Posted a session on a different client who had 10 Past lives where her Parkinson’s disease had to do with control. This is a session with a different client where the cause of Parkinson’s disease is very different.

Female client, 66 yrs, presenting with Parkinson’s disease and other issues.  Tremors started in 2001 in the right foot;  gradually moving up & affecting the right side of her body (general weakness, limitation of movement, right sided limp).  Her entire right arm (shoulders, hands, fingers) shake constantly.  Deep sense of failure (divorce, retrenchment).


Finds herself in a past life 1710, as a man in 20’s. Richly dressed in velvet pantaloons, a black hat with a large white feather.  On a farm with lavender, roses and vineyards.    His name was Friar. A wealthy successful Italian landowner, farmer & businessman.

“I am very satisfied.  I have lots of servants.  I want for nothing. Oh, I smell the pork fat.  I see the pork fat laid on hot racks. With a fire below.They lay the rose petals over the pork fat (followed by a detailed description of the distillation process).”

The family made & sold rose perfume. 

In the next scene, he was beside a wisteria covered stone shed:

“I’m meeting a girl…she’s fresh & lovely…18..she’s the daughter of one of the servants…she’s a goose girl (looks after geese)… I’m very happy…we love each other….we meet here in secret so no one can see us…I am the noble son, she’s not of my station….it is forbidden…it is wrong….Oh…here comes her father, he looks angry, she has to go.  I feel very sad.  I feel that’s it.  It has to end…I have to go & do what my family wants.  They’ll find someone suitable for me to marry.  That’s just the way it is…”

Moving ahead he sees himself in his 40’s:

”Fat, I’ve lived a very good life & have everything that money can buy…I’m married but it’s flat.  There is no passion….it was arranged by my family.  I have power and success from the perfumery, pig farm, wine…no children.  I feel sad for the life I might have had with the other girl…I don’t know what’s become of her.  There’s no fire. No passion in my life….I’m sitting at the kitchen table counting gold coins…lira…a very significant sum, in bags from the wine harvest.. it seems I can do anything…it just turns to gold.”

Years later at 45:

 “Now I’ve created a drink with herbs and wine.  I’m very famous for this drink…Benedictine…. An infusion of lavender, rosemary…some spices…cinnamon, cloves from the travellers who go over to the East…& red wine.  I have an excellent life but my life is so boring. It’s the same routine every day.  It’s so successful but something is missing from my life…I do not have love in my life.  I’m unfulfilled.  Right now I feel like I could lie down and die… The person that I am is depressed.  These days I’m lying on the couch drinking all the time till I pass out…they say my potion lifts the spirits but it doesn’t help me lift my spirits…I can’t get up off the couch everyday now…I just don’t care.  I don’t care about the farm…the servants can do the work..I don’t care…I don’t care… I don’t care even if they robbed & killed me…that would be will put me out of my misery… I’m going to lie here until I die…

 Q: How’s your wife?

“My wife? She lives a nice life, I’ve provided well for her, nice dresses, hats gloves, lots  of friends, she has many parties to go to ….. I feel like my life was a waste…..I feel the life draining out of me… I have a quill in my hand and ink…I’m writing down the recipe for the drink…I’ve called a servant to send it to the goose girl’s family on the original farm….’cos I can….they can make a good life for themselves…I don’t care what they do with it…if they don’t do anything, the drink can die with me too…I don’t care…I would like to know what happened to the girl…, no, I don’t want to go and find her…we don’t do things that way…”

He dies.


The SC showed herthis past life as a lesson in contrast:

“Because what’s most important of all is to have a connection. To have love…because now she doesn’t have all the other things but she has love (from her children and grandkids)…. that she shouldn’t be focused on material goods and money…In the end the most important thing is love….because love is all there is.”

Re: her sense of failure, “ We showed her the life before…was so successful except for love.  She needs to be aware that you can be successful in the eyes of the, world but you have to be successful in your own eyes first”. 

Q:  Has she been a failure in this life?

SC: “No. no, no.  She hasn’t failed in any way.  The marriage, the divorce, that was good.  She was trapped, suffocated, she didn’t have a life. It was not like the other life. We showed her where she did what was expected, she found love but gave it up do what her family expected of her…but in this life she’s moved herself forward by divorcing and made a life for herself. She gave herself freedom. And she is free now to do as she chooses.  The other life (past life) is just the opposite.”

After the divorce, she had to bring up her children, travelled to many countries, became a practitioner & teacher in many healing modalities, had a professional career path. In this lifetime, she’s an aromatherapist, Bush & Bach flower practitioner & teacher. The SC said her gifts and interest in these therapies came from that past life.

As for her financial lack in this life:

SC: “We feel healing is needed in the hand that counted all the money.  She needs to make a connection with the money because this hand doesn’t count the $ now…the wiring of the body is short circuited. The wiring of the brain and body (fingers) is disconnected…that’s why she is in lack…We are going to re-wire the brain-body connection.” 

At this point both arms shot up into the air.  The fingertips of her left hand were stroking the right hand.

Q: What’s happening here?  What are you doing SC?

SC:  “We want you to witness the healing.  You have to witness the healing”.

Her hands and fingertips came down, resting on her abdomen in steeple formation.  “We are anchoring the connection now.”

Q: She’s lonely. Does she have to resign herself to being alone?

SC: “Of course not.  Goodness me!  That life as Friar had no singing heart.  Now We have to look for the goose girl for her, don’t We?  We’ll find her the golden goose that laid the golden egg.  She must NOT be like the other life……he will come…it will unfold”.

 Don’t you love Their sense of humour?

She was shown (images) of the origin of her fear of being attacked – in a past life in Africa when she was attacked by “black savages” The SC cleared that imprint.

Q:  What’s caused the Parkinson’s disease?

SC: “She needs to integrate the past life.  It is caused by the disconnection from the male of Friar, the man…the masculine energy.  She doesn’t have the masculine energy in this life.  There’s an imbalance.  That is why her right side is affected.”

The S-C spent some considerable time (about 17 mins) healing this. She said she experienced “pricking sensations & warmth in her arm & R side of her body.”  As I watched, I observed the tremors gradually diminishing until it no longer shook and became totally still.  It remained still for the rest of her session and started shaking slightly just before she left.  She was told to trust & it would take time to manifest in the physical.

Sian Chua

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