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Past Life Pain and trauma surfacing in current Life

Master Tao, a renowned martial arts teacher and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, in his 50’s.  He had unexplained constant chest pain.  He’d been suffering with this condition for 2 weeks. This was puzzling as he had hitherto been in tip-top health.  As far as he knew, he had not sustained any sparring injury from martial arts and had no idea what was causing it.

Past Life:

 He finds himself in a tribal past life as a Medicine man, healer. Working with herbs and intuitive guidance, he was adept at healing people. A loner, quietly doing his work. He preferred his own company and led a bohemian life, as a free spirit. Wandering from place to place. Finding solace in Nature and communing with God. With no home base. Enjoying the freedom of the great outdoors. Sleeping under the stars, hunting and his work.

Moving forward in that life, he’s caught up in an altercation between 2 tribes. Each tribe wanted him to take sides.  Being a man of peace, averse to conflict and the ways of the world, he decided to pack up camp, and move on.  Galloping away on his horse, he heard the sound of hooves following behind and men shouting.  He was being chased by tribe members.

A spear penetrated the centre of his chest.  Fatally wounded, he valiantly continued to stay on his horse until it reached a waterhole.  Weak from loss of blood, he toppled over and died.

In this life, he has a birthmark/scar on the chest.

Subconscious (SC – the All Knowing Higher Self):

 Q:  Why did you show him that past life?

A:  To show him where his gift of healing comes from.  Not only from that life.  He’s had many lives as a healer.  It was also to help him understand who he is today… his love of Nature, why he values freedom, seclusion, his love of travel and adventure.

It also served to show him where his birthmark//scar came from.

Q:  What’s caused the onset of chest pains 2 weeks ago?

A:  That was the anniversary of the day he was speared in the chest.

Q: I don’t understand.  There have been many anniversaries before this so why didn’t he have chest pains earlier in his life or on every anniversary?

A:  This was the only way we could get him to come for a session, so We could talk to him. He can heal anything but he wasn’t able to heal himself this time, and came to you for help.

 During his session, the client unusually, experienced intermittent bouts of headaches, of sufficient discomfort to interrupt the session.

I used Reiki and also enlisted the SC’s help to alleviate the pain.

Each time the headache would abate and the session continued.  However, the headaches kept recurring.

It prompted me to ask if there was a reason for this. This was Their reply: “He is a Master of his body but not his mind.  He does not trust and so We give him a headache as a reminder to surrender and trust. Every time he does not trust, (in and outside the session), We will give him a headache! He must learn to Master his mind. To be still and connect with Us, as he did in that past life.

Healing was requested and the chest pains disappeared instantly.

After the session, he kept prodding his chest and frowning. I wondered if he was still having chest pain. He wasn’t.  He was just very surprised that something that was bothering him constantly for 2 weeks could suddenly disappear, and was doubting if it was real.  He was prodding his chest to see if the pain would return.

It’s been a few years. He has been pain free ever since.

Sian Chua

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