As a little boy, Clayton played with imaginary friends, but, by age 4, he was “shut down” as many of us have been.  After he hit his head and became unconscious 5 years ago, things opened up again.  Since then, he has been hanneling drawings and art from the Stars, even though he has had no formal art training.  Only doodling cartoons as a child.

Interestingly, he made no mention of his drawings.  Neither were they included in any of his questions.  20 mins into the interview, I was guided to show him the drawings of George Allan, another client (which I don’t usually do):

He looked at them matter of factly and said, ” I kinda understand this stuff.  I do these kinds of drawings too.” Then showed me his drawings on his mobile phone.  I asked if he was interested in finding out the inspiration for them, what they were about and why they were coming through him.. That was how it began…

He has given permission for his name to be mentioned and provided a link to his Facebook page which has some drawings. Working with different mediums.  Some of his art is sacred geometry.  Others are abstract paintings.

He is also a conscious experiencer.

After 5 fairly nondescript PL’s, I was surprised at what came through his SC.  Monosyllabic and extremely cryptic.  A distinct voice change.  Slow and guttural. Am only posting extracts to give you a taste of what I’m referring to.  Asked a multitude of questions before I could begin to make sense of what was being said (duh, maybe it’s just me, huh?)  I have put my thoughts in brackets….

Q;  Why did you show him that  life?

SC:  To keep him grounded.  To value what was important.

Q:  What was important in that life?

SC: Trust, friendship, hope, faith.

So far, so good….

Q: Is there a connection between that past life and this life?

SC:  Somewhat.

Q:  What is the connection?

SC:  Truth.

Q: What does he need to know about this?

SC: Some people are the truth.

Q:  What do you mean?

SC:  They find the ones who are.

Q: Some people are the truth. They find the ones who are???

SC:  He will know.

Q:  What does he know?

SC:  He knows.

Q;  Will you tell him so he can hear it from you and not just know it?

SC:  He knows. (Duh #!%!…dead end. I have to try a different tack)

Q: Ok, so when you say some people are the truth, do you mean he is one of those people who are the truth?

SC:  He is not the truth. ( I was hoping for more and waited…. but no….just dead silence)

Q:  So if he is not the truth, then who or what is the truth?

SC:  He knows the truth and what the truth is. 

Q;  What truth does he know and what is the truth?

SC.  He knows.  (Aargghh!  We’ve only just started and he has  a lot of questions…)

Q:  How does he know this?

SC:  It is his way.

Q;  What way is that?

SC: His way is the way of truth.  (Don’t you love this?)

Q:  Who taught him this?

SC:  We taught him.

Q:  Who are you please?


SC:  We are The Keepers (the voice gets very low and deep).

Q;  What are you The Keepers of?

SC: Knowledge.

Q:  Are you a Collective?  

SC:  We are animals, people and stars. ( I should’ve known better than ask a question like this.)

Q;  What do you mean?

SC;  We are All Knowledge.

Q;  What about the animals, people and stars, I’m not understanding you….?

SC: We can take the shape of animals or people.  We can be energy. 

Q;  So, what does that have to do with all knowledge?

SC:  We are Knowledge.  We are the Truth.  (now we are getting somewhere)

Q:  When and how did he learn this?

SC: He wanted it.  He asked for it.  He wanted knowledge.  We tested him through trust, loyalty, faith and friendship.

Q:  What was the next step?

SC:  Finding wisdom.

Q;  How did he do that?

SC.  Research. Patience.

Q;  What was the source of the wisdom.

SC: People.

Q:  People?  Please explain.

SC:  People in general.

Q:  I thought you said you taught him?

SC: We made the connections with those people..

Q:  Do you have a message for him?

SC:  No.

Lots more questions and cryptic answers then I ask what his life purpose is:


SC:  To protect.  (Here we go again)

Q: Who or what is he to protect?

SC:  People.

Q: People in general or what…?

SC:  No.

Q:  Specific ones…?

SC:  (Nods)

Q:  Who are they?

SC: He doesn’t know.

Q:  If he doesn’t know who these specific ones are, then how can he protect them?

SC: Because he will locate them.

Q:  Has he located any yet?

SC: Only a few.

Q:  Who are they?

SC:  He knows.

Q;  He does?

SC: He has not met them.  He has walked past them.

Q:  You mean in Perth?

SC:  Nods.

Q:  Are they a specific group of people?

SC: They do not know each other.  Some do.  Some don’t.

Q:  Do they have a common interest?  Something in common?

SC:  The art.


Q;  Where does it come from?

SC:  We give it to him.

Q;  Why?  Is there a purpose?

SC:  To create.

Q;  To create what?

SC:  Life.

Q:  How do the drawings/art create life?

SC:  That is not known. (Oh boy!  Please don’t give me such a hard time.)

I repeat my question.

SC:  Life can be seen in many forms – human, skin, energy.  Energy.  Wind.  All is life.

Q: Yes?  and…

SC; When one creates life this is what one does.  (???  I’m beginning to feel really dense…)

Q:  But what does all of that have to do with his art, his purpose?

SC:  The art will create life.

Q:  How does it do that?

SC:  Maybe not, physically, metaphorically or energetically. Life is general.  Life is all.  (What???)

Q:  I’m not getting any of that.  Can you please explain how art creates life?

SC:  He creates life.

Q:  How does he do this?

SC:  Creates life in the eyes of the beholder.

Q;  How does that happen?

SC: It is an imprint.

Q;  How does the imprint of what they are looking at create life?

SC: It transfers.  It changes.  It shows which one.

Q;  What does?

SC: It has an imprint sub-consciously.  Metaphorically, physically it imprints in the person. (Ahh finally…ding, ding ding!)

Q:  How does this happen?

SC: It’s a transference of Light and energy (Eureka!…clear as a bell.)  His art is him.  He is life because he creates life.  He is the filter.

Q:  What do the drawings imprint into people that look at them?

SC:  That is unknown.  (Arrghhh – are you kidding me?)

Q:  What do you mean it’s unknown?

SC: It only has meaning to the person that takes it whether it be change, calm, serenity, anger, protection.  Each painting can offer many things.

Q:  What sort of things?

SC: Guidance.  Mapping.  Futuristic design.  All can be created.

Q:  Mapping…what does it map?

SC:  Can map anything.

Q:  Do maps help people?

SC: No.  They will never know. (nope, I ain’t gonna pursue this one – too hard basket!)

Q;  So, what is the purpose of the art, the drawings?

SC:  The purpose is the same.  The individual is different.

Q:  What is the commonality in purpose then?


SC: Protection.

Q;  How does it protect?

SC:  It changes.

Q:  How does it change?  What changes?

SC:  For some people who consider themselves difficult or easy, or have problems, some drawings can bring them to the calmest of shores.  Same picture to another can make them feel erratic, crazy.  Same picture can mean many things to many people.  The protection is in harmony and balance.

Q:  What are you trying to protect?

SC:  Life.

Q:  Why does life need to be protected?

SC:  That is unknown.  (One more time.. and I will bop you on the head with a baseball bat)

Q;  You said he paints and draws in many different styles.  Is there a reason the art is in so many mediums?

SC: Many aspects to human life.  We have love, fear, anger.  We have the need for protection,  Need tor all things.  There are units out there for people looking for answers to the supernatural.  There are answers to all these in the drawings.  He may never know what they actually mean, but what they will do for the community in future, is worth waiting for.

Q:  What is the grand plan then with the drawings and what will unfold?

SC:  All will be revealed.


The SC identified a “malevolent implant in the throat.”  It was placed there by a being whose image he saw in the clouds one day.

Q:  What is the purpose of the implant?

SC:  To stop him from speaking his truth.  He was shut down. It was to stop him talking.

I asked, and the SC confirmed there was a lock in his throat chakra which I removed, as part of my learning.  The SC then filled the area with white and blue light.

He will eventually have a very successful art career.  Like a travelling art gallery or museum on a different scale  There will also be another aspect of art design and a line of fashion clothing.  He will also use his art for other applications eg 3D media etc.

More drawings will be uploaded to his Facebook page in a few weeks.  Each one is unique.  One off.  The ones that are currently there are his very basic early ones.  We will be doing a video of the drawings in the New Year, to post on youtube, to help him get his art out there.  Feel free to share his FB link:

              Sian Chua

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