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This was a session I did in Canada, where the gremlins got the better of the session recording of 3+ hours.  All we could hear was silence followed by a series of clicks.  So, I had to end up transcribing it in its entirety.  Fortunately, I had scribbled down the answers using shorthand but I had to figure out my questions.  Some excerpts are posted here:

Client goes to 2 past lives.  After she returns Home to the Light, after the 2nd past life, she goes across to The Council.

( **Note: At the end of each life on Earth, we return Home to the Light. Before we return in the next incarnation, we appear before The Council where we plan our incoming life i.e. how we choose the people who are coming in with us and why, the lessons we are to learn and more….)



Q: Where are you?

A: I’m standing in the centre. Surrounded by nobles.

Q: How many are there and what do they look like?

A: Many, many… Some Archangels. I’m being downloaded…my 3rd eye.

Q: What’s being downloaded?

A: Events of my past. A cleansing process, being washed in a pillar…like a champagne bowl. Each one downloads lessons. I’ve learned, and what I need for my DNA.

Q: What else happens?

A: Now I’m floating and each Being is having conversations with me…..What was it like to experience this? And they take the emotions away.. I’m enjoying the process. They are doing all the work. I’m telling Them to go away.

Q: Why?

A: They want me to go and heal people.

Q: How does that make you feel?

A: Of course I gotta say, “Yes.” They know I’m going to say, “yes.”

Q: How are you supposed to heal people?

A: I’m having a conversation with one of the Light Beings and it’s quite funny…

“What’s going on down there? We need you to go down there. It’s a little fucked up right now and they need work.

Q: Do you know how you’re gong to do this?

A;. I have tools.

Q: What kind of tools?

A: They’e saying, “Youv’e got a good bunch of tools, right now.” We’ll support you. Just put your hands on people.

Q: How do you feel about this?

A: Great! I’ve done this many times before.

Q: Oh? Tell me about that.

A: So many lives.

Q: Tell me about the most important life.

A: In Egypt…using the Blue Light to re-structure DNA.

Q: How do you do that?

A: You pull it through the top of the pyramids.

Q; Where is the Blue Light from?

A: From Them. It opens up the champagne…tickling me inside…champagne bubbles.

Q: Who’s “Them?”

A: It comes from The Blues. They’re amazing. They want to help us. Their hearts are so huge.

Q; Who are the Blues? Where do they come from?

A: Blue Avians. 6 galaxies from ours. I’ve been there before.

Q: You have?

A: I have their DNA. I have been one of them….some are from Orion.

Q: How do you re-structure DNA?

A: I’m like a genetic engineer….(laughing) they’re fucked up. I work on them and send them on their way. They get confused and come back to me.

Q: Are there others like you who know how to do this?

A: I was the only one. I had helpers. I’ve had so many lives doing this, as a healer.

Q: Why do you need to re-structure DNA?

A: The fucking aliens messed up human DNA, so they could have slaves. So I had to work. I pulled the strands up to 24.

Q: How many strands were messed up?

A: They took 6 important ones out.

Q: Do you know what those stands have to do with?

A: A lot to do with intelligence and being able to move forward quickly. Healing, the ability to pull in the Light and that’s all important.

Q: Can you explain how you re-structure DNA? The process.

A: A process. A lot to go through. Some died before they could get to me. I just let Them work through me. I put my hands on them and their DNA just re-calibrates.

Like a technician. They tried (Who? – The aliens) to come back and mess up my work, but we stopped them. We were at war but the humans were not aware and we chased them away.

Q: How did you do that?

A: Our technology and our ships. At the end of that Egyptian life, they mummified me, but I returned to my galaxy with the Blue Avians.

Q: What other significant lives have you had as a healer of DNA?

A: The Native life as a Medicine man…burned at the stake….Black Plague. They burned me for helping people.

Q: Ok. Let’s go back to the Council. What else is happening at the Council?

A: They speak to me about love. They teach me about love and I’m teaching them about Love. What it’s like, to NOT have Love. it’s All Love. They’re telling me about timing.. everything in it’s time, in it’s place. It all comes down to timing. To do with lack. Feeling lack. Feeling empty. That’s all it is. They’re talking about my health…looking after my Body. They’re doing a body scan on me. They’re working on my gall bladder. I’m in a healing tube with the Council where the champagne bubbles are.

I’m seeing myself as a baby in-utero now.

We freeze this scene and bring in her Sub-Conscious (SC).



Q: Why did you show her that 1st life in Scotland?

A: Because she got to know about loss.

Q: Is there a connection between that past life and her current life in 2017?

SC: There has been a lot of loss in this life. Loss of loved ones. Learn to appreciate what she has. What Is.

Q: Has she learned that lesson now?

A: Very much now. She would know great love, from the loss.

Q: Why did you show her the 2nd past life?

A: Connection. She made a soul pact with her husband to re-unite. He’s coming back as her soul mate.

Q: When?

A: Be patient. Less than 6 months. More like 3-6 months. She doesn’t have to be alone any more. We love her so much. She’s been through the school of hard knocks. She’s a little rainbow. More like an Angel. We love her. She’s does such a good job, over and over. She’s one of our greatest warriors.

Q: Who are You that is speaking to her?

A: I AM. So be it.

We now ask the Subconscious (SC) what her soul lessons from the cast of characters in her life are, and if she’s learned them and worked out her karma with each one. There’s much laughter in this segment and she is enjoying the dialogue with the SC, immensely.



Humility and compassion. All part of the Divine Plan. SC is requested to remove cellular memory of emotional and physical pain of rapes – done.




This is linked to the rapes. It’s time to release it now. It will take about a year. It will come off fairly quickly.

She will be healthy, provided she eats properly. More whole foods. No more preservatives, but We will help her with her compulsions. We comfort her now. She stands in her monkey mind.

Sian: Focus on the SC now.  Client does deep breathing, yoga type stretching.

Q: SC what are you doing to her? How are you healing her? How does she deal with her monkey mind?

SC: Being in her body. Driving her body. Being present in the NOW!. We have told her this time and time again. Self sabotage due to her fear of rejection.



SC: It’s part of the adjustment into The New World. It’s healed with effect from today.



Q: What’s it got to do with?

SC: Slow down. She takes in so much.

Healing requested: We are regulating it. Stress. Her stress and others stress ‘cos she wants to heal them. She’s a Number 1 healer, you know. We’re having fun with her because She is One of Us!!!. She’ll be world renowned.



This has to do with regulating her body to be on planet Earth. Earth is of a different density. The shifting she needs to go through as she helps others. She came here to help others. She’s the largest Joker in our existence. It’s also to make her less perfect to reduce her ego.



Q: What is her soul connection to her cat and is any healing needed?

SC: She is a Blue Avian too. She’s the guardian for (the client).



None left. All cleared (7 in total) through 2 sessions of Holographic healing and other processes, done on her by myself and my partner, Richard, on separate days, prior to her QHHT session.



From the food she shouldn’t be eating. She knows what they are. We’ll help her stop. We’ll do it gently.



We’ve been downloading a lot at night. We do this at night when her mind is quiet.

Sometimes she gets too much downloaded and this causes discomfort in her head. We’re trying to get the right balance. It’s not sleep apnoea. It’s adjustments.



Fear of moving forward.

Healing done for all requests.



All healed.



Q: What is her Life Purpose?

A: Teaching. Healing.

Q: What sort of teaching and healing?

A: Compassionate.

Q: How should she do this?

A: All she has to do is open her mouth and We will speak through her.

Q: How will she find the time to do this? She has a very busy schedule.

A: We will give her the time.

Q: How will this happen? Does she still need to work as a…….( I have left this out for confidentiality reasons)?

A: She needs to be there on set.

Q: Why?

A: She is healing on higher levels.

Q: How does she do this? She’s working 60-70 hrs per week on set.

A: She’s already healing with the Blue Light. Do this in between shows.

Q: Is she charging the appropriate amount for all her healing work?

A: She undervalues herself. She should be charging $100 – $200 per hour. $80 per person for her talks. We will send the right people to help her organise these. $80 for now then it will become $300. We’re wondering if the humans are ready for it.

Q: Do you think it’s a good idea for her to do larger audiences and reach more people eg using ZOOM webinars?

A: Yes. DNA re-structuring, healing and research. This will exponentially increase her income.

Q: Any academy award for (the work she currently does)?

A: No. She’ll be speaking so she won’t be doing (her current work) for that long.

Q: Will she be successful?

A: Think Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Dwyer. She just needs the right people to market her. We’ll send them. She will write many books to inspire many people and help people move into the 5th Dimension on many levels and help people release on their own.. She will be our spokesperson on planet Earth and teach people how to be themselves on soul level and re-structure their DNA to remain here on Earth.

She will teach people how to re-activate what they have, within themselves, and how to communicate on a cellular level. On a global level, and help the medulla open up the structure of the DNA. She knows how to blast the entities with Light.

She is one of our greatest warriors.

Q: Money and abundance?

A: She shouldn’t worry. Just release the worry. We’ll ease her worry. It’s silly. She will win the lottery. It’s to help her along a little. Get her feet on the ground.

Q: Which lottery should she play?

A: We can give her a house. Lotto Max. Some Fridays. Slick Pick. Either 3 weeks or 3 months.

You, Sian, are pivotal in (client’s) growth.



Q: Can you tell us more about the removal of 6 DNA strands. It’s commonly believed that humans were only left with 2 strands of DNA after we were messed with.

A: It’s been shifting over the years. It’s 21 strands now that we are activated, to be able to communicate on such a different level and heal our bodies without anyone else healing it for us.. We’re activating a lot of dormant DNA structures so that mankind can progress. We’re hoping this will be used in a good whole way. This is an experiment for mankind. As We activate more, and activate more of the Light body, we then activate more of the DNA structure. This is literally re-structuring the human body, to experience euphoria on Earth.

Q: What will the effect be of this activation and re-structuring of DNA?

A: We are taking out the aggression on Earth that has gone on for so many centuries.

To create a gentler and more loving Being. To co-habit with other Light Beings, for a more peaceful planet which doesn’t strike the planet’s core, but rejuvenate the planet.

(Client) is a forerunner. She will teach people how to do this. Those who are wanting and willing to learn. It will spread like a seed to create a more loving, peaceful human race, which is not ego based. There will be a whole new planet.

Q: Are there others like her here?

A: There are others like her. She’ll meet them all. All blue Avians.

Q: Are there others she already knows who are able to re-structure DNA?

A: We are very excited about Richard’s (Sian’s partner) and your work with the lamp and more. What he’s doing is the forerunner to help create a whole new human race. Richard has been given these gifts. He’s a great teacher for the human race. He needs to complete his work on the new lamps.

We are very excited. All races of the New World Order are very excited about this beginning of a new frontier on the planet. He is one. She is another. There is a 3rd who lives around Ayers Rock. He is Aboriginal. An ancient One.

Q: You know that Richard and I are running a Sacred Light Journey/Retreat there in September, 2017?

A: They will gather there.

Ayers Rock will be pivotal in the expansion of the growth of the lamps. It will be like a launching. We’re seeing others joining…not from this world, to help in the process. We will keep the others at bay. There’s something to do with sound. The sound needs to be tweaked. There needs to be more didgeridoo. There will be a didge player that will come to you who will channel the DNA structure. There’s one who has an ancient soul – the Aboriginal. I see him playing didge.

(*Note:  Client was not aware of our work in creating new lamp technology which will be used, for shifting consciousness, among other things, and re-structuring DNA, or our Ayers Rock Retreat.  She has now decided to join us there.  She has already been re-structuring DNA on clients, before her session and needs time to integrate what has come through, after which she’ll be ready to do this on more people and eventually, via webinars).

Sian Chua

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