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Before partaking in Sian’s Zen Alkemi session, I was feeling trapped in what felt like an endless cycle of fear and negative thinking. Unconscious limiting beliefs as well as an unknown source of inner grief and pain I felt I was carrying were holding me back from moving forward in life. I was lost in despair and felt magnetically drawn to work with Sian Chua like my life depended on it.

Her knowledge and experience captured my attention, and her groundbreaking technique benefited me greatly. Throughout the session I learned lessons that have immediately created positive changes in my life. I knew I was being held hostage by fear of the unknown which quickly burned away and I was transformed into being in a state of complete and clear knowing. I had many major self discoveries during my time with Sian, and many moments of clarity continued in the following weeks.

Sian was so comforting to be with on this journey and the immediate impact of working together helped me regained my sense of self. I now have complete confidence in knowing that I am more powerful than I originally thought. I was able to learn to let go of what was no longer serving me so I can happily step into an authentic mindset of feeling empowered.

Truly a life altering experience! Much love to you Sian for sharing your gifts with those who are ready to transform their lives!

Thank you for holding space for me and for walking me out of the dark and into the light! 


San Diego, California, USA


I was very excited to have my Zen Alkemi session with Sian. I had a very long and weird list of questions, eager to discover what they all meant, to find direction from my higher self and Source. And indeed I was not disappointed! Sian was very thorough in preparation, made sure she understood all my questions and the pre-session Holographic Healing entity clearing session was very healing in itself. Sian was very effective in guiding me to a very deep state of hypnosis. I do have quite an active mind even in guided meditation, so there was a tiny bit of hesitation as to whether I could get “deep’ enough. But surely enough I felt ‘Kylie’ get out of the way and the information from Source to came through completely freely.

The information I saw and received was incredible. I was completely aware throughout and recall the visions and experiences quite vividly. My session enabled me to put together lots of seemingly unrelated experiences and knowledge, giving me perspective on my soul, and the choices ahead of me. I also received healing and clearing of everything standing in the way of me stepping into these choices. Having the recording is a fantastic tool and listening back to it is so valuable.

Thank you Sian, for facilitating something miraculous for me. It’s a day I will always remember as a major turning point in my life.

Much Love,


Perth, Australia


Sian, used her unique technique to get me into a very deep form of hypnosis. I have studied personal development intensively and meditated for years, but I had never experienced this level of deepness before. I had no thoughts, just a clear mind, not just for a little while, but for a long time. I knew I was in the God Zone. Sian proceeded with the questions, and the answers just flowed. I just knew that I was accessing a higher consciousness. The answers were very precise. I never once contemplated if my conscious mind was interfering with the answers. 

At one stage I had a family friend appear to me,  who I knew well but had passed away over 20 years ago. I had always carried some sadness and regret regarding him letting him down. He was able to tell me what my lesson was to learn from it and gave me some advice. It was like he was right there with me. Every question I asked was answered with great detail. I was content with all the answers, and received information to implement in my life immediately. I asked a question regarding alcohol, why I enjoyed it and the relaxation that it gave me. Today I don’t feel I want or need alcohol in my life. 

Before the session, I was yearning to meet my spirit guides.I now have a connection with my spirit guides. I am still working on strengthening this connection, but I can go into the God Zone whenever I want, very easily, and ask a question and receive an answer. I briefly met my Star family, and I intend to revisit them again, in the God Zone when I am ready for that.

I now have a much higher sense of knowing. For years I have tried many things to tap into my unconscious mind, but a lot of the time I wasnt really sure of the information that I received from my mind. Now I just know. I dont second guess it, I just go with it.

Others things I have noticed since my Zen Alkemi session is that my skin on my arms is smooth, not scaling and rough anymore. Some small niggles and pains have gone. When I was on my way to Sian’s for the session, the stress and tightness in my neck was huge. Normally I would have seen my chiropractor. After the session, it was all gone. 

The time and effort Sian put into me and my session was just incredible. She does really radiate love and is a truly genuine beautiful person and it is wonderful being in her company. I could tell that immediately when I first met her. If someone would like to understand more about themselves, get all their questions answered, and learn how to gain access to their higher self, and more,  I strongly encourage them to do a Zen Alkemi with Sian.

Thank you


Perth, Western Australia


I had a  Zen Alkemi session with Sian on 11 August, 2018. Sian was an amazing ball of energy. It’s almost like she knew the answers to my questions too. She was very non-judgmental and put me at ease right away. Such a lovely soul!

It was  a very different and interesting experience being in the God zone. I have never been hypnotized before, so I guess I really had no idea what to expect at all. Time just flew by and I was in timeless space.  I was surprised at how I was so lucid and clear. It was just me, and me only, with no other interfering voices. I felt like I was FINALLY listening to myself, my gut, ME. The voice that speaks to me all the time, and the voice that I discount and ignore the most. It’s like I knew the answers to the questions, but just did not want to hear or act on them before! How strange! The answers I received sat well and resonated with me. I think they were always there, but as I said, I had shut them out. And I learned….I knew it all along after all.  This time I had no doubts.

I am now feeling much more at peace and know that I am on the right path. I feel more empowered, and more capable of engineering my life, the way I intended. 

My main worries were finances, food (weight) and relationships. Soon after Zen Alkemi, (actually the day after) I found the strength and empowerment to end my relationship with a man, which was not going anywhere. I didn’t feel small or apologetic. It was great being so empowered! I feel happier and know and trust that I will meet my true love soon.

Since the session, I have also hated food less. Previously, I used to feel guilt at every mouthful of food I ate..thinking I would gain weight. But somehow, I feel at ease now..and the scales haven’t done any damage.

I have been going into the God Zone daily. That has helped me start my day right. Previously, I never used to have time in the morning to sit and meditate. It is easy to go into God zone to get guidance and answers. Decision making has become easier! My life has changed since the session. I now have  a knowing. That everything is a soul lesson, and that as soon as I learn the lesson, the challenges will go away. I have been taking life easier and also working more on trusting life and ME. I have also managed to re-organize my business and have a focus, which I didn’t have before.  I am also, starting to do and am actually COMPLETING tasks, which is important, because that was my weakness before. I believe I feel happier, overall. And know that things will happen when they are meant to…and I am working on going with the flow!

If you need to shut out the noises and listen to yourself and get some answers, I would definitely recommend a Zen Alkemi session I do feel clearer, I feel I can read people better and choose better who I want to spend my time and energy on. I feel that I am finally moving into self-love and self-appreciation, my life lessons 🙂


Speech Therapist

Perth, Australia


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