.  A lot of people with fear come to our planet from other places.  There are less people with fear from Earth here.

Q:  How do people on your planet deal with fear?

A:  We are not very advanced.  We are trying to learn skills to deal with fear.  We saw the singing as one way.  It’s not working and now we recognise it’s about thinking and dealing with issues and your way is how to deal with issues like a big group help thing.  We help each other with this fear situation.  We try to be supportive of each other.  It’s meant to be a group experience.

Q:  You said earlier that your pink planet beings have still not found a way to transcend fear. So does that mean no one has left your planet yet?  

A:  No, not yet.

Q:  When did you insert the implant?

A:  1996.  It was done at night when she was unconscious – sleeping.

I was apprehensive about these pink planet beings.  I was concerned about the implant remaining in her skull, apparently not serving any purpose and her concerns about being taken to their planet for it to be removed. So I called in the SC to make sense of the above and attend to her long list of requests for emotional and physical healing.  “We will remove the implant now…it is done”.  The SC also healed her fear and trust issues.  “She’s sending all that doesn’t serve her into the Sun.”

The SC confirmed that what the pink planet beings told her was true but:

“The pink ones break contracts.  They are not trustworthy.  They give people fear.  Sian is not to work with them.”

Client observes a group of 5 Elders in robes.  They are discussing protecting Earth from the pink planet beings:  “We are putting a fog around your planet (Earth) to stop them from coming through.  We have enough fear on Earth.”  She saw the pink ones coming through momentarily to apologise.  They promised the Elders they would remove their implants from everyone so they would no longer have any contact with Earth.

SC: “The pink planet beings – they have  Light in the middle of their planet.  They need to trust and focus on that and themselves.  They don’t want to listen to us, the SC.  We can just be there for them but cannot interfere with their will.”

Sian Chua

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