Cochlear Implant& Metatron session

Cochlear Implant& Metatron session

Client was in a short past life as a “Lemurian giant”.  Then found herself in a 2nd past life in a black void, “beyond and looking thro the Great Central Sun”.  Onto another planet with her parents – all Sirians.

Manyspaceships.  Complained of sharp pain in her R ear.  Gave soothing suggestions and pain cleared.  Shortly after pain returned..  She could hear “screeching noises” with intensification of ear pain.  Then she felt presences – vague outlines of Light Beings “inserting a machine in my ear.” Clamping an implant in her inner ear.

I asked her to communicate with Them to find out who they were and what they were doing.  She started crying.  This was her family and this was her “home connection”.  She was from Sirius B.  They had placed a metal cochlear implant in her ear.  A receiver so she could receive communications and “songs” or “wave tonings” from many Light Beings from “the stars, other galaxies, planets, realms & vibrations” who wish to assist humanity in its ascension”.  Some time spent adjusting the balance and filtering out the screeching and other “noises” so she could receive clearly.  “They are fine tuning it vibrationally so I can hear from very,very far away.  I know who they are.  They are my family… They are the Light from everywhere..beyond what you can imagine”  .

“Out in the galaxy there’s sound waves.  I’ll be able to decipher the waves, the vibration, the language that filters through.  Like a song.  I will be able to tap into these different languages on a radio.” The purpose they said, “Was to assist in the light frequency on the planet.  The sound that vibrates through the outside galaxies – the waves then come down onto the Earth and they come through like a ripple in the songs.”   The ear discomfort would remain for awhile until she got used to it.

Went into a 3rd PL running away from a violent marriage with a baby on a Viking ship bound for England.  Later re-married.  Found love & happiness and had more children.

During the session many different energies came through to assist with various issues.  Some identified themselves – Archangel Michael, The Sirians, St Germain, The Metatron, Lady Kwan Yin with Lady Nada, Mary, Magdelene.  Others did not.  There was much fear.  Each time she doubted and analysed she blocked the flow & had difficulty with words.  They told her “today is a challenge.. We push your boundaries.  You need to learn and trust. Know that We are taking you out of your comfort zone.  Only so much as you will allow will come through.  Just because you are not familiar with a particular energy doesn’t mean you should question and analyse.  We speak to you in Light Language.  Do not try to analyse and break it down to individual words….”

She was told constantly to “embrace the I Am Presence”. 

The Metatron spoke, “We are assisting in showing her the Sacred Geometry shapes of time.  There is no time.  We are showing her a place where she has been before where we can manipulate time & space in the vortex space we’ve shown her before.  We are showing her The Metatron’s Cube.  We are trying to get her to understand the significance of the Sacred Geometry shapes that she will be placing on her land (an 85 acre property which she bought for  a healing retreat). Look into the significance of placing these Sacred Geometry shapes on the land.  We are showing her what needs to be done.  There is a downloading of shapes on the land. The Merkaba and shapes that are placed on her land.  Energetically they are already there.  There will be many shapes.  The 1st building she will have to erect on her land is a Merkaba.  Image of a glass Merkaba is shown to her.” 

“She needs to be healed first.  There needs to be a clearing of the land.  There is a spaceship above the land.  There’s many crystals buried beneath the land.  They are and have been energetically lifted onto the land.  There are many vortexes and portals.  There’ll be many, many ships…they bring the Light.  The missing link is the I Am Presence.  If she is fully present in the I Am Presence then all Knowledge can be processed.”

 “We are showing her an image in her land of a Crystal.  It is a Time Keeper.  A Record Keeper.  It has hieroglyphics.  All she has to do is place her hand on that crystal where it is energetically and the Knowledge will be given.  Has one forgotten that one is a crystal?  We have just shown the crystal coming up through the body.”

“We are allowing and bringing up many crystals through the Earth on her land now.  As We are bringing up the crystals there is a light as one breaks the ground.  The Light comes up like a funnel.  A Cylinder of Light.  There are many grids running through the whole of the property.  We are showing her where the boundaries are.  We have placed a Light grid around the property….We are opening the vortexes…mapping them out.  Some are openings.  Some are portals for people to come in and out…to assist in growth…they move in different realms and are not seen.  Many portals will be opened by (name of her friend).  Others will be opened by other  people as they sit around and meditate on different spots and know not why they sit in those spots.  There are many Aboriginal Elders connected with the land.”

“Imagine a place filled with Light opened up.  If you place a map of pure Light there, others will be drawn to go there.  Those on the land (who come through the portals) are Light Beings who will assist others (the many who will come for retreats, workshops, seminars, meditations) by just being there.”

They also helped heal her son who has anger and “not belonging” issues.  They explained,” His magnetics, the wiring inside him…he has trouble adjusting to the magnetics of the Earth.  We are looking at his molecular structure..the mechanical structure is broken… in the future at some point he had a body that was silver liquid and his body worked in a different way.  Inside him now there is light going through his connections.  It was a different way the body spoke to itself….He is also able to pull electricity out of his fingers like lightning”  The solution was to get him “grounded” and his mother would need “to pull things out of his feet daily until he learns to adjust”.