This is a 2011  session with a regular client who channels higher layers of the Sub-Conscious.  This lady is totally devoid of ego, and has much humility. She is somnambulistic.

In her 1st session in 2008, They came through, identifying Themselves as “I Am, We Are, We are all One, We Are the Sun behind the Central Sun”.  In 2009 They came through as a Guardian/Masterof the Hall of Akashic Records). In 2010, They explained They were from One Source & she was Their vehicle to transmute planetary karma and did this through many hand movements (mudras) in that session.

After using her keyword, she described seeing  “deep indigo colours  in the shape of flowing circles of different sizes…all separated.  moving, changing, coming in, moving around” and finally,  “forming  a circle of oval shaped indigo circles within circles”:

Q: Where are you in relation to the circles?

A: Outside. Observing..about to enter.

Q:  Would you like to enter & describe what’s happening?

A:  Oh! The Light is so bright!

Q:  Where is the Light coming from?  Is it inside or outside the circle?

A: It just Is. It’s everywhere.  In .everything. 

Q: How are you feeling?

A:  I’m here for a reason.

Q:  There is an energetic Presence that you will soon sense.  You may ask, if you like, what the reason is, that you are here…

A: The indigo ovals are still forming.  They will form.  There is a reason. For me to meet someone. 

Q: Who?

A: To meet the indigo circles.

Q: What is the purpose?

A: To meet in Council and discuss. 

Q: Which Council is this?

A: Councils of the Indigo Robes

Q: Do you know what this is?

A: Yes, Masters of the Indigo Ray.

Q: Are they making their presence known?

A: Yes. 

Q: What do They look like?

A: Ovals of Light.  Like ovals draped in indigo robes.  They have no human form.

(At this point, I could see Them and also saw her physical form changing into an indigo oval Light)

 Q: Who are you?

A: (here her voice changes – becomes louder more confident &authoritative , a masculine energy) I am one of Them.  I have no human form.  There is no need for human form or present to this One in human form.  It’s not necessary.  She is one of Us.  A Master of the Indigo Ray.

Q: Who are the Masters of the Indigo Ray please?

A: We do not deal with mundane issues of the Earth plane.

Q: What is your role or purpose?

A: We further the mission of planetary well being.  We are a part of the Secret Ray Councils.

Q: Who or what are the Secret Ray Councils?

A: These are Secret Rays.  These are Rays of Light whose work is not connected to mundane levels of humanity.  Therefore it is difficult to encapsulate such mission, such work in human word form.  This one does not frequently reside in human Earth mundane energy patterns.

Q: Where does she reside?

A: One Source.

Q: In her dream state, meditative state or conscious state?

A: In real self.

Q: Is she aware of this?  Is her conscious waking self aware of this?

A: It is difficult to explain this awareness through human brain.  Concepts unable to be constructed but awareness in every cell, atom, electron of this One 

Q: So at some level she’s aware of who She is & that she resides with One Source?

A: Affirmative.

Q:  What would you like for us to do today?  Do you have a message to share with us?

(Here the voice starts to sound mechanical, deliberate & robotic and her breathing becomes laboured)

A: “8th Secret Ray initiation accepted.  Pathway of 8th Ray accepted.  Journey on 8th Ray accepted.  Progress on 8th Ray affirmative.”

Q: What is the 8th Secret Ray?

A: “8th Ray is a Secret Ray coming forth from Cosmic secret heart chamber.  Connecting to secret chamber in human heart. Planet in process of shifting vibrations.  8th Ray energy increasing.  Many unprepared.  Energetics of planet de-stabilising.  Shifting. Planetary elementals unable to hold balance. Natural forces extreme.  Path of the heart must be taken by many. Ego constructs must be shed.  Planet Earth in process of higher realisation.  Many laggards stultified.  Will not bend the knee.  Stiff necked.  Heart chakra closed.  Secret chambers inaccessible.Elementals unable to hold balance in human heart. Energies passing thro’the planetary body from the Cosmic heart Source coming straight from the Central Sun.”

“Mother Gaia in distress.  To give birth to new energies.  The labour is long. Aware Ones are being birthed into higher vibration.  Higher Ray.  It is difficult for one to express in human form the process.  Had entities upon planet increased vibrations, consciousness would be much easier.”

“The path of the heart is paramount. The heart of Mother Gaia is heavy. Cosmic Mother weeps.  Awakening of entities on this planet must occur.  Natural disasters occurring to shatter and shock stultified ego constraints as you would, Sian, consider shock therapy.  There is clinging to material possessions.  Concepts which prevent vibrations from raising.  There is hoarding and panic and anxiety.  All ego constructs.  Possessions will be lost.  Excessive identification with materialistic ego constructs. Planetary body shifting from material form into finer form.  Grains of sand even shifting vibration.  All Nature desires to respond.  There is no holding back in Nature.  All is shifting.”

“Mankind clinging.  Afraid.  Small.  Have not taken lessons. Have not listened to their teachers.  Have stopped up their ears.  Closed up their hearts.  Distracted the mind with many, many, many, many distractions which distort and prevent vibrations increasing.  Wheels upon wheels of past experiences.  All individuals and entities.  Wheels upon wheels upon wheels.  Stack them together.  Separate self.  Observe wheels upon wheels upon wheels.  We will see.  What will We see? All wheels upon wheels connected with thread of a God Source.  Step out.  Observe.  Wheels upon wheels connected by thread of God Source.  We have matrix of DNA.  Wheels upon wheels will be added.  Observe sideways.  We will see spirals.  Wheels upon wheels, stacked.  Connected with God Source thread.  We have spirals.  Life is a spiral.  There is no disconnection.  All is a part of God Source.”

“There is no separation.  Thoughts of separation and disconnect are ego constructs.  The false self will cling to such constructs.  In fanciful thoughts will believe by being separate and individuate, they can protect self from everything – IMPOSSIBLE!!! Wheels upon wheels.  Spirals, spirals.  There is no beginning or end.  This is ego construct.  All is.  Ever was.  Ever will be.  All Is.  Source is ever expanding.  There is no end.  There is no beginning.  Wheels upon wheels must increase.”

“DNA levels will change.  Spirals will be added.  Source is ever expanding.  Entities who will not learn.  Will not accelerate.  Who will not listen.  Who will not be taught.  Who in their hardness of lack of humility & openness will not pass through the birthings of Mother Gaia.  Alas, their vibration is almost rock solid.  They will be sent, unfortunately, to levels of lower vibrations. It will be impossible to move forward.  This is choice.  All are free.  Nature does not resist.  The Cosmos does not resist.  They will be held in their own resistance until choice is made.” 

“Again teachers must sacrifice levels of vibration to move down incrementally to a point where those may be able to be moved up by choice.”

Q: How?

A:  “It is a great sacrifice.  It is Boddhisatvadharma as you would term it…if they choose.  All is choice.”

Q:  The natural disasters happening all over the world – in particular the floods/cyclones in Australia, the earthquake in Christchurch NZ 2 days ago & much more – is this part of the shift You spoke of & why Mother Gaia is tearing it all apart?

A: “There is excessive identification with material plane constructs.  All things wear, rust and moth and dust will corrupt.  Are over identified with values, meaning and purpose has been inserted into dense, compacted low vibration. Energy levels Mother Gaia can no longer contain.  Humans over identified with material possessions.  Do not understand sense of belonging, except to their possessions, things, constructs, earthly positions of power.  Jostling classes, class systems creating inhumanity towards man.  They will learn lessons in losing position, places, jobs, homes, belongings.  What is real?

“8th Secret Ray teaching extracted from lessons given by the one Brother of the Light, who also sits on the Indigo Ray Council – Master Jesus Christ.  Lesson of the 8th Ray passing through planetary body.  Shifting vibration. As Master Jesus spoke to humanity – Shore up for yourselves that which moth, rust and dust will not corrode and destroy but shore up your treasures in Heaven.  Consider My lessons and teachings – co-operation,  compassion, love for one another, sharing, caring, kindness, patience, understanding, tolerance.  And what does the majority of humanity pursue and shore up for themselves?  Conflict, dissension, separation, slavery, prostitution, on all levels.  The Secret Ray teaching – not ONLY teaching.  One teaching of 8th Ray energies passing thro’ planetary chain – Way of the Cosmic Christ.”

Q:  Are these natural disasters and calamities to continue until Earth is no more? 

A:  “To continue according to free will.  Choices of entities on planet.  Mankind must overcome lower nature.  Brains of humans changing rapidly.”

Q:  What’s caused this?

 A: “We have a greater sharing of information.  Alas, information channels mis-used with a-distractions and images and creations which are abominations which lead the consciousness of humanity to lower levels.  These are distractions to prevent the raising up of consciousness of humanity.  All manner of evils perpetrated on information channels.  Almost totally eclipsing pockets of Light which are accessible through these channels.  Alas, how difficult it has become.”

Q: How do we sift through these distortions?  Would it help to stop using the Internet, TV and go within?

A: “Free will.  Choice.  Choices made daily.  Must be free will choice.  Must make choice if must indulge.  What is punishable?  What is right?  Alas, human brain on one level easily trapped in addictions and lustful distortions amassing.  Amassing to self.   To ego.  Teachers must teach,  Students choose wisdom or folly.  The Holy Spirit which is sent.  Sent as guide to open eyes, hearts.  Choose whether to stock up ears and heart.  Choose wisely every single day.  Choose wisely.  Entities must rise up from seething cauldrons of mass distortion of mass consciousness which is easily led by mis-qualifications, mis-creation on information highways as you would term. To entrap.  To use the Light of such entities for the furtherance of their distortions ad creations.  They cannot create without the Light that comes from Source.  Entities like bees to a honeypot are drawn. Unfortunately due to nature of human brain structure easily addicted, easily entranced, easily seduced, easily suggested.  The brain of humans is changing.  Must move towards higher brain functions.  It is the lower brain functions which are the target of those which trap the Light of Creation.

Observe dissension in nations for the present.  Here is a rebelling of those who would entrap them, enslave them.  Observe the catch cry at present – We want Freedom.  We want Democracy.  We want to choose and they point at self- appointed leaders and say, thus far and no further.  We want to be free.  We want to choose.  Is this not heartening?

Q:  It is indeed. The happenings in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya and other countries….However , the powers that be are trying hard to hold on to their bastions of power & taken a hard stand – using the army & military warfare to quell riots & shoot down protestors…

 A: “THEIR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!!! It is up to humanity.”

Q: Will You help them?

 A: “Their days are numbered.  Will they listen? Will they be guided? Will they open their consciousness to higher levels?  Will they understand or even listen to the teachings of One which is saturated thro’ every cell, atom, electron of this planetary body?  The teachings of Jesus the Christ.Nay, not to be labelled as Christians.  Will they even listen?   The teachings of the Great One.   Yes, consciousness is arising.  We will be free.  We will not allow you to entrap Us in your distortions and serve your distortions and continue filling your coffers.   Their days are numbered.  No, they are absolute laggards..  They, unfortunately, if they will not bend the knee, will be encased in energetics of stone. Their days are no more. They will be no more . The brains of humans are changing.  They MUST change.  These fallen ones would entrap their consciousness and prevent them from moving to higher levels of brain function which is accessible to humanity on this planet.  They would entrap them in lower levels with their addictions.  They understand.  Understand they can entrap them in the lower levels with their addictions so they cannot access compassion, their own  wisdom, the guidance of their own Holy Spirit sent as a comforter to help them through their trials and tribulations.  Such a one as Hitler.Able to manipulate the lower levels of mankind’s brain functions. Creating something entirely sub-human.  Atrocities, entrapments, fear, terror.  Al these, spiral consciousness of man into lower levels.  Alas, their days are numbered.  The human brain is changing. Higher levels are accessible.  More will choose to accept them.  Access them. Use them. Create with them. Free will.  Detach yourself from entanglements, addictions, entrapment, lures.  All the honeypot of a lower vibration.  Come up higher.  It’s worth the effort.

Q: How do we do this?

A: “Their days are numbered.  They will no longer be able to enslave the meek and the lowly, who wish to be free, who their Cosmic right is to be free, who  come to create no harm.  Thus consider the teachings of Jesus the Christ.  The meek will inherit the Earth.  Do you understand?

Q Yes.  This wave of consciousness is spreading across humanity? 

A: Affirmative.

Q: What about the recent happenings in China?  People have been arrested & imprisoned for peacefully putting out flowers that symbolise their cause. 

A: “These are the tactics of the laggards.  The fallen ones.  They steal the Light.  How do they do this?   Consider the movie, The Matrix.  Where humans are attacked, earthly  energy is, as you will, siphoned to run the ma-chines (emphasised as 2 words).  Do you understand this concept?

Q: No.  I haven’t watched the movie. 

A: “Many humans enslaved.  Energies stripped off to run the machinations of industry & slavery & entrapment.  The meek are easily entrapped.  Terror, fear, persecution, imprisonment all used as tactics to prevent freedom of the Cosmic in-di-vi-du-al (slow & deliberate emphasis).  Cannot be stopped in their own illusions.  In their own palaces.  In their own constructs of power and security for themselves and their own. They live in the world of illusory constructs.  Their power is nothing.  Their illusory power is nothing.  They will NEVER stop the Cosmic Christ energy moving.  They will be unable to stop the Holy Spirit moving the spirit of entities on this planet and cosmically.  They are literally insane. Alas, their pathway forward will be so slow in their own beings.  They are heading to self entrapment, alas.  The brain of humanity is changing. 

“Many humans will be unable, as you would say, conform, as we see in your so-called explosion of ADD children.  Their brains are changing.” 

Q: Will there come a day, and I hate to use this word, when they will become “normal?”

A: “It will change.  By individual, by individual and we have in your database of physics, critical mass.  Do you understand the concept of critical mass?  (Yes)  There will be critical mass.  Study this concept in physics – there is a point of critical mass where it is unstoppable.  Ah!” 

Q: What about autistic, indigo, rainbow/crystal children.  Aren’t they the ones spearheading this?

A: “Unfortunately for the planetary body there is much toxic build up.  There is much toxic build up in informational highways and channels.  Experiment.  Open your computers and type in a random word.  Something that you value.  That you believe in.  That you hold in high vibration, such as “love”.  See what comes through the information channels on “love”.  There you’ll see all manner of distortions and  you must sift thro’ to find one kernel of Truth. What will you see under subject “love”? 

“Millions of websites dedicated to lust, prostiitution, slavery and victimisation of women and children by those who would steal their Light and their energetics.  The Cosmic Mother weeps.  The burden is heavy.  The children of which you speak  – the so-called crystal children,  the so-called autistic children.  We have manners of toxins preventing these new channels in the brain from being explored.” 

Q: What can we do to help them? 

A: “We have the concept of critical mass, as mentioned.  This is not in your Earth plane time dimension going to happen overnight .  Many parents conscious, aware of clearing toxins  Movements of organics growing.  Movements of using products of a limited toxicity. Bio-dynamics. Bio-degradability.  This is the beginning of critical mass.  DO NOT DESPAIR.  Each one doing as higher consciousness guides them, is all part of the journey towards critical mass. It will not be stopped unless fallen ones wipe out the human race by their folly &by  their greed and their corruption. Critical mass will overpower them.

“See the  current national states of certain countries.  A critical mass of Consciousness will overcome a dictator.  Do you not see pilots defecting? PiIots who have been instructed to rain down bombs and bullets upon their own kind?  Their own race, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children.  Would they? No.   Some…yes.  Ah! some no. Critical mass will occur.”

Q:  It’s already happening isn’t it?  People like Julian Assange and others like him are leading, accelerating & giving momentum to critical mass.

A: “The threads of corruption are thick with blood and pain of certain sectors of humanity.  The Cosmic Mother weeps. Who are the victims of your corrupt information highways?  Sit and consider.  How long will it take us to realise that the victims of these information channels that corrupted and distorted and designed to entrap the planet. are the most disadvantaged women & children.  Women & children in slavery of the lust and prostitutions of others.  Alas! It grows day by day.  When will humanity stand up and say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH? (voice grows louder & louder)…WHERE, WHERE are the men who are designed on your Earth plane to protect your women and children? WHERE, WHERE you say? There are good men.  Yes, indeed.  Why are these women and children the most disadvantaged? WHERE are the men that would provide and cater and protect for such ones? WHERE, WHERE, WHERE  are the men that spawn children and leave the mothers vulnerable to take care of them on their own?  Vulnerable.  Unprotected.  WHERE, OH WHERE ARE THESE MEN?” “There are a few good men who champion this cause, but where, where are they? Where are they after they abandon their pregnant partners or wives?  They leave them.  Where do they go?  Why can’t they protect and honour and respect?  Why is all this opening up parts of humanity?   Why does the Cosmic Mother weep?” 

“Why do the Councils meet and discourse? Why?  Where are these men?  They are the ones feeding, feeding this distortion.  Feeding this dis-respect and preying on innocent women and children.  They are behind their computer screens and they are giving their Light and their attention and their consciousness to the exploitation and abominable inhuman slavery of children.  Even babies.  The Cosmic Mother weeps. Disadvantaged women.  Where are the men who will protect them & keep them safe?  Oh yes, there are some who are following the Divine path but others who will not protect and defend.  Who will use these women and children for their own greed and steal their sacred energies from their sacral chakras, thus collapsing the heart chakra.”

“Do you not understand your word on this plane – “sex”?  Do you understand the Cosmic significance of this word?

Q:  What is the Cosmic significance, please?

“The word sex translates to sacred exchange. The sexual union of humans is a sacred exchange of sacred Cosmic energy.  This energy is used for creation.  It is a powerful creative energy.  The fallen ones that would steal sacred energies from women and children, before it is formed are feeding off this Light like parasites.  The Cosmic Mother weeps (very soft teary voice & then she sighs loudly, then in a softer, sad voice:) “Oh men, why have you forsaken your wives, daughters and children?  Stuck in your honey pots to the point – unable to crawl out.”

“The Indigo Council convenes. Jesus the Christ wears the indigo robe of the Indigo Council”

Sian:  He is here.

A: “Yes.  He is the head of the Indigo Council.  The Indigo Council is concerned on the plane of miracles.” 

Q: What is it concerned with?

A: “It works on the plane of miracles.  It is concerned about the stealing of energies from sacral chakras across the planet.  Women, children.  The sacred energies of children and babies is ah not fully formed.  It is most vulnerable to the collapse fo the higher chakras.  Do you understand? (Yes).  As these children become adults the difficulties they encounter from these experiences as children, by the fallen ones, who would rape them of their sacred energies.  The collapse of their power chakra of the solar plexus.  The collapse of the heart chakra.  The collapse of the throat chakra.  Their inability to speak up for self.  The collapse of their 3rd eye chakra – their inability to see the vision of their Divine Plan in this lifetime for them.  The closing of their Crown chakra.  Therefore, these are prime beings for enslavement & entrapment.” 

Q: What can be done to help these women & children?

“One by one, consciousness.  Choice, choice, choice.  Teaching, teaching.  Awareness, awareness, awareness.  Guiding, guiding, guiding.  Teaching moral virtues.  The Divine path.  The tentacles of this distortion is everywhere.  It has become more difficult for parents, teachers, wise ones to prevent them falling like flies into Venus fly traps.  The lower levels of human brain function.  Easy to manipulate.Easy to addict.  Easy to ensnare.” 

“The Indigo Council convenes using energies of the miracle plane.  Those who are aware.  Enlightened.  The Light bearers, Keepers of the humans, as you say, must not hide their Light under their bushells.  People must be aware of a higher teaching and then they would choose which way they would go. (she places her palms on her solar plexus then raises her hands; palms opening outwards & I ask what is happening)  We are filling up this entity’s battery with Cosmic solar energy.  This is ah…most difficult for this entity to translate from a miracle plane, to Earth plane concepts.  Beyond human brain vibration.  Must use energies of One Source.  The levels are unable to be translated to any brain on this planetary body.  Change will occur and more will be possible.  The pressing concern.  The abstract principles are only possible through teaching of such harsh realities.  Many would not wish to look at such a thing.  Many would deny such a thing on this planet. Many would like to sit in their lotus pose and say, ‘all is positive, all is good.’ 

“Yes, as We raise Our vibration, We raise every vibration in EVERY cell, atom, electron of EVERYTHING on this planet.  Remember, remember, remember (spoken very softly) the teachings of Jesus the Christ.  As you would do to one of these, then you do unto Me.  Can we as a collective whole stand up and say, ‘Yes’?  We are not mocking the Christ. We are not beating the Christ.  We are not crucifying the Christ in our brothers & sisters.  Can we unashamedly stand up and say we are no longer crucifying the Christ in each and every one of us? Yes, we can meditate and bliss out, as you would say.  Yes, this is valid but if we reach a consciousness that we know, how we can stick our heads in the sand and deny the pain of a little one being utilised for the gratiification of the sexual pleasure of man whose sole purpose as a collective whole of mankind in male form is to protect & provide one’s own group, one’s own family, one’s own nation, the whole planetary body?  How can those who are enlightened teach against such an abomination of the Cosmic Mother and the Christ child.  So as you do unto one of these you do unto Me, the Christ.” 

“Critical mass.  Yes, there will be an end.  For the creations of man which are created in distortion and falsity, will come to an end.  It cannot remain.  Rejoice, rejoice in the cry for freedom.  Rejoice, those who choose to work, work to free the enslaved.  Rejoice, for such a ones as Abraham Lincoln, Wilbur Wilberforce – a one who dares to turn around the thick molasses energy of mass consciousness and shift the balance.  51% critical mass.  Do you understand?” (Yes) 

“Rejoice, the bells of freedom are ringing but do not lose your eyes to those who suffer.  Teach those who would know better.  Teach those who can do something to make the changes.” 

Q:  A very powerful message for humanity today.  Do you wish for this to be disseminated and shared with a wider audience? (i.e on the web) 

“Sian is such a one.  Those who care, given consciousness, must choose with their free will.  Must choose with the talent that they possess.  Humans have different bodies, different talents, different temperaments.  These are your tools.  Do whatever you think you can with the  tools that you have, in front of you   But just choose.  Do you think with this information you could stand up in front of the world and say it? Do you think they would listen?  Do it!  Even if it’s just helping those who do it.  All is important but remember, this has been given.  This Knowledge has been given through the throat chakra.  Therefore the knowledge has been placed into vibration through a throat vibration and has been spoken.  The energy of such speech goes to every cell, atom, electron of this planetary body and every being on this planet.  The information is now encoded.  Is now encoded in every single human on this planet.  This is already done & will not be undone.

“ All this will contribute to freedom of the captives.  This is the mission of Jesus the Christ.  To set free the captives.  This is mission of Indigo Council working from plane of miracles.  Here, today, through energetics of a human throat chakra voice box, We have a miracle in every cell, atom, electron of every human on this planet.  This information been encoded. DNA has just been re-constructed to contain such information.”

(They made it clear that it’s not necessary to use the Web or human information channels to do this as They have already done it energetically on the plane or miracles in the session and this information is now encoded in everyone on the planet).

“All humans must choose.  All humans have bodies, hearts to act, to think, to be. All tools to bring in the Cosmic expansion.  Apologies, Sian this entity does not vibrate often on mundane levels.  Mundane levels for this one connected to flimsy structure of ego.  Flimsy enough to hold entity in Earth vibration.  There must be some grounding.  There must be some mundane human problems to keep one grounded.  Many higher consciousness beings have some niggling complaint of mundane level which keeps them grounded.  We need higher consciousness humans on this planet to anchor the Light and consciousness.  As they speak Truth, Wisdom the miracle of imprintment occurs.” 

“ Unfortunately the throat chakra can be misused.  Lies, distortions, abominations.  But remember, evil is not real.  It has no power to construct.  No power to expand.  The evil will collapse upon themselves and will be no more.  It is not real.” 

“One Source is always expansive.  Creative.  It is not destructive.  Evil will not prevail.  Yes, there is evil on this planet.  Rose coloured glasses by the millions on this planet.  Only the courageous can remove the rose coloured glasses and do the good work that needs to be done.  One by one, by one.  We are all One.  As one does, or, one has done.  Study the issues of those who you believe to be highly enlightened and you will see the niggles and you will see the flimsy ego constructs which they use as a vehicle, which they use to show they are human and connect through humans.  Their consciousness is light years away from any expansion.  Do you understand this concept? “ 

Sian: Yes, I’m much clearer now on who this entity is and where she is on her journey.

“This entity chafes at the bit.  Doesn’t like being saddled and bridled and being ridden by ego.  Bucks and bucks and bucks but will not be broken.  This is a free Cosmic Being and will not be broken like a wild stallion.  Does not suffer fools gladly. Is worn down by mundane issues.  But alas, must stay in ego plane as long as is necessary and has been calculated.  The Indigo Robe remains.  It is a mantle that has been accepted.  There are difficult days for this entity.  Is this mantle heavy? No, this mantle is light.  The heaviness comes from the mundane pin pricks of unenlightened ones.  Frustrations easily occur.  The egos are of great mis-match. (referring to the client and her partner) It is difficult for this one.  But this one is not without courage.  Not without strength.  Not without Cosmic connection.”

*Note: this client’s sessions have taught me how things are not the way they seem.  We do not know what the Divine Plan is for each soul. She has & is still experiencing all manner of spousal rejection, abandonment, constant judgment & criticism, manipulation, extreme emotional & physical abuse and endured  continuous adultery,lack of financial support.  In 2007 she presented with a total collapse of her immune system, her aorta, heart valves, adrenals were  almost not functioning, problem with her hypothalmus, She was dizzy, disoriented, had migraines, light & sound sensitivity, issues with her vision, sinuses etc.  She was a total wreck.  No longer able to work or function.  One would be tempted to think this is clearly a case where a marriage is not working and it would be appropriate (even necessary) for her to tear up the soul contract.  It was severely impacting her physical & emotional health.  “Strangely” she did not wish to leave the marriage.  

In her 2007 session, the S-C described the husband as “a laggard who has lost his Light and his way”.  Yet the S-C said it was for her highest good to stay in this marriage!  It was this soul’s contract and that “Light bearers must help other Light bearers” and a “sister must help a brother”.  The marital issues were dismissed as “pin-pricks”.  Their advice was for her to meditate regularly, connect with One Source, raise her Light & detach.  

They helped her heal all her physical issues but she gets extremely distressed, angry, flies into a rage at his ongoing behaviour & goes into a dark space from time to time.  In subsequent sessions I even asked if the SC would help heal him and bring his awareness up.  They said They would but it was his soul choice – to choose to be unaware or change.  To date there has been no change in him andTheir advice is to totally detach from all the dramas and focus on raising her Light.  This lady has the strength and courage of a saint and angel.  What she is going through is the ultimate lesson of detachment – to rise above all the melodramas, learn to forgive and love this man unconditionally. Everything is an illusion. Her recent session affirms all this:

Q:  How’s she doing so far?

A: “Perfectly”

Q: Is there anything she can do, or You can do to help her?

A: “Unfortunately the ego vehicle of humanity is such a frail chariot.  It gives the illusion of pain & suffering and difficulties but this is not the reality.  This is a part.  This is, as you would – a stage and we play our parts.  Coming in disguise.  Placing costumes upon one.  Playing a part.  This is at a mundane work.  This must be suffered through but remember this one does not operate on these levels and does not operate on these levels very happily for there is much occurring on other levels & you would ask this entity at mundane level, “What have you been doing?” and this entity will reply, “I have been very busy lately” but she will not be able to say why so much busyness.  The busyness is on other levels during human sleep cycle.  This entity fully awake in Cosmic consciousness and is fulfilling work and missions.  Awakening, this entity goes to sleep.  If you understand this concept on higher levels, this one, in daylight of human living is asleep & chafes at the bit.  Would wish to be fully conscious but is in Earth plane and cannot contain vibrations of higher consciousness energies.  Totally a notch down to enable entity to function on Earth plane.  Do you understand this concept? (Yes)

“To be fully aware and conscious in the human brain of All One would explode all synapses.  But in sleep cycle there is a freeing of egoic consciousness.  There is operation in daylight hours but the energies must be protected.  The physical body must be protected.  The anchor must remain on the physical planet.  Remember, we are anchors like trees.  Cosmic trees.  Photosynthesizing energies from the Cosmos and grounding them in the body of Mother Gaia.  Do you understand? For the replenishing of the sacred energies of Mother Gaia. “

“It is difficult.  It is abstract.  It is possible only in symbolic picture form which human brain is familiar with.  This entity is familiar with concepts not in human form.  It’s difficult.  There are no word concepts.  There is no symbology” (here, her fingertips were pressing into her solar plexus & I asked what was happening)  There is a re-charge.  There is much convening of the Indigo Council at present.  The energy of Indigo Council is extremely, extremely high.  Fine powerful vibrations.  Entity has been many times in ascension spiral since previous meeting.  Acceleration ramping up, as you would say.  Egoic body refined.  Human brain refined.  Throat chakra refined.  Secret chamber of heart expanding.  Expanding.  Cosmic protection about heart chakra.  Blue Flame energy breast plate to protect heart chakra.  Solar Sun belt circles solar plexus.  Indigo ego open.  Receiving.  Crown chakra surrounded by ball of golden energy.  Base chakra – white fire Light of purity.  Sacral chakra – ruby fire Light of the sacred blood sacrificed by Jesus the Christ.  Ascension spiral accelerating.  Those with eyes to see it, can see it

(silence for 3 mins and then): 

“The Indigo Council is pleased.” (silence for 90 secs and I enquire what’s happening):

“Entity is floating in sea of Cosmic bliss.  It’s, as you would…have a relaxing holiday on Earth plane” (another 3 mins of silence)

 “Do you wish services of these entities of higher levels to continue?  Ask!”

Q:  What’s causing the erratic behaviour or animals, fish birds, falling out of the sky, dying en-masse?

A:“Earth magnetic shifts.  Disorientating energetics of a nature which are connected to core of Mother Gaia.  Much causation by ignorance of humans.  Combine all this together and we have a collapse of the energetics of a nature on certain species.”

Q:  What about the floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and cyclones world wide?

A: “As has been given.  The clearing away of attachments to possessions.  To the concepts of what is real and what is unreal.  Understand  those that have lost much must now increase their consciousness to understand what is important and what is not important.  What is valuable and what is not valuable.  A chair can be re-created but when the planet is destroyed, how can humans re-create the planet? Do you understand this concept (Yes)

“What is valuable?  What is important?  What are the core values  that we must be living by?  It has been given – the teachings of Jesus the core values – compassion, love, co-operation, all the opposites to war, attacks, debauchery, conflict, slavery, all the opposites are the core valuesand these are the core of Mother Gaia as connected to the heart of the Cosmic Mother.  Do you understand? This is somewhat symbolic & abstract.

“If we do not have Mother Earth we do not have a physical body.  We cannot eat.  We cannot breathe.  We cannot drink if we destroy land, air, water and we will be scorched by the imbalance of fire. Understand these concepts are symbolic and abstract.  Use them and the meditations will flow.  Understand, understand  the heart of a Mother Gaia.  Women understand more the heart of Mother Gaia.  Weigh up the atrocities on the planet and you will find the male form is the major destructive force.  Choose your core values and live by the core values. Find the teachings which is your core value and live your core values.  These are the messages  of the destructions across the planet.  What is important?  What do you wish to keep as we move into higher vibrations?  What do you wish to take with you?  Your chairs, your cushions, your comforts?  Or, the beauty of paradise of Mother Gaia and the planetary body.  Where will you place your chairs and cushions, in the higher vibrations? Can they remain?  Nay.” 

“Shore up your treasures in Heaven.  Enjoy what you have on the Earth plane.  But do not identify with yourself that you are the chair, that u are the cushion, that u cannot exist without them. These are the distortions.  This is the inserting of thesacred energy within objects which are to be only used as tools for betterment of mankind   Tools to improve life that higher human potential may be realised.  Who do you think has access to easier higher consciousness?  One who is grovelling around in the mud trying to survive, or one who is seated on a chair, who does not have to worry about day to day survival? We have come a long way but many eke out an existence eating dirt.  All must be raised up.  One has many chairs.  Others eke out an existence eating grubs and worms.  The vibrations of Mother Gaia will change.”

“We are all equal..  The inequalities on Earth are shifting as We speak.  Those power mongers who amass money, wealth, possessions can be flicked away in the manner of one flood.  Their possessions do not guarantee them immortal life.   No much money hidden in bank accounts will give them immortal life.  They will not live forever to enjoy their money they have amassed or their possessions.  Is this sane?  Kings and mighty men equally end up on a death bed.  Where is their fortune and fame then?  All are humbled in the passage between your so-called, life and death.  All are humbled. All arrive naked.  All depart naked.”

“All creations man made are for the betterment of humanity.  Not just the few.  Mother Gaia is equally distributing her force.  What is important?  What shall I keep? What shall I work for? How much is it costing me to keep?  Do I want this?  What can I take with me?  What can I take with me when the directive is  – you will need to travel light.  For to Light we go.  Do we take our heaviness? Is it possible?  Nay, those with excess baggage will have to pay the price.  Do you understand this symbolic concept? Those with excess baggage can weigh down those who wish to move on their journey.  Those who cheat and attempt to take even more excess baggage can throw the whole journey into jeopardy.  Travel light.” 

“Mother Gaia is not mocked for She has the force of the Great Central Sun as protection.  This is Alpha and Omega.  This is the champion of Omega, Alpha.  This is your model for male and female on this planetary body.”

Q: What can we do to protect ourselves from the chemtrails?

A:  “It has been given in this reading.  The strategies of those who would prevent the coming into the Light.  Those who know  they have no light of their own to take the leap, & will take many with them.  Try to climb  the stairs of heaven on the light of others and seeing their own light acknowledge it not, and live by the evil in their own hearts, from day to day and do not realise that they are a one, and deny their own light,and deny their own holy spirit, and as the cock crows would deny the Christ within them 3 x 3 and sell their holy Christ selves for a few pieces of silver to amass.  Money is a tool.  Money is your energy expressed, amassed for the betterment of humankind. You cannot lock it in a box for you cannot take the box with you into the Light.  Only the energy, only the energetics behind those numerical figures, but the Light you take with you must be what you have earned, and earned sacredly, reverently, humbly, compassionately, and in the service of love.  Is this understandable?” 

“Enjoy Mother Gaia.  A beautiful, beautiful planet that was given to humanity to enjoy.  Not to destroy.  Not to rape.  Not to pillage.  Not to trap energy.  Not to steal energy of others.  Is it possible?  Nay, but it is entrappable on the Earth plane for humanity has ego constructs to maintain vibrations in physical form.  Love one another.  Care and share. Understand the teachings of great Master beloved Jesus the Christ, whose indigo mantle now covers the whole Earth as He holds in His arms the Cosmic Mother as She weeps.  Floods and floods and floods of tears until such time as the tears will be transformed into well springs of Joy.  Despair not.  Be not discouraged for you, Sian, are part of critical mass.”

“Rejoice and be happy each time see you an act of Grace by someone, a kindness.  A love earned.  A child being cared for.  A woman being redeemed.  A plot of land being prepared without chemicals.  Rejoice you have so much on the planet to begin rejoicing with. There are many movements.  Organisations.  Alas, we do not see or hear enough of them because of the machinations of the laggards on the planet which ask wish us not to be aware & frighten us into moving into those levels.  They are there.  One good person performing one good act.  Rejoice.  Rejoice when you have been kind for a day.  Rejoice when you see a wetland renewed and restored.  There is much to be joyous about.  Do not let the low levels of functioning on this planet dishearten you.  You are a part of the critical mass.  You are part  of the raising up of the Light and levels of consciousness.  You are free to choose how you will use your tools.

Q:  I’d like to be able to help more people.   I love what I’m doing but it’s slow going one on one.

A: There is a disheartening energy.  There is an easy ability to become unsure.  This must be strengthened.  Plant your spiritual feet firmly on the Earth plane and understand you are a Cosmic tree on this planet.  You cannot take on the planet single handedly.  Do not let ego trap you into this construct and dis-hearten you and make you unsure.  Any single good righteous act which is upon the Christic way is vitally, vitally important and a part of critical mass in the consciousness of humanity.  Much work has already been done.  Learn from this entity’s messages today.  Not all is being worked on the mundane level as you see with your physical eyes.  Have courage that there is a physical plane which works thro’ all of cosmos which is part of One. 

There is a level of confidence which needs to be established and an understanding that the entity that is called Sian in this embodiment, at present.  Understand that she can only express herself thro the uniqueness that she is.  There is no one size fits all.  She must understand who Sian is and use the tools that have been given to Sian.  The circumstances, the opportunities, the talents, the values, the principles, the wisdom and use all these as she chooses.  There is an example.  For example, one has a message to impart to others and if you sift thro the tool box of planetary Earth, you will find many ways to send messages.  It could be written on a piece of paper, placed in a bottle and thrown in the sea.  A telephone   A book could be written.  One could go to the marketplace and shout it out to passers by.  There are many tools to get many messages out.  There are many   tools to make a hole in the ground.  There are many tools to paint a picture of one particular subject.

 But the message must be in your own heart.  The message must come from the heart of love within yourself.  And not borrowed and not constructed from many spots.  You know the passing of your illness you know this was authentic for Sian.  This was truth this was wisdom.  This is what you can share.