This admirable 73 year old Muslim lady “T” is an intellectual.  Feisty politician and human rights activist. Truly passionate about helping people who are marginalised and have no voice.  She’s been a strong advocate championing causes such as, the emancipation of women, sexual abuse, domestic violence against women and children, child trafficking, poverty, refugees. Her work extends globally with her participation in the UN. Her task has been particularly daunting, especially as she faces fierce opposition from powerful men (religious Imam’s and chauvinistic male politicians), in a Muslim male dominated country, where Shariah law cannot be challenged. 

She was due to have a session with me in May but forfeited her airline ticket.  2 days before her departure, she collapsed and was admitted to ICU.  Close to death, coughing blood. With a brain haemorrhage, compressed lungs requiring multiple blood transfusions over 3 weeks.  I told her I would be in her country in December.  Despite my protestations not to come here in the middle of Winter (given her chronic osteoarthritis and other health issues) I failed to persuade her to rest and wait till December. She was very persistent, “Something’s telling me I’ve got to come to Perth, now.  I have to see you NOW!”

She was in chronic pain from her head all the way down her feet, and everything in between. Joints,neck, shoulders, spine, hips, knees feet.  Bad osteoarthritis.  Scoliosis. She walked with a stoop, a humped back.  Apparently this had happened only in the 2 weeks before coming here.  Had no energy. Insomnia, bad heel spurs – she had bandaged her heels because they were too painful to walk on and opted to be pushed onto the tarmac and thro the airport in a wheelchair.  Oh my!  Bloating. Indigestion. Hardening of the liver.  Cardiac issues. Pain in the jaw when eating

Widowed at 45. Manipulative adult children (5), sibling jealousy, still seeking attention.  Son still dependent on her even though he has a PhD and refuses to work as there’s no job that appeals to him. Been cheated 9 times of substantial sums of money because she was so honest and gullible. Very attached to recovering every cent even though most would realise they are lost causes.  She was stressed to the nines. Worried about how to make more money in her old age. 

Given all this and the fact that she did not meditate at all, I was concerned she might not end up having a session.  I prayed real hard for a miracle….

She could barely keep her eyes open in the interview, so I asked her to nap for 20 minutes. Snored a lot during the induction….


To my surprise, she slipped into a past life easily.  A simple life.  As a Chinese woman with 2 children, farmer’s wife, marriage of convenience, no love. When I asked how she felt about the lack of love, she shrugs and says, “That’s just the way it is.” Happy and content with her “little patch of land,” growing sweet potatoes and long beans, with chickens running around.  She lamented the fact and felt sad that she only had one “samfoo” (a Chinese outfit)


Q:  Why did you show her that life?

SC:  Simplicity.  Life is simple and you can survive with next to nothing.

Q:   Is there a connection to her current life?

SC: To put her to shame as she’s got so many clothes and so many things.  It’s because society expects her to be dressed like that.  She doesn’t have to have the fancy cars,  possesions, so many houses and investments. Stop holding so many positions and directorships. Get rid of everything. So if she chooses to have a simpler life, she doesn’t have to have much and she can have contentment and live to a ripe old age.

Q: And if she doesn’t, what will happen?

SC: We will TAKE HER OUT! Finish. She’s lost the plot. She is in overwhelm.  Overdrive.  Overdoing everything.  You can only push the body so much.  We tried to tell her in May.  It was the ONLY way we could get the message through to her.  She is a STUBBORN MULE!

Q:  So that’s why she collapsed?

SC:  She needed to cleanse herself.  It was a reminder.  It’s time to STOP and have a new beginning.  We had to cleanse her before she comes to see you.  Otherwise she will not see the seriousness  (non-stop loud burping)

Q:Why is she burping so much?

SC: We are getting rid of the gas.  The toxins building up in her body, the bloating.

T:  My liver is getting bigger and hardening…

SC:  We are removing the anger.

Q:  What’s that related to?

SC:  Her son.  She feels angry.  She feels guilty.  She feels responsible.  She feels it’s her responsibility.  It’s not her responsibility to look after him and rescue him. The challenge for her is she can help others why can’t she help her own blood?  She’s done enough.  He should go his own way.  Ask him to leave.

Q:  Will she do that?  

SC:  If she doesn’t, the anger will consume her.  Either he goes or SHE GOES!

Q:  She loves him too much.  I’m wondering if she can bring herself to do that?

SC:  She has to harden herself.  Tough love.  He has to fend for himself.  You can’t win everything in life.

The body fat was “to pad herself from pain.  To protect herself but it will all go.  We gave her the jaw pain so she has difficulty eating and not much appetite now.  Her body will become lighter.  In a few weeks we will fix this so she can chew properly and eat again.

What followed was a very impressive SC healing that took about 79 mins with thumping, back arching (working on the scoliosis), shaking, body rolling from side to side.  Stretched and pulled every which way.  At one point I was surprised to see her lift her right leg straight up into the air, at a 90 degree angle.  Then her left.  The SC used her hands to pull her toes, arches and massage her heels. Temples and entire brain were massaged.  Head was pulled down to the right and left. Massive re-wiring of brain.  Legs crossed diagonally and uncrossed.  “I’m very,very hot.  Burning.” She kicks off her socks. Pulls off the quilt, blanket and her sweater. Yoga type poses and then…

 VERY LOUD BURPS.  Non stop.  I started counting and marking them off as ticks in sets of 3, then 5. 

At one point she stops and says, “ohh, this is SO GROSS.”

Then shouting, “her pain must go, her body is not balanced, we are balancing the body.”

Lot’s of ooh’s and aah’s and grimacing.  More burps.

Final burp count – 52!Later Richard, my partner, and her daughter said they could hear the burping all the way downstairs.

Mid-way into the healing, I heard a blood curdling howl/wail from my cat downstairs (like she was hit by a truck).  My blood froze.  I couldn’t leave the client’s side so I waited for an opportune time. 5 mins later, when I peered over the landing, I was relieved to see Miaodi purring contentedly on the stairs.  

In another session, another client’s SC explained that as the energies were leaving T, the cat took a hit, but she’s none the worse for it. 

After the session, T asked excitedly, “Did you see them?  Did you see them?”

I asked what she was referring to, “Oh, you know, they were on my left and on my right.  Short, bald with the big deep black eyes.  ET’s  (she said this so matter of factly). They were healing me and when they finished they moved away in an orderly fashion, V-shaped formation.  OMG I have been healed by the ET’s!!!”

She stayed on in Perth for another 2 days.  She could not stop thanking me.  She was laughing and happy. Slept through the night.  Her daughter said she stopped snoring and was able to sleep with her mouth closed.  She was pain free except for her knees and heel spurs which the SC said would take a few months.  She was able to stand straight and walk without bandages.   Her daughter says she goes around telling everyone how she’s been healed by the ET’s.  She’s going away on holiday for a month something she’s not done for almost 30+ years.