Club Foot Healing session

Club Foot Healing session

 Unusual session.  After the past life,  the Sub-Conscious (SC) came thro and explained why They had  shown it to her.  There was a dialogue about her soul lessons.

S-C described Themselves as , “God, Source, All Knowing, All That Is, Highest Good, …many names.  I am her knowing.  I am her inner wisdom,  I am Higher Self, I am Higher Consciousness.  I am Soul upon Soul upon Soul.  I am also Source – All That Is”. 

Thereafter  the S-C “took over” the entire session speaking for well over 3 hours and 20 mins in a  monologue.  Couldn’t get a word or question in (not that I wanted to).  Didn’t have to sing for my supper!  How wonderful if all sessions were like this.  Has anyone experienced this?  All her questions were systematically answered.  S-C was most descriptive in Their healing::

(1)   She’s an empath.  Often overwhelmed by energies of people.  The S-C:  “We are placing a shield over her body covering it.  It has transmutational abilities.  From now on, she won’t absorb energies of other people”.

“Her emotional sensitivity.  She has absorbed all these energies from other people into her liver.  Her liver is generally unwell.  It is not as bad as an alcoholic.  Hers is 75% unwell but with emotion.  Alcoholism dehydrates the liver.  Hers appears to be in good condition because I is caused by emotion.  Emotion Is of a liquid form in the body.  So hers appears healthier even though it is affected 76%.  We are helping her with empathetic detachment  (lots of heavy breathing here.)”

“Her liver has been handed up to the Halls of Healing.”  Healing was done & she was eventually integrated back into the body 

(2)  Healing requested for 15 yr old nephew. Born with a club foot, had an unsuccessful operation.  S-C said, “He is the baby she died with (in a past life). We are adjusting his thought form and We are surgically working with the brain links to the feet process.  Some of what he has come through is from a past life.  Some from the toxicity of his mother (a drug addict).  Some from the toxicity of the medication she was on and some from the toxicity of her emotional state.  She has borne much of her karma and physical state.  That’s why she is so connected to helping him – a privilege to help her sister’s son….. We are continuing with his healing all through the spine and hips. …We are working on healing him physically so he can move forward more freely.  She’ll also work on him.  She is to massage his limbs to show him that change is possible if he trusts…..”

“Many of the bones are very set and fused. The spaces between his toes are far too wide. The left tendon is not long enough.  They (the surgeons) cut away too much.  It is 4 cm too short. Some cartilage that should be there isn’t there.  We are doing the easy things first.  Changes will happen over 3 months.  We have extended the tendons.  We have separated the bones. The cartilage is there where it should be now.  Now We are working with the bone.  Some of the bone is too compact.  Not that it’s too thin.  We are energetically spreading those bone particles.  We are shaping and shaving the bone particles to what is appropriate for him.” 

“She must massage him every night even if it’s just a little.  It is her karma balanced back.  She must do this for 3 months even if she just holds his feet.  This is a lot of work but she wants to do it and he needs a connection.  This will bring him out of childhood into the present.  He stays back there.  This is why it’s challenging for her but he does not want to come out.  Once he trusts more her massage and bonding he will connect.  When he does, he’ll come forward quickly… the nephew is done”

This was on a Thurs afternoon.  On Sunday she rang to say her nephew awoke that morning without any pain or limitation of movement.  His gait was normal and he was able to walk normally, bend, squat and climb the stairs.  What  a blessing.

(3)  S-C turned its attention to another teenage nephew “His brain is very dehydrated as tho’ it never expanded properly at birth.  We are instilling certain mineral chemicals to re-charge the brain.  We are expanding the tissue.  All this is done in instant time. Everything is there.  It just didn’t fully develop.  His particular path was mid-way between handicapped and human so he knows much but he’s partly handicapped.  He’s an old soul.  He’s partly aware he can accelerate and jump many lifetimes but he’s ready to grow and finish his life more whole as a human. Much of his physicalness was for his mother’s learning and she has done much of it.  We have restored him to what is appropriate for now.  She (the client who is his aunt) knows and she will astral travel to him when necessary.  He won’t need much healing because his soul is very knowing and happy to be of a very simple form in this life 

(4)  The S-C also helped with her request to surrender all her fears i.e lack of confidence, not speaking her truth, unworthiness They said, “She has already surrendered.  We are  shifting in her  conscious, sub-conscious mind/ brain.  It is done (anchoring in her this knowing). She must obtain the herb gotu kola,  Infuse it as a tea.  She can turn it into a paste & have it on bread.  She  will need to do this for a month.  This will continue the release in her brain.  We have already activated the process.  That is the finishing of the physical residue..She has been doing this for some time.”

To anchor those feelings of  strength& empowerment, “She will be given a rose…when it is complete.”

(5)  They also spoke of her newborn baby niece: “This child is a Master come among you.  She has no aura.  This child is beyond needing aura.”

I’ve never heard of anyone without an aura!

(6)   The S-C had some advice for the son: ”He requires Omega oil and a diet conducive to low acid.  She has a recipe for potassium soup.  This is good for alkalizing the body.  It will help balance the bones and flush the residue from the kidneys.  His thought form has created that habit in his vessel.  We will assist him to think this Potassium mixture tastes nice.  We will assist him to think it tastes like star fruit – he likes star fruit!.  We can do this for him and he will enjoy it”.

(7)  The S-C decided to heal another family member: “We are doing healing on X now and he deserves it.  There is a pain in his stomach & intestines but he doesn’t want to tell her.  She’s such a know it all.  He tries not to worry her.  He also gets the occasional intense headaches.  The congestion in the head is because the intestines are not cleared properly.  He has pits in his intestine but no holes.  He is eating fast fatty foods.  They are not good for him but he doesn’t know how to stop. We will also change his taste buds so the fatty foods will taste unfavourable & he will stop eating them!”