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This was a QHHT session done in Hawaii in 2014:


Teepees, Native American male.  Sitting by a fire with 7 others, passing a pipe. “We’re going on a journey trying to find some answers”.

The journey takes them to a “place of Light” with “other Light beings.”  “As a group we make a contract with the Light beings and They accept.  We are to collectively hold together and be the sacred Light container for other dimensions.  We are sending a Light intention through space and time, as a unity consciousness.”

Q: What happens next?

A: We don’t come back through our body.  I have a sense that our bodies were destroyed or left behind.  We left behind our families, our children.  It’s all happening like a dream.

Q:  Where are you now?  Describe the space or place you are in.



A: It feels like Light.  In Lemuria.  In the presence of Light beings.  Like angels with wings.  We’re still sitting in a circle and they are floating around us.

She describes herself and the other 7 Indians as Light beings, but looking like aliens. “Really smooth effervescent transparent skin.  Hands with 2 digits.  Feet have pads like animal pads, long digits, short torso, large oval head with large eyes… “I see a pyramid of Light…5 feet above us.  Directly overhead, big enough to cover our circle, 16 ft across.  I see sacred geometric shapes.  Made of our intentions.  A non-physical energetic grid. We are THE CHOSEN ONES to hold the grid.”



Q:  What is the purpose of the grid?

A:  It’s hard to explain.  It connects all people at all levels.  At all dimensions.

Q:  How does it do that?

A:  It’s a grid within a grid, within a grid.  There are different dimensions within each grid of life.  A different frequency of life.  From Light beings to Earth beings.  At the top of the pyramid there’s a frequency of Light beings that encompasses all the other frequencies of the rest of the pyramid.  As you go lower it becomes more dense and incorporates life.  It’s all one and the same.  Even at its lowest frequency.  At its highest density it’s all connected to the grid as the Light beings.

Q:  Are the Light beings the grid?

A:  The grid is inside of all beings. Including humans, animals and plants and even dark energies.

Q:  What is the purpose of the grid? (This question is asked a 2nd time as usually, more information is given. I wanted her to confirm if it was what I thought it was, without asking a leading question)

A: A unified field.  For communication.  It’s a map.

Q:  Of what?

A:  It’s a map that allows us to remember Oneness.  The oneness that includes all beings, creatures. And life is a sacred grid.

Q:  Is there another word or description for this grid?

A:  It’s referred to as a sacred “geodenssence” and like a sacred light pattern.  We come in complete with it.  It’s in all humans and animals.  All life.  It was there before.  It comes from the beginning of time.

Q:  What is your understanding of the beginning of time?

A:  There is an agreement that there will be a fracture that will shatter particulate matter.  And this grid was prior to the fracture – a map of returning home.  The fracture is inclusive of dimensions and all life and everything.

Q:  Do you know when the fracture took place or when it will occur?

A: It’s already taken place.  Millions of years ago.  Before Earth came into existence.  The Earth came out of the fractured pieces.  All the pieces carry the memory of the whole. We all were there.  All of life.  No separation….Other planets with life came into existence first from the fracture.  Then Earth came later.



Q:  Can you describe the Light pyramid?

A:  Many colours.  Iridescent.  Looks like it has a form but it’s not solid.  It has a lot of electrical current moving through it.  We are still sitting in the circle.

Q:  What happens next?

A: it seems like we are to hold this.  We’re fixed in our positions.  We are Keepers of the Pyramid.

Q:  Permanently?  Is there a time when you may leave your fixed positions? (this is answered later..)

A: Since then I, we, have incarnated in many lives as many of us do, but at the same time I am still the Keeper of this Pyramid.

Q:  Where is this pyramid located?

A:  It’s in all dimensions but not seen by everybody.  It holds the codes that everything is made of.

Q:  What can you tell me about the codes?

A:  They are electrical currents and life is being created.  Like an imprint from an aspect of the Pyramid into life forms, which already contains the code.



Q:  What is your role as Keeper of the Pyramid?

A:  it seems like it takes 8 people for the space for the pyramid to remain.  That seems to be my role.

Q:  Do you know the others?

A: No.

Later, she explains that her husband, daughter and herself as a trinity, are collectively one of the Pyramid Keepers.  She doesn’t know the other 7 in this life.

“All of life continues on and there seems to be a culmination at some point.  Feels like a completion.  Where we are released of our commitment It feels like the Light beings are telling us. It’s something about the information.  When the information is complete the pyramid no longer needs to be held.”

Q: What is the information?

A:  I’m getting expanding and contracting.  Like breathing.

Q:  Is there some time frame when this is likely to happen?

A:  The cycle is not complete.

Q:  Can you tell when it will reach culmination point?

A: I’m being shown a spark of some kind.  I don’t see any linear connection.



I ask her to move to an important day:

A:  In order to move forward in time, I need to step into the pyramid. It’s like a telepathic record.  It’s like info that’s accessible.  Just like records.  Imprints of many, many lifetimes.

Q:  Who or what do they relate to?

A:  It’s like info about anyone.

Q:  Is there info about you?

A:  Yeah

We explored this only to find that she only had access to info about herself to the current date and could not access info about her future.  “My purpose is to anchor the Light in the physical world.”

Q:  Where’s the info stored in the pyramid?

A:  It’s in a place, in the pyramid,  I don’t have the words and has a connection to other places in the pyramid.  I can access the info.

Q:  How do you access the info?

A: Telephathically. Once I have integrated the healing (that was given in her session) I can embody the Light from the pyramid.  It’s like building a muscle.  It just gets stronger as I hold more Light.  I can always access the info from the pyramid.  But it can only be accessed with certain discretion in the right time and right place.

Q: How is that discretion to be exercised?

A:  She already has access but up till today.  It’s like the Record of all of time exists but the info available for me is only up to the current date.  Not right now.  There’s something about a certain frequency of Light that I can hold in my body.  When it reaches maximum saturation then the info will be available.  The trick is staying in the body.  (She meditates a lot and has a tendency to not be grounded and has OBE’s).

Part of her purpose, when she is ready, is to channel information from the grid.



It was so beautiful inside the pyramid, she didn’t want to leave.  I allowed her to stay and asked if she was able to access any information about Earth.

“There’s something about the spin that has to be a certain way and it’s not quite right.  It’s not wrong either.  It’s what it is and it’s all perfect.  All part of the Record.”

Q:  Is there any info there about what is to happen to Earth and the wonky spin?

A: Some people can feel this wonky spin and it’s throwing them off and causing confusion.  In the confusion there’s a belief that the world needs saving.

Q:  Does it need saving?

A: No, it doesn’t need saving.  There’s nothing that people can do.  Earth is on its course, through its consciousness.  There’s a confusion that people feel – they need to do something.

The transformation of the Earth is already happening inside of the people.  What needs to be embraced is given to everybody every day.  The ones that are aware are making a consciousness shift and some people are stuck.  It’s like the Earth will keep going.  The people that are stuck won’t be able to stay.  They stay in their dimension but Earth will change in frequency.  They won’t be on Earth.  They will stay.  Earth will move to another dimension and people who are stuck who are at the same frequency as the Earth, they can’t survive.

Q: What will happen to them?

A: They do expire in some way, but they don’t die.  They are not lost.  I see many many lifetimes of repeating…maybe another dimension…a repeating karmic treadmill.

“It’s the same Earth but the Earth just shifts and contains more Light.”

Q:  What will it be like?

A: Portals with communications with other beings on other planets and becoming more accessible.  There’s more beauty.  Internal beauty in humans.  It all goes back to the grid – humans, animals and plants – of the beauty on a journey to wholeness.  Remembering our connection or how we reach completion.  The more Light we hold, the more we can create communications with this grid and with the Light beings on other planets and dimensions.  Eventually we create the completion of the grid.

Q:  What happens on completion of the grid?

A:  All I can see is a release from other commitments. She doesn’t need to stay in a fixed position anymore.  She can leave the grid.

Q:  What happens when she is released?

A:  I see a shining star in the sky.

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