Client went into a native American past life beating a drum.  It was a specialceremony.

Q: Why are you beating a drum, what’s happening?

A:  I am invoking Spirit of the Wind/Spirit of the Trees.

Q:  How to you do that?

A:  I sing to them and play the drum.

Q:  Will you sing for me?

A:  Client starts “singing” – (more like a loud wailing in Cherokee) thenstops abruptly.

Q: Why have you stopped singing?

A:  Because Spirit of the Wind/Tree is here.

At this point client is frowning & then sobbing:


Q: Yes, they are aren’t they?  You know that but many people don’t.

A:  Yes they are so ignorant, they burn them, cut them, chop them down and DESTROY the forests!!!   THEY SPEAK TO US.

Q:  They speak to Us?

A: Yes.

Q:  They speak to you? You understand what the Wind & Trees are saying?

A: Yes

Q:  How do you do this?

A:  I place my ear next to the trunk and listen.

Q: What do they speak to you about?

A: Many things.

Q: What sort of things?

A: They tell us when to sow our grain, when the rains will come, when theother tribes will attack us, when a soul that has departed will return and into which family it will be born.

The Subconscious said her life purpose was to remember who she is.  That she had allthese gifts and abilities to communicate with the Wind and Trees from the past life.That in this lifetime she would be helped to remember all these things and her role was to share these gifts and teach people how to communicatewith Nature.  To respect Nature.  To live in harmony with the land and notdesecrate Gaia.

She was incredulous after the session and kept saying, “this is crazy, Imust be crazy, how can they tell me that is my life purpose – to speak tothe trees? People will think I’m crazy!”  

I asked if she had heard of Findhorn & explained it to her. Then she was more at peace & said, “Oh sothere are other people already doing this. It’s not so crazy after all”.

It was 7 p.m. when she walked out my front door into the garden.  There was only a bare skerritof a breeze.  Suddenly,  we noticed & heard a  huge &very loud whooshing/turbulence.  Like a 120 Km wind gust in & around my veryold Bay tree (bay leaves).  Photo attached  – about 60-70 feet tall.

Everything else in the garden was calm.  The next moment (& I kid you not), this 60 ft tree, doubled over mid-way – like a deep Japanese bow and thenuprighted itself again.  The client was clinging onto me & asking, “What’sgoing on?”

I had my Akashic Records open and the Akashic Masters said to let her knowthat “Spirit of the Wind, Spirit of the Trees are here today to remind youof Who You Are. They are bowing.  They are honouring you.”  

My hubby who wasin the study heard the whooshing & came running out.  By then everything wasstill & back to normal.

Sian Chua

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