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Since the age of 23 client has had pain and limitation of movement in her Right shoulder.  She attributed this to a lifting injury.


“This is not a lifting injury.  It was from a past life in Spain (the subject was seeing this unfold like a video).  She was tied to a horse and dragged by the arm to her death for practising the art of healing”.

I asked why it was she did not have this problem as a child:

“It was triggered when she stepped into learning Reiki (at age 23) when she opened her consciousness to walking the healing path again.  Before that there was great strength in her arm”.


The SC proceeded to heal her shoulder:

“Her shoulder…. it’s connected to her heart, back and neck.  It’s damaged all the way around but it’s only an imprint.  We are healing it now.  We are

sending energy now…flowing up the spine and neck and down the shoulder to the hand.  It is like a rocket going through, clearing debris…clearing so

the energy can flow even more so.  She thought her hands were hot before…look out now!  The channels will be even clearer for the energy to

flow.  She can see the people who did this to her in  a past life.  They did this out of fear.  Fear of the leaders who were in fear.  She was taken on

the horse not for the healing but because she was judged as a person who wasn’t ready to heal because there was great expectation for her to do this. This is one of her lifetimes…for her to learn and teach but it is not.  No one is a healer but themselves.  It is only when they are open to an energy exchange that healing will take place.  It is a 2 way street.  There has to be a driver and a passenger”.

At this point she raised her knees and arched her back.


The SC:

“‘We are straightening her back…bringing her spine back into alignment. There is a blockage of energy in her lower back – We will clear this”.

“Her headaches are part of the shift of energy in preparation for today and onwards.  Some of the neural pathways are blocked from previous lives.

Clearing is needed.  We are showing her she is different from her family. They are not the same soul group.  Not the same planetary system”.

Sian Chua

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