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I have always wanted to know how the transition from animal to human takes place. The Universe always responds to our intentions and brought 2 subjects which gave me a glimpse of the process.  Here’s the first.


Subject came off the cloud. Found herself sitting on a cave ledge

“observing”.  She was a furry creature.  Female, with 4 paws, “a bit like a monkey with round, small eyes”, a button nose, a mouth opening with “not many” teeth, flat ears, the size of a baby elephant. She ate leaves. “There are others like me”. Lived in the upper reaches of the cave with her “pod” of 8, some adults and 2  “smaller ones”.

It was Winter.  Water that had flowed into the cave from crevices, had frozen into ice. “I am watching the people in the distance skating on the ice.  They are wearing full long skirts and big hand warmers. They are interesting to watch”.

Q: What’s interesting about them?

A: I feel like one day I will be like them.

Q: You feel this?

A: Yes, it’s a strong feeling. I’m excited.

Q: What are you excited about?

A: That one day I’ll be one of them. They have more exciting things

happening to them.

Q: More exciting than what?

A: Than my life…not just everyday boring, mundane things, same old things.

They have more experiences.

“The people are coming towards me.  They go over me”.

Q: What do you mean?

A: They’re stepping over me.

Q: Do they know you are there?  Do they see you?

A: Yes, they see me sitting here but they’re not bothered by me.  Like when flies land on you. You know they’re there but aren’t bothered by them.

Q: How do you feel about your pod of 8?

A: Oh, I’m not too concerned about my colony.  It’s like when there’s less of us and we become extinct, that’s when I can move on to becoming a human.

She has other experiences where she had a deep fascination with & continued to observe human beings.


In the next scene she was being hunted down, chased in a field by other “beings”.

Q: Describe the beings.

A: They’re human but they’re not. I don’t feel like they’re like the other humans. They’re not as evolved as the other humans…they’re closer to me (in evolution).  They have spears in their hands. They’re trying to find all of us but they’re only chasing me.  I’m running away…it’s like they’re trying to make me extinct so they can move on too.  Like it won’t happen for them, until…

Like it won’t happen for me, until there’s a pattern.  I’m running away because I don’t know.  I don’t want this to happen.

Q: It must be scary for you being chased by beings with spears?

A: I’m not feeling that scared because I KNOW it’s meant to happen.They’ve caught up with me.  They’re spearing me but not hurting me.They’ve left me to die in a big open field.. left me to die… I’m not hurting.  They know I need to depart this life for the process to happen for them.

Q: What do you mean?

A: When I leave my body and this makes them also evolve in their way. I die and leave my body.

With a series of questions, I ask her to describe the process slowly:

“I’ve been lifted up and I’m floating up.  I’m watching it happen.  It’s

like now I’m now the human form watching the me, the animal spirit of me rise, the old body’s there but I’m watching the spirit leave.  It’s going up but it’s made me… the process has made me into human form…I just KNOW that.  I’m now watching it instead of being there, experiencing it. Watching my old self as the new self.  Watching the process”.

“It’s like, it’s almost like something’s happened…like a transition…that’s (animal spirit) gone up and I’m coming down and now watching the end of it.  I was able to watch the process.  I just feel I was able to see it as an outsider.  Watching the life being taken away from my old self and watching it drift up and then..I’m just watching it all.  I don’t know the details of the exact process”.

Q: So, as you observe…the dead animal body is lying in the field…so where is the human being that you are now?  Is the human being in spirit on the other side, or, is the human being with, or next to, the animal body, or separate from it?

A: No, I’m back in the field where the furry animal died.

Q: Whereabouts in the field?

A: In the distance, where the trees are…away from the animal body but I can see it in the field. I feel clothes on me.

Q: Are you a baby or adult?

A: Adult. This is my first life as a human being!

Q: Are you speeding up the process (jumping time frames) or do you remember being born to human parents?

A: No, this is how it is. I don’t remember being born.  No parents ended up in that field.  When I returned in consciousness, there was simply a transition of the animal to human adult. I became the man in the field.

Q: How does it feel like as a human being?

A: It feels better. Like I’ve been more accepted in the world.

Q: By whom?

A: By the other human beings.

Q: Is it important for you to be accepted in the world by the human beings?

A: As far as I would like…it’s not as much as I thought it would be.  I feel like that to a point. I’m not a significant being like a celebrity. That would be too much in the distance.



Q: What happened to those beings who speared you?

A:  Those people have gone.  They’re happy with what happened to them too. They’re taken to the next level.  Their existence is more in the next level. They’ve evolved more with time.

Q:  What have they evolved to?

A: More accepted into the community way.  They had a very small existence, a little bit like my old self (she’s referring to her current human incarnation in 2011) but now more accepted in the human community.  They look more like the human beings.  They’ve got more learning to do.  They’re not 100% human being. They’re not quite there.

Q:  What about you?  Are you a 100% human being?

A : Yes

Q:  Hmmm…that’s interesting… do you know how many levels of evolution there are, between yourself, as that furry animal ,and the full human being?

A: 2 levels.  You have the animal. Then the beings with the spears who killed me.  Then another level above that, and then the full human being.

Q:  So, the ones with the spears, moved up the next level and are still not full human beings but you’ve moved up 3 levels ahead of them to become a full human being?



A: (She moves ahead in time) It’s in the dark ages…1824…I’ve moved to the highest form of human being… like I skipped the next levels.  Before, I feel I was meant to go to their level (the ones with the spears) but I’ve skipped their level and went to a proper human being.

Q:  Do you know why you skipped so many levels?

A: I don’t know… only that before…. I was observing, learning a lot from watching these human beings.



We pick up the threads of the human life where he’s a male, married with 3 children. In Thornton, England. A teacher.   It’s lovely how we are guided to ask questions that we would not normally ask (& the session goes in a different direction):

Q: What do you teach?

A: English.

Q: Whom do you teach?

A: The ones who are trying to evolve. The 2 pre-human being levels.  Before I came to teach, they would get by but they didn’t have the proper grammar. They just want to be like us.

Q: How did it happen – you ending up teaching the less evolved ones?

A: It’s quite a strong I wanted to help people jump to the next level.  I feel I’ve gone further and I was able to help them.

Q: Are you the only one doing this?

A: Teaching English, yes but there are others who teach the basics…like how to interact with our community.

We move through that life.  When he retires he writes a book about his experiences “as on ongoing help for other people”, published in 1947 – “Skipping Evolution” by Robert Shinna.  “That’s the only book I wrote”.

Received an award for his work.  On his last day in his 90’s I ask him to reflect on his life:

“I’m at peace. I feel I’ve done everything that needed to be done and said everything that needed to be said in the book.  I’m not a celebrity but I’m known.  People acknowledge & recognise me”.



Q: What happened to your colony?

A: They’re still there but I feel we will meet again…I didn’t see them

hunted down.

Q: Can you help them in any way?

A:  I feel in time, they have to go thro’ the process of dying first.  I

don’t feel I can teach them the way.



Q: Why did you show her the animal life?

SC: The animal life was to show her how if she longed for something badly enough she could achieve it.  She learned this and skipped many levels from animal to human by spending a lot of time watching, observing people so she could be like them.  She had a strong desire and wanted so much to be human she was able to skip the intermediate process.  She could likewise realise her dreams and ambitions in this life by desiring and believing they

can happen.  If her desire is strong enough, she’d  be able to skip lots of “human” processes. She too could accelerate and take a quantum leap on her spiritual path, (which she’s now doing), to Ascension if that was what she desired.  The human life was to show her she is not insignificant. Someone who was acknowledged & recognised & made a difference.  She’s doing that now. She has a lot of self worth issues in this life which the SC healed.

Sian Chua




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