Client regressed to a dwarf in a past life

Children laughed, poked fun at her called her names.  Adults stared.  Loving parents but other people were mean horrible and nasty towards her. Left the city to live in the country .Alone but very happy.  Fishing every day by the ocean. Friendly community…”everyone accepts me, they are kind to me”. Resigned  to being alone for the rest of her life,  even though she dreamed of love, marriage and children because she was a dwarf.  “There are no dwarfs here, no one else will marry me”.

In her 30’s she received a letter froma  boy from home professing his love for her.   “Shocked but also elated” at the depth of his feelings. She loved him but blocked him out when she moved away. He came to visit. He didn’t want to move to the country.  She didn’t want to live in the city.  Much turmoil.  In the end she decided to marry him & moved back to the city.  Surprisingly even tho’ people stared they were no longer mean to her and she could live with that.  Against medical advice she decided to have a child at 41.  Chelsea was born “unfortunately it took a big toll on my body…I don’t think I have long to live” and she died.


SC showed her that life “for her to see that she can accept herself, she has to learn to love herself.  Even though she was different in that life from the others she was made of the same stuff as everyone else…”  It was shown so that “she could overcome the fear of what others think of her – the ridicule, the meanness” and “she hasn’t fully learned this lesson yet in this lifetime. In this lifetime she is normal but it’s the same lesson…she’s worried about what others would think of her.  She is afraid of being judged..”

In this life she’s been a prostitute and operated a strip club before turning to her spiritual path.  She was told that her counselling skills and compassion came from that. Those experiences were to show her that basically deep down inside we are all the same.  Her guides had told her she was to share her life and her journey with everyone in her healing modality, write a book  and also tell her husband, kids and family about her “dark” past.  Much conflict , fear & resistance over this.  S-C said, “ just allow yourself to be, to focus only on the love…she’s very worried she’ll lose what she’s fought so hard to have – love & a good family life…she doesn’t want to lose it.  She’s NOT going to lose it.  They’ll always love her and be there for her!”

Healing for children:

SC healed her daughter who has anger and abandonment issues :  “We’ll help her…she’s fighting.  We’ll help her with that fight.  On the back of her head there’s an intuitive light, like a fluorescent light that goes down the back of her spine.  We will shoot this light down her head to the base chakra.  We’re blasting it out now.  Clearing it all up.  All the negativity, all the fear.  All the old thought forms.  It’s flickering.  We are bringing the Light in and through…everywhere.” 

The SC then did the same for a 2nd daughter : ”We are holding her hands.  We are shooting the Light out  through her hands and feet.  From the top of the head to the base now.  She has separation anxiety.  We are bringing in the colours now.  The rainbow colours from the different spheres of Light.  Infusing the Light into her body bringing guidance & direction.  They will feel the Joy there.  They will feel it shooting out of the top of their heads.  Now we place a spring coil around their minds.  Down through the body very,very fast.  Letting go of all…everything” 

I requested the cutting of energetic cords .  The SC: “We are putting a cylinder around them.  Like an incubator.  Keep it in them the Joy the Light heals, soothes the heart.  Lessens the anger, the pain.  We are taking the top off the incubator now and letting it al out.  The incubator is off now.  They’ll be able to see more clearly and have direction.”

Healing for husband:

The S-C:  “We are using springs.  A spring device in the body that heals & clears.  The body is very worn.  The heart – a lot of stress.We are putting a special band around his neck.  The communication with  her (the wife)  is not good.  We are placing a diamond in his throat to help communication with her.  This blocks their relationship.  He is worn in his etheric and lacks the emotional skills he needs to communicate with her.  He loves her with all his heart but his heart is closed.  We are opening his heart now like a flower opening.  It’s so very,very tight. We are putting Our finger on…now holding his heart.  We are putting our hand on his heart.  This is the love that softens.  It opens it and gets it ready to grow.  We’ve got it out now…popping out.  We’re just speeding it up, manipulating the energy around his heart…circulating this. “

Property :

Was told the property on a hill she’s renting now that she’s coveted for so long will be hers end of 2010. “ This is a special property..she’ll use the pyramids.  She’ll be shown guided.. We are placing a strong pillar of Light into the pyramid.  Driving it into the pyramid.  It’s a matter of vibration.  Powerful vibration…tuning into it.  We are vibrating the frequency now…slowly helping her tune into the vibration she needs to have to resonate with this pyramid..  That’s why she’s concerned about her weight.  She should be focusing on herself not her weight…it’s the frequency that is causing this.  … She has to eat many white things – the cauliflower, the nuts.  Her diet is very important..lots of fruit and vegs…”

“This is the grid..most definitely built before the beginning of time.  It holds everything together.  It’s a crystalline structure with a fusion of Light belonging to it.  The humans do not resonate at this frequency.  They used to.  They need to.  They need to come back to the Light to resonate at this frequency.  To help others she must resonate with it first… this is now done.  She is resonating with its crystalline structure.  People don’t understand..it’s about bringing the frequency back.  When people awaken in the shift the people that have done the work who are ready will be brought to the property.  Those who are not ready, will not….Many may come but this Energy will not be tuned to their vibration yet.  Only the people who are ready will activate them..”

Healing for client :

As the S-C was  working on her I could feel what was happening and the client complained of feeling very dizzy – of being spun around and around (later she said like the spinning of a flying saucer).  I asked the  S-C to explain what was going on :

“The spinning throws her off balance.  Slowly, slowly, slowly does it.  It spins the body around..we have to activate this spinning.  It’s like a spaceship.  It has to do with aliens.  This crystalline structure.  Not just them – the angels too. They are all from Source..She has surrendered for this.  She knows.  Others like yourself will help others spin back to original Light…the frequencies hat are sprung on the spiritual plane.  Heaven is being brought to Earth!…The awakening will come to people..it’s the beginning of time and vibration…there are many crystals on the property..”

“We are removing the hemorrhoids…like a doctor would burn them out.  But We’re not.  We are using Light.  Going thro’ her stomach.  Balancing her body out.”

She had prior surgery for cervical cancer.  The S-C said, “There’s been damage done in the operation.  We’re doing it now.  Cutting away more.  We’re going to use something else more powerful to flush it out…take it out to the Light.  Heal the scar tissue, inflammation, congestion.  Her womb  came down too, once.  When they operated it caused more trouble.  She didn’t need the operation.  It caused more trouble.”  We’re pushing up the womb and the pelvic floor.  We are healing with the Light and using Light threads made of Light.”  I asked some questions about this  and They said: “  It brings everything back together…it’s like sewing something up.  We’ve removed the scar tissue..the dead tissue …We’re pulling it out and sewing it  all up.  The fibres are made of Light.  They’ll be healed and brought together.  It works like connective tissue.”

Then the S-C worked on her back& shoulders, “We’re working up there now.  We’re nearly there.  She needs to eat more herbs…coriander…these produce serotonin and dopamine…eat more bananas…they have special elements..there’s acid and certain chemicals that react well with her body and glands in her brain that produce serotonin & dopamine.  She should eat a mixture of herbs – chives, thyme , coriander.  They all clean out the digestive system…work well with her body ..but applies to others too…they keep you regulated.  Thyme purifies the blood.  Helps the body get rid of toxins and free radicals.

Body scan was done:  “We’re going down to the lower body.  We’ve got someone else working now.”  Who?  “Archangel Michael…there’s a blocking far more than she realises in her lower body…lots of congestion in the stomach, intestines caused by the operations, wrong diet… it would be good if she chooses to avoid meat…We are not happy with that one… becos’ it’s not too good for her Vibration.”  Her DNA was already activated from before and so They worked on her light body:

“We were activating her Light body before when the spinning was happening i.e. the frequency we need to reach her body has been activating since she moved into her new home…she needs to move from a  3 strand to a 4.. like Sian her light body is already activated but with this one it’s like a Rubic cube…originally the cubes were all set all in the right direction, each face.  With her…now they’ve moved into all the different patterns and moved out of their sequence of colours (the sabotages, the fears, the negativities is what upsets the sequence).  We have to bring them back to original Source…back to its original form to the Light, the beauty, the radioactivity waves of colour. Pure light.”

The S- C explained, “When people get more centred they move back to original form…to Source Light.”