I offered to help a lady who had been suffering for 9 years with Parkinson’s disease.  Her condition became progressively worse.  She was suffering from constant chronic pain, acute tremors (arms and legs shaking violently), weight loss (down to 36 Kg).  Unable to stand, balance or walk or do anything without Madopar, a very strong medication taken 3 hourly. Has insomnia due to her inability to get comfortable. From having an active social life and career, to being housebound and bedridden.

Her doctor had recommended doubling the dosage.  She’s refused and has continued to hold out hope that she will be healed.

I was concerned her pain would be so debilitating she would not be able to go into trance or remain in trance.  By the time we got to the cloud, she was moaning & writhing in pain.  Both arms up in the air, knees up.  She wanted to continue.  I was told to proceed by my guides. I gave suggestions for pain relief.

She floated into darkness and nothingness.  Was initially stuck in a tunnel, and from there, gradually saw herself drifting into10 different past lives:

1.  As a blue-yellow top…”spinning faster than the speed of light”….

2.  Changing shape into something sharp at one end, rounded at the other, hopping around, giggling and happy.

3.  Morphing into a brilliant orange, pink, blue coloured gas… “swirling…twirling..”

4.   Becoming a feather flower like a ”bird of paradise. I Am the flower, opening my petals to the sun.”

5.    Then observed herself as a golden sceptre being waved in the air “I don’t understand what is happening.”

6.    Morphing into a tortoise with wings like a bat, soaring in the air …very “ surprised enjoying the experience”

7.    And then nothingness again…” I am nowhere”

8.   Then she was a “tube” like a “flattish, plastic balloon with air holes for breathing” and had “blue beige petals.”

There were other tubes around of different colours…”they look just like me” with their petals “opening & closing.”  There were 2 “lines of ropes” inside the tube which allowed her to inflate… “I can become so big or so small. I can choose to be any colour…it’s fun…I am effervescent bubbles popping…I can move around…go anywhere I want.”

”I play with the other tubes…we have so much fun.  We communicate with our minds. Whatever I want to do, wherever I wish to go, I think it and then I am there! It’s good to be alive, to be able to do all these things.”

9.   Then found herself as a bird flying high in the sky drifting with air currents.

Much joy & exhilaration on her face enjoying her freedom (despite her pain!)

All this while, neither of us could make any sense of what was happening. And there was no need to. Doing this work has taught me to be completely open & accepting and just stay with the client and go wherever they need to go.  Knowing they will experience and be shown whatever is appropriate for their soul journey.

10.  Finally an Egyptian life.  She was unable to continue as the pain was very bad. We aborted the session,

In session 2 another day, we went back into this life where she was a wicked Pharaoh. A dictator, bully, merciless, tyrant who was intolerant of any challenges to his authority. His subjects were executed at the drop of a hat.

Session 2 terminated due to bad pain.

In session 3 we picked up the threads of the Egyptian lifetime to the death scene of the Pharaoh, after which we called in he Subconcious (SC).

Q:  Subconscious, why did you show her those 10 lives?

A:  We showed her the first 9 lifetimes to allow her “to experience the freedom of just Being” a “free spirit.”Of what it was like to be free,to fly, to play, to have fun and not trapped in a body.  That she could experience all that again in this life.  That she didn’t have to be trapped by her disease.

The Egyptian life was to help her understand the effect & consequences of the abuse of power, control & authority.

She has carried over into this lifetime these traits.

Parkinson’s disease was linked to her wanting to control everything and everybody in her life.

She’s the eldest in her family & controlled her siblings to the point where they refused to speak to her.

She’s very bossy and controlling with her husband and gets angry and upset if he doesn’t do her will.

Her 3 children are almost estranged from her as she can’t stop busy beaking into their lives and telling them what to do, how to bring up the grandchildren etc. 2 are living overseas to distance themselves from her. The third is a son who is a professional aged 24.  She still waits for him to return when he goes out with friends at night and scolds him if he comes home after 11 p.m. as he has to go to work at 6 a.m. the next day.  He was about to move out of her house.

The SC said she would be healed only if she was prepared to relinquish control and practice unconditional love & acceptance.

“It’s up to her.”

She worked on her issues and gradually got better.  It took her 18 months to heal completely.  She’s now functional, has an active social life, playing bingo, going to the casino, outings with friends and even travelled to Japan.  Her relationships with her husband and children have improved significantly.

Sian Chua

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