Client has an aversion to technology and everything to do with I.T.  No matter how hard she tries she’s not able to figure out how to use a PC, iPad or been operate her DVD player!   She described it as “some kind of block.”

She has two 12 year old dogs, a brother and sister pair,  since they were puppies.  They were gentle and docile and had been getting along wonderfully, until 2 months before her session.  For no reason, they’d stare at each other, bare their teeth and then attack each other viciously, until they were bleeding.  It was difficult to separate them. Her son stopped bringing her grand daughter to visit because of the risk of being bitten.

Towards the end of her session, I asked these 2 peripheral questions:

Q:   What’s causing her aversion to technology?

SC:  Implants.

Q:   How many implants are there?

SC:  Two.

Q:    Where are they located?

SC:  Brain and throat.

Q:   How did they get there?

SC:  Greys.

Q:   What is the purpose of each implant?

SC:  To block….stop her from progressing (brain implant). To keep her small….stop her from speaking her truth (throat implant).

The SC removed both.  Client experienced an “intensive pain in the head” as the brain implant was removed  and only a slight “rough sensation in the throat.”  The discomfort subsided fairly quickly.

Client is a healer but has not been able to get her healing practice going for years.  Her aversion to technology and self worth issues extended to not wanting to be seen.  She’d have palpitations posting a photo of herself on Facebook and was averse to promoting herself on social media or even having a website.

She’s been through childhood sexual abuse, bullying, violence – all part of the self-worth soul lesson theme. I did an earlier spirit releasement session, to clear an overlay of entities that may stop her from having a QHHT session and to help her deal with worth issues. There was a Gargoyle in her throat and a Reptilian. Both were removed.

Q:  What’s gong on with the dogs?  Why are they attacking each other?

SC: Entities!

The SC explained there were 4 non-human demonic entities in them.

Q:  Where did they come from?

The SC said her son who was on methadone, using ice and a cocktail of other drugs brought them and  whole lot of entities attached to him to the house.

SC:  How and why did they get into the dogs.

Q:  Old age, arthritis, weary tired, pain, cold in Winter feeling depressed.

This caused a crack in their energy field and the entities got in.

The sessions was done about 4 months ago.  Her dogs are now at peace (and have been since her session) and she’s now able to use technology, has a website, is using FB extensively, also Instagram and Twitter and blogging.  Her healing practice is growing as she feels more confident within herself and able to speak her truth.