Sometimes in sessions subjects  experience short fragments of a life before skipping to another life and multiple lives.  It can be very confusing. For the subject and sometimes the practitioner.    The good news is – with Dolores’ technique we don’t need to figure anything out.  The Sub-Conscious (SC) will do it all for you and the pieces of the puzzle will come together.  By being patient, it’ll all make sense, in the end.

In this session, subject went into fragments of 4 lives:

1.     Under water as a mermaid with a tail, fins, gills, scales & a mouth turned down at the corners. Observing and swimming around “carved coral ruins….like a broken limestone castle…I’m not’s like everything around me has been destroyed.  I’m looking at ruins..broken pieces…even the sea bed is gone.  I have a sensing that this is  a battleground….it seems familiar”.  The scene made her sick to the stomach.  She had difficulty breathing and retreated into “a plant…a large pod with a hard shell…I’m safe here…I can see myself swimming around outside..I am the being (the mermaid) and yet I’m also here in the pod observing.”

Moving her onto the next scene, she jumped into:

2.    Another life… “I’m seeing stars…looking into a huge night sky.  Like a camera on a time frame.  I see the turning of the constellations moving around and can feel the movements of the planets.  I don’t know where I am or what I am.  She described herself as a mushroom being. With long stem like legs, the colour of apricot/ochre. “ A mushroom looking quill around my waist…my head, the tiny mushroom cap is all lit up…inside my head… with a jingling sound.”  She explained she didn’t know where the source of light in her head emanated from but the jingling sound  was from “a vibration of my mouth and the 2 hemispheres of the brain.  They are balancing or singing, like an instrument.  The jaw is resonating.  That’s where the sounds come from but the brain has a shaking jingling movement.  The eyes are inside the head. I can’t see.  I see from within.  Like light.  Like a room inside my head.  It reminds me of a genie’s lantern.  It’s round, with seats around the room.  Soft, red seats.  Just seat parts sticking out from the side walls.  The walls are smooth to touch with a matte finish. Smooth to touch inside but like a shell that’s bumpy outside.”

As for the purpose of the red seats: “For sitting on. Sitting upon a seat to make a sound and then you sit on another seat to make another sound…harmonics.  They’re circular and balanced and create a vortex, an inner hum that’s a resonating tone” … “I feel somehow maybe I’m an energy source for light.  Maybe the light in the little button mushroom cap.”

Q: Who or what sits on the red seats to create the sound?

“Like a helper of myself is sitting on the seats.  She’s red and floats.  Faceless and feetless, armless.  She has a body and head but faceless.  Like there’s a face there but it’s empty.  It’s like form over formless.  No shape and no identity.  She is a helper.  She keeps harmony.  To keep the circuclar vortex going.  Like a forgotten story.  Now there’s someone else in white.  Moving like a mist and is slow like a ghost…it’s part of me….it’s he.”

Q:  Who’s “he”?

“I don’t know.  He seems to have drifted off now.”

 With that, the subject too drifted into a 3rd life:

3.    “I’m in a cavern in my own space. By a fire.  There’s someone with me.  He wears black boots and a jeans jacket.  Has a silver ring with an emerald stone…inscribed GL1.”  Described himself as a loner. Bush ranger, 50’ish, wearing an old black hat.  With a harmonica.  Living in caves.  Sleeping under the stars.  “I’m high on a mountain surveying the wide expanse of the land (Australia)…watching a beautiful sunset” and then:

“I’ve left the mountain now.  Very fast.  I flew like a Spirit very quickly.  I’ve gone straight into the Sun and I’m part of the Sun.  I can feel and see the energy of the Sun, sparkling. This warm voice in the Sun is speaking to me (saying) I  Am here.  You are Home”…..”yes somehow it’s warm and familiar…an energising welcoming feeling…ohhh, I AM HOME!!!” and the next moment;

“Now I’m not in the Sun.”

 4.    “I’m in a  (space)ship.  It’s smooth like a pod.  … I have a big round egg like head, long fingers 4 digits, skinny legs, smallish eyes like a round white iris.  The eyes are weak, like I can’t see.  They’re not for seeing.  The head sees more than the eyes. My mouth is small hole.”  He was looking out from the ship surveying the devastation around. 

“There are rocks in space…floating. Debris everywhere.  Everything looks dead and lifeless.  There’s not much life.  There’s nothing left….I get a sensing that I saw the destruction..all these home was destroyed”

Before I could ask any questions, that life too, faded.  With nothing else forthcoming, I integrated her and asked to speak to the S-C.

Subject presented with myriad issues. Long history of drug dependency. Tired of living. Deep sense of not belonging.Unexplained foreboding of losing everybody & everything in her life. Now in her 40’s – moved house 26 times.  Tired of her nomadic existence, fear, insecurity and instability, lack of purpose, resources.  Lack of self worth.

Here’s how the S-C joined all the dots:

The 1st and 4th lives were to show her the origins of her fear of loss and insecurity.  It was a recurring pattern in many other lives.

The 2nd and 3rd lives served as “ a reminder of Who She Is.  She is from the Central Sun.  She is Light.  Her light has been greatly diminished.  She has forgotten Who She is…We will help her.”  As for the mushroom being, it was an existence on an advanced planet.  Her role was to balance the energy and Light on that planet with the light beams in her head and harmonics.

“There is no one blocking her but herself…There is peace coming to her.  She will see the signs.  We will show her the way but she needs to put into place all the things we spoke of today…. She is not alone.  We are always with her.  We love this soul.